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11 Exciting Microadventures to Quench Your Adventurous Soul

Thirsty for some adventure? Go out and try one of our top 11 microadventures tomorrow.

Working in a 9 to 5 job can be pretty exhausting. You continuously crave some adventure, but life gets in the way. So why not try going on a microadventure?

A microadventure is a term created by Alastair Humphreys that is something anyone can do, can afford and have the time for. As described by Alastair, it is an adventure that’s simple, short, cheap but fun, refreshing and exciting.

Here are our top 11 exciting microadventures you can fit in your busy life to satisfy your adventurous soul.

Get on a bus or a train and ride to the end of the line

All you need is a smile, a positive attitude and a wallet. Go on a journey and spend the day on a train or bus’ final stop. Imagine the new places you’ll discover.

This is perfect for days where you just want to get out of the house and go on exploring. Going to a place without a lot of research is somewhat close to the feeling of freedom.

Walk, run or bike around

No matter where you are, there are a lot of fantastic places to see. Spend some time running, walking or cycling around, and you’ll get to see different views and places you’ve never been to before. Get one of those electric bikes under 1000 and see where your bike takes you. Challenge yourself and try to go as far as you can.


First, check the forecast. If the weather’s clear, head over to a stargazing site. Find a secluded area and pitch a tent or a bivvy bag. Don’t forget to bring a bunch of food.

Hike up a mountain

Get yourself a map and find the highest peak around your area. Mountains between 2,000 to 3,000 meters are fantastic because it takes some time to reach the top and the views are stunning!

The feeling of standing on top of a mountain compares to no other. You can also bring your dog out hiking with you! Don’t forget to use his best dog harness for hiking.

Sleep in the garden

Go back to your childhood days and fix up a shelter in the backyard. Start a campfire, roast some marshmallows and enjoy the night.

Catch your food

Nothing beats the experience of eating a meal that is caught and cooked by you. Go fishing by a river or a lake and catch the biggest fish.

Light a campfire on the beach

Find a nearby beach that allows campfires and set up camp. The ocean right beside you, a beach fire and some friends to tell horror stories with will complete the entire experience.

Watch the sunrise

Plan and pick a great area to settle down for the night. Set your alarm clock and wake up early to watch the glorious sunrise.

Go Geocaching

Go on a treasure hunt with the Geocaching app and a GPS-enabled gadget. Find containers of ‘treasure’. It’s an adventure that’s worth the entire walking experience.

Swim in a river

While on a countryside drive or a walk, swim in a river. Seek the extraordinary in the ordinary and jump in. No matter how unappealing the river may look, you’ll be happier when you get out than when you jumped in.

Head off on a road trip

Open Google Maps; close your eyes and point. Then, go out the door and explore. You can go zoom in or out of the map depending on the time you have.

Go on a microadventure tomorrow, enjoy life and feed your adventurous soul.

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