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10 Best Beach Resorts in Pangasinan

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Pangasinan is many tourists ‘go-to destination in Luzon. Since the province is located between the South China Sea and Lingayen Gulf, you can choose among many beach resorts to get your much-needed Vitamin Sea. There are budget-friendly beach resorts, and luxury hotels travelers from all walks of life can enjoy.

But the question is, which beach resorts are the crowd’s favorite? The following made many tourists come to Pangasinan and can be your next go-to destination in the province.

Oldwoods by the Sea Nature Resort

IMAGE | Oldwoods by the Sea Nature Resort Facebook
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The stunning view is one of the reasons why many tourists love visiting Oldwoods by the Sea Nature Resort. This paradise can be found between Bolinao and Alaminos. Here, the resort offers breath-taking views of the West Philippine Sea and its rustic design.

The rooms are spacious and come with complete amenities. Guests have access to a massage bar, garden, pavilion, swimming pool, and Jacuzzi. They have their own restaurant café called Café Eliz, which serves delicious Filipino dishes. You can ask for a room facing the sea of mountains.

Location: Sitio Olanen, Brgy. Dacap Sur, Bani, Bani

Sirom Beach House

If you need a beachfront resort for your next Pangasinan trip, consider Sirom Beach House as a steal. This is one of those boutique beachfront resorts that can offer creamy white sand and gorgeous calm waters. If you don’t mind spending more in exchange for some quiet time away from your usual busy schedule, this is an excellent choice.

Here, you get to spend your time in their private casita. The rooms are spacious, the staff friendly and polite, and the place is designed for your ultimate comfort, convenience, and enjoyment. The views will make you want to stay there for many days, weeks even thanks to the resort’s well-designed interiors and exteriors.

Location: Tambobong Beach, Dasol, Pangasinan

Masamirey Cove Resort

IMAGE| Masamirey Cove Resort Facebook Page

One can find the Masamirey Cove Resort within a fishing village in Masamirey Beach. This hidden oasis has that beautiful tropical design. Visitors love the resort’s exclusive luxury facilities while being able to interact with the local community.

There are numerous recreational facilities found in the resort. This includes a garden, restaurant, bar, infinity pool, and pavilion. Enjoy different dishes, including Pangasinan and Ilocano dishes. Whether you are into kayaking, jet skiing, or coastline fishing, you can enjoy all these in  Masamirey Cove Resort.

Location: Sitio Masamirey, 2403 Pangasinan

Casa Almarenzo Bed and Breakfast Resort

IMAGE | Casa Almarenzo Bed and Breakfast Resort Facebook Page
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Another private beachfront resort worth your visit is the Casa Almarenzo Bed and Breakfast Resort. It faces the Bolinao coastline, giving you that scenic view of the South China Sea. Here, you can enjoy the resort’s own swimming pool, gaming area, bar, restaurant, and roof deck area.

Guests love the resort’s cleanliness, service, and location. There are nearby restaurants you can explore if you wish to wander near the resort. You can even visit the Enchanted Cave and Bolinao Falls to spend some time outdoors.

Location: 313 Patar Road, Barangay Estanza, Bolinao, Pangasinan

VEUE Beach Cabins

IMAGE | VEUE Beach Cabins Facebook Page

The VEUE Beach Cabins is known for its modern beach cabins, scenic beachfront, and stunning views. This is perfect for all types of guests, and can keep families and friends feeling relaxed and entertained. Guests love the resort’s strategic location, with the place being a few kilometers away from Patar Beach and the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse.

Since you’re already in Patar Bolinao, you can explore other stunning sights, including the Shifting Sands, rock formations, golden sands, Bolinao Falls, and the Bolinao Church. This shows that aside from the wonderful resort, you can enjoy other recreational activities while visiting the place.

Location: Sitio Abrac Patar White Beach, Bolinao, Pangasinan

Puerto Del Sol Beach Resort and Hotel Club

IMAGE | Puerto Del Sol Beach Resort and Hotel Club Website
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If you are after an amazing beach resort in Pangasinan, it is hard to go wrong with Puerto Del Sol Beach Resort and Hotel Club. This resort has a collection of mansion-styled villas with a grand view of Bolinao beaches. Here, you get to choose between nipa huts or deluxe rooms.

It has a swimming pool facing the beach and a hot Jacuzzi if you are after a relaxing dip at night. The natural serenity of the resort’s surroundings makes it an excellent destination for those looking for the ultimate relaxation. There are also kid-friendly amenities to keep your little ones engaged during your stay.

Location: Barangay Ilog Malino, Patar Beach, Bolinao

El Puerto Marina Beach Resort and Vacation Club

IMAGE | El Puerto Marina Beach Resort and Vacation Club
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Some travelers would instead visit far-flung beach resorts for the ultimate relaxation. If this sounds like your plan, you might want to consider El Puerto Marina Beach Resort and Vacation Club. Located near the Northern Area of Pangasinan, the resort has its own in-house restaurant to satisfy your cravings for Filipino cuisines.

You can relax in the huts along the shore, swim on the beach, experience their small saltwater pools, or fish in the fishing pond. You can rent surfboards for your group, go kayaking, or even take your officemates with you for nice teambuilding. You can enjoy a lovely time at the spa, relax in their coffee shop, and stay connected with the resort’s free WiFi for guests.

Location: Don Martin Domingo St. Pangapisan North, Pangapisan Sur, Lingayen

Island Tropic Hotel and Restaurant

IMAGE | Island Tropic Hotel and Restaurant Facebook Page
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The Island Tropic Hotel and Restaurant is a budget-friendly place for travelers. The accommodation already includes complimentary breakfast for 2, free parking, and clean rooms with the necessary amenities. The staff are accommodating, which makes it a great place to stay.

There’s an in-house restaurant to satisfy your taste. The staff can arrange boat rides so you can experience the adventure the Hundred Islands has to offer. This can be a great choice if you want to make the best out of your Pangasinan stay without breaking the bank.

Location: Boulevard Street, Lucap, Alaminos City

G Beach Resort

IMAGE | G Beach Resort Facebook Page

The G Beach Resort Official Website is a fantastic venue for quick getaways, family vacations, and special events. The beach resort offers luxurious hotel and resort amenities fit for small to large groups. They also offer events and wedding packages in case you plan on tying the knot by the beach.

Here, you can rent rooms, dormitories, or villas. You can enjoy many recreational activities, including swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, mountain climbing, and jungle trekking. You will never run out of things to do here at G Beach Resort.

Location: Patar Beach, Bolinao, Pangasinan

Olana Bed and Breakfast

IMAGE | Olana Bed and Breakfast Facebook Page

Great location, stunning beach, comfortable rooms, and sports facilities – you can enjoy all these at the Olana Bed and Breakfast. Located in Alaminos, Pangasinan, you can get your money’s worth, and more. There’s free Wifi, air conditioning, and garden access during your stay.

Guests love the resort for its cleanliness and friendly staff. If you want a five-star value resort without the expensive price tag, this is one of your best options.

Location: 229 Labrador Sual Road Barangay Laois, Alaminos, Pangasinan

These are but 11 examples of beach resorts you can consider adding to your Pangasinan go-to list. We hope you get to choose between these gorgeous beach resorts to make your next trip extra special.

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