Alarms all set and a hope for a bright day tomorrow during our Palaui island tour, we all slept tight with excitement and anticipation the night before we were bound to go to Anguib Beach.

As part of our Palaui island tour, we included Anguib Beach in our second-day itinerary. We woke up at 5:00 am and got ready, ate breakfast and waited for our boatman to come at 6:00 am.

For around 30 minutes, we sailed across the sea until we were finally in Anguib Beach. From afar, the sand looked light cream in color.

Anguib Beach

That’s Anguib Beach. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Anguib Beach: Cagayan’s Boracay of the North

Upon reaching the beach, we were told to register and pay the entrance fee. Once that was done and over with, we started exploring the beach.

Anguib Beach

Can you see that swing? Ugh. Heaven!


Yes, there are trees and cottages just a few meters from the beach so you don’t have to worry about shade.

There were signs all over the place indicating that Anguib Beach is the Boracay of the North. I’ve never been to Boracay but Anguib Beach’s sand wasn’t really white. It’s more like cream in color. Although, when the sand dries and the sun is high up in the sky, the sand almost looks white.



Creamy sand

Creamy sand

Fine sand

Fine sand….

Weird Sand

The sand on the beach has some fine ones and grainy ones like this.

Due to the rainy season and probably the wind, there were a lot of seaweeds scattered all over the sand. However, the water was clear and clean. There were a lot of kids in the area since the waters weren’t too deep. Works great with me.


Seaweeds by the beach? That won’t stop me from marveling at the beauty of the place! And that crystal blue waters? Wow!

Anguib Beach


Anguib Beach

I wanna go back. Huhuhuhuhu.

Anguib Beach

Behind the trees, you can go glamping and camping there.

Anguib Beach

As the sun rises, the beach is giving off these beautiful colors.

Anguib Beach

I love love love these trees beside the beach.

Anguib Beach

Further from the main beach, you can find the raw beauty of Anguib Beach.

Anguib Beach

I think this part is a bit private. There’s a house on the side.

Anguib Beach

I feel like we found a treasure when we reached the other end of the beach.

Camping and Glamping

There were a few other people on the beach. Some glamped the night before while others set up their own tents and camped. You can book from if you’re interested in glamping. Glamping rate is at P3,500 for 2 to 4 persons while camping fee ranges from P500 to 3,700 per night. Contact Anguib beach for updated rates.

If you don’t want to camp, you can check out the other hotels in the area via

Anguib Beach Camping

Yes, you can camp and glamp!


On one end of the beach, I noticed there weren’t any people going there. Curious, I went exploring and found out, it was a private area. There were trees just a few meters away from the beach with a lot of birds flying from tree to tree. I saw yellow colored birds and the sound of their tweets was the highlight of my time at Anguib Beach.


Behind me is where I saw the yellow-colored birds. Had a hard time taking photos of them, though.

Small Cove

Just a little further, we found a small cove but the nearby waters had a lot of seaweeds so maybe that’s why nobody went there or that it’s private property. Anyway, by the end of the beach, the locals said you can find a set of stairs to take you to the other side of the cove to Nangaramoan.

Sta Ana

Hey! We found a cove!


That’s Nangaramoan over there.

Entrance Fees 

For Daytour:
Monday to Thursday -100 pesos per person
Friday to Sunday – 150 pesos per person

For Overnight:
Monday to Thursday -150 pesos per person
Friday to Sunday – 200 pesos per person

How To Get There

From Manila

  • Via Bus – Ride a bus going to Sta. Ana, Cagayan at Sampaloc terminal. Travel time is around 15 hours. You can also ride a bus heading to Tuguegarao which will take you 10 to 12 hours travel time. Then, transfer to a van or bus going to Sta. Ana, Cagayan.
    Via Airplane – Ride a plane to Tuguegarao City then take a van or bus going to Sta Ana.
  • Option 1. Once you are in Sta. Ana, take a tricycle to San Vicente port. From here, you can rent a boat to take you to Anguib Beach.
    Option 2. Ride a tricycle going to Nangaramoan Beach. Fare is around P300 for 3 to 4 persons. But if you have a car, you can go directly to Nangaramoan Beach and park your car there.
  • From Nangaramoan Beach, ride a boat for only P500 (day tour) and P800 (overnight). This rate is good for 8 persons.

Boat trip. I’m finally getting better at dealing with waves.

Side Trips

Aside from Anguib Beach, you can also pay for a boat rental for a Palaui island tour that will take you to other nearby places such as Palaui, Crocodile Island, Nangaramoan and so much more.

Palaui Rates


You can contact Anguib Beach Club via:
Facebook: Sta Ana Glamping and Camping Resorts
Mobile Number: 09179888964 or 09178764079

For Boat Trips and Palaui island tour:
You can contact Kuya Apol at
Globe – 09557444175

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