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10 Best Romantic Travel Destinations To Visit For Couples

Looking for the best romantic travel destinations to visit? We’ve got you covered!

We’ve rounded up some of the world’s most romantic getaways for couples!


Unarguably number 1 out of the top 10 famous romantic travel destinations is Paris – immortalized in films such as Amelie and Last Tango in Paris.

The iconic Eiffel Tower, built-in 1889, affords the city’s remarkable views, while a walk along the Champs Elysees is a must for all romantic couples everywhere.

St Valentine’s Day originated in France, and there are plenty of other romantic destinations worth visiting within the country. If you’re also looking for romantic accommodation options, be sure to look at the outstanding serviced apartments in Paris. With a huge range on offer, you’ll find a place to stay that is both romantic and luxurious. 

This includes places such as the wild Loire and its stunning gorges and vast valleys, luminous Corsica, Sarlat, France’s food capital, voluptuous Chamonix, the delightful forest of Broceliande, and Saint-Remy-de-Provence with its wonderful fragrance of lavender.

Bronte Country

The Bronte sisters were the outstanding writers of 19th-century romantic fiction, set mostly in the brooding Yorkshire Dales.

Stay in Howarth’s picturesque village and enjoy such romantic attractions as Skipton Castle, Bronte Parsonage Museum, Saltaire Village, and the David Hockney Museum.  

New York

For decades now, the Big Apple has captured singers’ romantic imaginations such as Frank Sinatra, and writers such as F Scott Fitzgerald and JP Donleavy.

Why not take a romantic horse-drawn carriage trip through Central Park – a truly magical way to see this city.

These carriages can be located on the southeast corner of the park at Central Park West (59th Street) between 5th & 6th Ave, or along Central Park South.

Don’t forget to ask for a blanket if the weather isn’t too good. If the weather is wintry, you could always skate romantically arm in arm at the Rockefeller Center’s ice rink. 

Suppose you want to be romantic on a budget. In that case, the New York City Explorer Pass includes admission to the city’s most incredible sights, TV and Movie Tours, beautiful museums, and other experiences.

When the sun goes down, admire the neon lights and enormous billboards of Times Square. You’ll be close to Broadway, where you can catch a first-run play or musical and dine somewhere exceptional.

There are two must-do romantic walks: across Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building’s observation deck. Attractive, bohemian Greenwich Village, Chinatown, and Little Italy should also be visited to top off a trip to one of the world’s ten famous romantic travel destinations. 


If your idea of romance is more oriented towards sun, sand, and sea, you could do worse than Bali’s famous romantic travel destination. It was a favorite haunt of musicians such as Mick Jagger. 

The most suitable choice is to rent a car and explore the beautiful beaches, water temples, and mountainous interior.

Package holidays include a luxury hotel with continental breakfast and sumptuous dinner each night and flights and airport transfers. 

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Venice, a traditional center of European art and culture, is easily the most romantic destination in southern Europe, which will capture your heart like nowhere else.

This ancient port city of old buildings, bridges, and canals is simply irresistible and unforgettable. The best activity a loving couple can get in Venice is to take a romantic gondola ride.

These typically depart from just in front of the train station.  

New Zealand

The North Island of New Zealand is one of the best romantic travel destinations because of its attractive diversity of sights and South Pacific feel, thanks to the Polynesian and Maori population.

The Lord of the Rings movies helped popularize this destination. Couples should make a trip across the harbor to Rangitoto, an incredible volcanic island, traversed via “tractor train” to its top where the Hauraki Gulf can be glimpsed.  

Costa Rica

Costa Rica may not jump out as an apparent romantic vacation destination.

Still, it does offer some real attractions, including awe-inspiring walks around Irazu and Poas Volcanoes, La Paz Waterfall, Butterfly Gardens, cruises to Isla Tortuga, Braulio Carillo National Park, and a whole plethora of other things to do such as jungle trains, rafting trips, and horseback riding.  


Tobago might be the destination for you if romance should involve chilling out in a hot island paradise. Explore the Argyle Waterfalls, where you can swim under the beautiful water as it cascades onto your head.

It is one of the most excellent spots in the nation. Visit Little Tobago by a glass-bottom boat and enjoy the exotic wildlife around you.

There is no more romantic sunset than a Tobago sunset, especially viewed from the beach in Castara.  


Aspen, Colorado is fixed in most people’s minds as a skiing haunt for the rich and famous.

But actually, there is much more to it than that, and many sights and activities for lovers, ranging from excellent nightlife to beautiful hiking trips.  

Las Vegas

If you are an impulsive couple who decide that the perfect romantic vacation should involve getting married, Las Vegas is almost certainly the destination for you.

You can get married quickly, which can be just as memorable as a well-planned, more complicated ceremony. It can be enjoyable to be married in a novelty manner, such as by a priest dressed up as Elvis.  

While you are in the city, why not have a gamble in some of the world’s most famous casinos, or explore the streets of this city with such a high mythical meaning to the entire American experience.

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