Skiing in Japan: A Thrilling Adventure in the Land of the Rising Sun

The Land of the Rising Sun offers many exciting and unforgettable adventures in summer and winter, but skiing in Japan must be on your list of destinations that will provide you with unforgettable experiences and leave wonderful memories. The country whose 80% surface is covered in mountains, therefore it has numerous ski resorts, specially arranged trails considering numerous winter sports, and for a reason an elite ski destination for many enthusiastic skiers. 

If you found yourself googling the term “skiing Japan” and were confused by the countless possibilities and various destinations, don’t worry we got you. 

The best ski places to visit

We will feature the best ski resorts as well as the islands where they are located so that you can have an unforgettable adventure.

Hokkaido island

This island has one of the most outstanding ski resorts and the finest snow.

Niseko United

This ski resort is among the most popular in Japan, recognizable for its powder-like snow attribute, and has an area that consists of large interconnected various ski resorts. 

They offer the best, most diverse, and most suitable trails for beginners, skiers, and snowboarders as well as professional skiers and snowboarders.


Being one of the oldest in this country, with much steeper slopes. However, certain trails are also suitable for beginner skiers and snowboarders, and professional ones. 

This place is usually visited frequently by experienced skiers and boarders who are looking for extra adrenaline and adventure going down the steep slopes.  Numerous activities offer a range of winter sports from snowmobile rides through nature, dog rides, and hot air balloon rides.


Even though it is intended exclusively for families and children, and of course for all other visitors. What sets it apart from others are the long and spacious trails, which are arranged and marked for skiers and boarders. Here, in addition to skiing, you have the opportunity to walk with your family in the snow through the resort, fish on the ice, and try a ride in a hot air balloon.

Honshu Island

This island is one of the largest in this country and is home to numerous elite ski resorts and the best ski slopes. What makes this place special is the view of Mount Fuji and the powdery quality of the snow.

Hakuba Valley

This beautiful valley, rich in snow, forest, and beautiful trails, hosted the Winter Olympics in 1998. There are several ski resorts here that are connected, and one of the largest is certainly Happo One, which is also one of the most popular and the first choice of many tourists and residents.

There are systematically divided trails for beginners and professionals, and those who are more experienced can also try their hand at off-trail challenges, which gives a special adrenaline rush to numerous visitors. In addition to skiing, resting, and staying, here you can refresh yourself in the thermal waters, take a snowmobile ride through the forest or go out for a lively night out.

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