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7 Things to Know Before You Travel to Turkey


Turkey is one European country that is relatively easy to gain entry compared to others. The country boasts impressive tourist sites that attract tourists from around the world. However, there are several things one needs to know about the place, even before you leave your country. 

We will be sharing 7 things you must know before you travel to Turkey. These are things that you must avoid and things you should do. Also, make sure you don’t miss out on the popular luxury private tours in Turkey; it’s an experience you don’t want to miss.  Read the tips below before applying for that visa or boarding that plane.

7 things you must know before you travel to Turkey

You’ll need hats during summer vacations

You can experience all the different climates in Turkey. The winters in Turkey are very cold, and it snows in some areas, while the weather can get extremely hot during summer. These hot, dry summers may result in tanning or sunburns.

You must avoid the harsh effects of the sun on your skin, especially during summer vacations. So, we advise that you go around with summer hats. You might need some sunglasses on if you don’t mind.

Know the travel requirements for tourists from your country

Tourists and visitors from around the world are welcome to Turkey. However, note that the requirements for entering Turkey vary in different countries. Visitors from some countries can enter Turkey without a visa, provided they’re with a passport.

Countries where visas are not required, are Austria, Belgium, Malta, Spain, Portugal, and the United Kingdom. You might need COVID vaccination proof and also proof of sufficient funds.

You can’t access some websites in Turkey

For some reason, some popular websites are banned in Turkey. Some restricted websites for residents in Turkey include Wikipedia and booking.com. Also, you should look for alternative means of carrying out activities you previously did with PayPal. This is because PayPal is restricted to several geographical areas, including Turkey.

English won’t get you through

Turkey is a country that sits between two different continents – Asia and Europe. As a result, there is a huge diversification of the spoken languages available in the country. You’ll be able to communicate with just a few Turks if English is the only language you can speak.

Therefore, we recommend visiting bookstores and buying books that help you translate Turkish to English. Some common words you should learn are greetings and how to say yes/no. 

Some gestures matter

Turks are known for their hospitable nature to visitors. Among many others, they have a custom that demands that they offer their visitor’s tea. As the guest, you have to reciprocate the courtesy by accepting the tea offer and drinking the tea.

Many Turks consider a rejection of their tea offer as an insult or a sign of disrespect. Also, Turkish people reserve handshakes for strangers – they greet friends with kisses on both sides of the cheeks. Moreover, people in restaurants who use their thumb and middle finger to pretend to write in the air are asking the waiter for their bill.

Tap water in Turkey is not always safe for drinking

The quality of tap water varies in different locations across the country. Tap water in major cities such as Ankara, Izmir, Istanbul, etc., is considered safe for drinking. This is because the water is pre-treated in treatment facilities before circulation. 

A larger population of Turkey residents use tap water for many other purposes apart from drinking. Tap water in Turkey can be used to cook or make tea after heating.


Holidays in Turkey are a dream for many. The tips above should help you prepare for your trip and your experience. The locals in Turkey are friendly but deeply frown at abusive individuals. More so, an important tip is that you reciprocate kind gestures. If you can’t, don’t be offensive, at least. More importantly, have enough cash on you.

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