Bilar Man-Made Forest (Bohol Guide)

manmade forest bohol

Many believe forests will remain the same indefinitely. However, this is simply not true. Humans have been manipulating these natural ecosystems since ancient times in ways that can benefit or harm local environments.

Take the selective harvesting of certain species as an example. This can benefit the local environment by allowing more light to reach the ground and improving soil fertility. On the other hand, excessive logging can lead to erosion, destruction of habitat, and decreased biodiversity. Urban development can also harm forest health, leading to air and water pollution. 

Thankfully, man-made forests now exist. These are specially planned and managed forests featuring various tree species and other plants. They provide much-needed habitat for wildlife, help protect water sources, and can even improve air quality in cities.

Why Visit Man-Made Forests?

Man-made forests are great attractions for nature lovers and eco-tourists. They provide a great opportunity to learn about the science behind forestry and appreciate the beauty of the natural world. They also offer many recreational activities, such as hiking, biking, and bird watching.

The most famous man-made forest in the Philippines is in Bohol. This area is famous for its name, Bilar Man-Made Forest. Local farmers created this forest in response to the deforestation of the area and subsequent soil erosion. Today, the city of Bohol controls and maintains the Bilar Man-Made Forest.

The 2km Bilar Man-Made Mahogany Forest

manmade forest bohol

The Bilar Man-Made Forest in Bohol, Philippines and is a great spot for tourists to visit. A stark temperature shift will become evident when you traverse into the forest. This is primarily during the sweltering summer season.

As soon as you slip beneath the trees’ protective shade, a quick chill will drape over your body and bring relief from searing temperatures. The sheer beauty of the forest. Its towering mahogany trees, its ferns, and other vegetation are really a sight to behold.

This forest is an awe-inspiring sight. Lush foliage blankets the uniform height, and branches of trees spread out in all directions. Amidst these giants of nature, you can see seedlings beginning to sprout toward the sky.

This forest is a unique and inspiring destination for anyone who wants to experience sustainable forestry. If you ever find yourself in Bohol, check out this amazing man-made forest!

Best Time to Visit Bilar Man-Made Forest

The dry season is when you can explore and experience nature in all its glory. May is the ideal month to visit as the days are not too hot and relatively cooler. The trees will be at their most vibrant state during this month, with their lush green foliage making them a sight to behold. We visited last May 2022, and it was beautiful. The trees were in full bloom, and the birds singing.

When you visit, bring plenty of water and sunscreen. Wear comfortable and appropriate clothing. Long pants and sturdy shoes will protect you from any potential hazards, especially if you’re going there on a motorbike.

Bilar Man Made Forest: What To Expect

When you travel to Bohol and visit the Bilar Man-Made Forest, expect a unique experience of nature’s beauty in an area that used to be a barren wasteland. You’ll find yourself in a lush green area teeming with wildlife and vegetation.

The trails are well maintained, making it easy to traverse the terrain. You can expect to observe trees that are up to 40 meters tall. Bird-watching and wildlife spotting are popular activities here.

After the forest, Bilar and Batuan towns lead you to Carmen. This is where the iconic chocolate hills exist. The local government created a complex on top of the two highest hills in this area, full of hundreds of uniformly shaped mounds. These notable Chocolate Hills will take your breath away!

The man-made forest is a famous photo-op spot. We passed the forest on the way to the Chocolate Hills and decided to take a few photos. It’s a great place to take some amazing shots. But be careful. The road has a sharp curve, and there are fast-moving cars. We had to be quick at taking photos. Not only are there cars, but there are a lot of other tourists wanting to snap a pic, too.

Where To Stay When Visiting Bilar Forest, Bohol

You can find the Bilar Man-Made Forest in the municipality of Bilar, Bohol. Visitors can stay at any of the hotels or resorts in the area or opt for a rural homestay with local families.

Moon Fools Hostel

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Alona Vida Beach Resort

Rooms at the Alona Vida Beach Resort are spacious and feature comfortable beds, air-conditioning, private bathrooms, flat-screen TV, a minibar, and a balcony with pool views. There is an outdoor pool, direct beach access, massage services, and watersport activities. BOOK HERE.

Amorita Resort

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Other Must-Dos and Must-Visits in Bohol

In addition to the Bilar Man-Made Forest, there are plenty of other places to explore in Bohol. Here are some of the things to do in Bohol that you can’t miss:

Loboc River Cruise

Enjoy a leisurely boat ride along the tranquil Loboc River, and marvel at the lush forest views.

Tarsier Sanctuary

Boasting one of the tiniest primate sizes in existence, a multitude of Tarsiers can be found flourishing in Bohol. We highly recommend checking out the Tarsier Sanctuary. We saw three tarsiers up close here! And no, they are not caged.

Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

Have fun with the family at this thrilling adventure park! Zipline through the trees, go ATV riding and trekking, or ride a horse around the hills.

Hinagdanan Cave

This is a natural limestone cavern with an underground pool. Its amazing stalactite and stalagmite formations will surely take your breath away.

Panglao Island

panglao island
Left (Dumaluan Beach), Right (Balicasag Island)

Swim in the pristine waters of Panglao Island, and marvel at the powdery white sand beaches.

Bohol Bee Farm

This organic farm is perfect for visitors looking for a unique experience. You can go on educational tours and visit a restaurant with organic meals. There is also an apiary where you can observe honeybees and sample delicious local honey.

Balicasag Island Marine Sanctuary

You can find stunning coral reefs and a variety of fish in this marine sanctuary. It’s the perfect place for snorkeling and diving activities.

Final Thoughts

Bohol is an amazing destination for those seeking a peaceful and nature-filled getaway. By visiting Bilar’s man-made forest, you can take in the beauty of nature. You get to experience unique landscapes carefully planned and created by the locals. You surely won’t be disappointed with what this charming province has to offer. 

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