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Crocodile Island

Crocodile Island, Cagayan Ultimate 2021 Travel Guide

After our early morning trip to Anguib Beach in our Palaui adventure, the last one on our itinerary is Crocodile Island.

Palaui Island

Crocodile Island: No, There Are No Crocodiles

Makes you wonder what’s there, huh?

And to answer your unvoiced questions, nope, there are no crocodiles on the island.

It was named as such because it’s shaped like a crocodile.

Crocodile Island

From afar, you can already see the shape of the Crocodile Island. There are no trees on the island. So if you’re planning on going there, be sure to use a lot of sunblock.

What makes the place unique is its rock formations. When you take a closer look at rocks, they look like little rock puzzles that match each other. Quite interesting if you ask me.

Crocodile Island

The view from the top of the rocks is pretty great, too. You can see the crystal turquoise waters inviting you to swim.

Crocodile Island
Crocodile Island

I highly recommend that you include this island on your Palaui trip. It’s just around 20 minutes away from Punta Verde.


Boat tour:
2 hours – P500
6 hours – P800

However, I highly recommend that you take advantage of its proximity to Palaui Island. For a higher price, you can visit the gems of Cagayan Valley.

How To Get There

  • From Manila, you can either ride a bus or a plane going to Tuguegarao.
  • Once you reach Tuguegarao, ride a van heading to Sta Ana. Cagayan.
  • Here, you’ll have to ride a tricycle to go to the San Vicente Port. Then, get a boat going to Crocodile Island.

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Tips and Reminders

  • There are no trees on the island so be sure to bring a hat or an umbrella.
Crocodile Island
  • There are islands and beaches that you can visit aside from the Crocodile Island. You can opt to include:
  • Anguib Beach
  • Punta Verde
  • Cape Engano Lighthouse
  • Siwangag
  • Pugo Moro
  • Nangaramoan
  • and many more!
Palaui Rates
  • It is best to contact a boatman before going because there will be a lot of boatmen by the port when you get there. I highly recommend Kuya Apol. He has three boats and you can contact him at Globe – 09557444175.
  • Please bring your trash with you. When we went to Crocodile Island, there was a lot of garbage scattered around the island.
Crocodile Island
  • Use sturdy slippers or shoes, there are a lot of sharp rocks around the area.
Crocodile Island

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  1. It makes sense that there would be no crocodiles in crocodile island because crocodiles live in the water but the name sure gives the impression that there are crocodiles. Nice photos by the way.

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