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5 Must-See LDS Temples Around the World

If you are planning a trip to visit one of the many LDS temples around the world, it can be hard to know which ones are worth your time.

There are currently 150 operating temples for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints worldwide, and another 30 that have been announced but not yet built. That’s 180 temples! With so many options it can be overwhelming trying to decide which temple(s) you should see on your next vacation.

We’ve done all the work for you by creating this handy guide with descriptions of each must-see temple.

1. Laie, Hawaii

The 5th oldest temple still in operation, the Laie, Hawaii temple is a significant landmark for the LDS church. It was the first temple outside of the contigious United States, and has undergone expansions and a number of remodels and updates, ensuring that it stays both beautiful and functional.

The Laie temple drew many members of the church to the area, and with Hawaii being such a significant vacation destination, it’s a beloved temple for many, and one that definitely deserves to be on your temple bucket list!

2. Frankfurt, Germany

The first temple in West Germany, the Frankfurt, Germany temple made Germany the second country to have more than one temple. This temple was recently updated and renovated in 2019. It features a classic design with a single spire, as well as beautiful landscaping to admire during your time at the temple.

3. Hong Kong, China

With one of the most unique temple styles in the world, the Hong Kong temple was built wit the concept of building up instead of out. Because of the steep prices for land in China at the time, the church decided to use land they already owned and build there. 

In addition to serving as a temple, it also has a chapel, a space for the mission president and his family to live during their service, and mission offices. This temple serves members from a dozen countries, proving to be a great blessing for many.

4. Recife, Brazil

Featuring incredible architecture and beautiful gardens, the Recife, Brazil temple was one of the largest in the area during the time it was built. There were over 125,000 members that it would serve, which meant that it really needed to rise to the occasion. It has two ordinance rooms and three sealing rooms.

5. Salt Lake City, Utah

And of course, there’s the temple in Salt Lake City, Utah. This temple took forty years to build, requiring much time and sacrifice from early members of the church. Through a number of trials, including hiding the foundation during the Utah War and replacing damaged sandstone in the foundation, they built an incredible edifice that stands as a symbol representing Christ’s church to the world.

When you visit the Salt Lake City temple, you also have the opportunity to peruse Temple Square, which includes breathtaking gardens, a variety of statues paying homage to significant figures in church history, and visitors centers to learn more about the gospel and church history.

Keep a reminder of your visit to the Salt Lake City temple by hanging some temple art in your home. These LDS temple pictures & art from Latter-Day Home are the perfect way to keep in mind the beauty and significance of the temple.

So make your list of must-visit temples and start making some plans! Temples truly dot the earth, and finding the temples that you want to visit most is a great way to plan out your vacations and road trips.

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