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11 Best Camping Sites in Turkey You Should Visit

Turkey is known for its panoramic beauty. From the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea, this beautiful country has a lot of natural serenity to offer.

As the season cools off, the weather is ripe for the perfect camping getaway. The sun, air, and natural tranquility in Turkey is possibly the best choice for adventure you could plan this summer!

Hizir Camp


This is a beautiful and eco-friendly spot that offers visitors to stay in their own tents under the wooden houses and cabins. It is located near the Zeytinli Creek, by the slopes of the Ida mountains.

Hizir camp is an incredible place for hiking, swimming, yoga, meditations, and group retreats. It has a staggering natural beauty and an enhanced camping experience in store for its visitors.

Remember, good planning can lead to a better camping experience. It is very important to plan beforehand so that the execution would be better.

For example, you could make a checklist of the items that you need including tents, sleeping bags, flashlights, and ice packs for the coolers.

The Yedigöller National Park (Seven Lakes National Park)


The Yedigöller or Seven Lakes National Park is an exquisite location for camping. As the name suggests, it is a wonderful place with seven lakes both small and large.

It is girded by greenery in the form of a lush forest. The oak, hazelnut, and pine trees, wildlife, fresh air from the Black Sea region make a view to relish and an excellent combo for camping.

It is located in the North of the Bolu province. This place has a lot to offer other than camping such as hiking, fishing, and plunging into the hot spring.

Kelebekler Vadisi


Also known as the Butterfly Valley, this place is only accessible via boat. Approximately 105 butterfly species are preserved in the Kelebekler Vadisi.

The view is extraordinary, especially if you camp and spend your time encircled in the blooming nature.



This seaside town is located in the Ula district of Muğla Province, South Turkey. Along the Gulf, this amazing place is a haven for campers.

To make the experience better, do bring along some sun protection and solar showers. The beautiful scenery of the seafront and green patches is eye candy for all visitors.

There’s also a stretched trail for hiking and seaside for a fresh air experience straight from the bay of Turkey.

Club Amazon


This is located in Marmaris/Muğla amidst the pine tree forest. The location is just a minute’s walk from the beach and the quietness is perfect for a fine camping experience.

It is preferred for meditation retreats due to the relaxing atmosphere coupled with tranquil natural beauty. However, it should be kept in mind that you cannot pitch a tent at the Amazon. However, their rooms are remarkably affordable.

At the Club Amazon, you could experience a beautiful night under the stars and explore the beauty of hidden coves. Other activities also include fishing, hiking, riding around the area on a bike, or holding a small serenade.

Kaya Camping


If you want to pitch a tent and enjoy your time camping, then this place is your best choice.

Kaya Camping is located in the magnificent chimneys of Cappadocia. This place is popular due to the spectacular sight of the gliding hot air balloons over the sky and the high-class services including shower, swimming pool, and bathrooms.

The best part is that all of it is very affordable, 16 lira a day is not a bad bargain for such a good deal.

Köprülü Canyon National Park


This place has an interesting history behind its name. Köprülü Canyon is named after an ancient stone bridge aloft the Köprülü river.

This place is packed with artistic cypress, pine, and many other species of trees. Don’t miss out on the incredible canyons that are more than 400 meters deep!

You can look around the canyons or simply hang out in the camp! Hiking, rafting, and looking around the ruins of antiquated temples are some of the activities that you can do while camping in Köprülü Canyon.



Olympus/Olympos is one of the ancient places in the southern province of Antalya. It is situated next to the river valley in the proximity of the ocean.

Olympus has some beautiful greenery and subtropical climes adding to the beauty of the ocean. This place offers a lot of cultural heritage.

There are treehouse accommodations, Lycian ruins, and bungalows to make your outing more enjoyable.

Do note that there are no hotels or resorts as the place is being preserved for its natural picturesque beauty and the boho feel.



Located in Western Turkey, Pamukkale is popular for its ancient history and stunning sights. It’s near a hill where thermal waters stream down to the travertine terraces.

There is an ancient Roman sparsity in the neighborhood of Pamukkale, moreover, there is the theatre and necropolis as well.

It is especially popular for its antique pool that is sunk Roman columns which were a result of an earthquake. The activities that you can enjoy in Pamukkale include swimming in the warm waters, hiking, and hot air balloon flights.

İğneada Floodplain Forests National Park


There are many camping areas in this amazing location that was established in 2007.

Found in the Kırklareli Province in the Marmara Region of Turkey, this is a classic camping site due to some challenges that the visitors might experience during their stay, for instance, finding water and tackling the flies.

Therefore, if you are truly looking forward to a rough camping experience or a weekend getaway, this is the perfect location for you!

Artvin, Karagöl National Park


This beautiful camping site is stretched over the plateaus of Karagol and Sahara. If you are looking for an adventurous camping experience then this is the right place for you!

From dense forest containing spruce trees and pines to the river Resat, this place has all the elements to make your experience stand out. You can hike, swim, or go grass-skiing during your stay.

There is a lodge accommodation as well. Don’t forget to take your solar shower bags as it could get warm in this part of the country and you might enjoy a shower in the scorching heat.

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