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5 Adventurous Things to do in Arizona

Things to do in Arizona

The great state of Arizona has a lot to offer travelers. You can enjoy time on the water at Theodore Roosevelt Lake, mountains in many different regions, forest landscapes and of course, terrific canyon views.

Whether you’re keen on viewing the desert bloom or just want to smell fresh piney woods, you can find something amazing in AZ.

Visit the Grand Canyon

The northern edges of Arizona offer a break from desert heat and amazing views. A visit to the Grand Canyon National Park, an internationally known landmark, means a visit to the Colorado River and the Colorado Plateau.

You can view the Grand Canyon from a tour bus, from your own vehicle, on many day hikes and during a mule ride to the bottom. You can also see the Grand Canyon from the space shuttle. Do be careful to check the weather and conditions in the canyon; the warmth of the full sun at the top will not stick with you as you descend and you will need layers to protect you.

Of course, once you’ve gotten in a good workout on the way down, you can cool off by taking a white water rafting trip on the Colorado River!

Study the Cactus at Saguaro National Park

Head south to the city of Tucson and east to enjoy time camping in or near Saguaro National Park, just west of Wilcox Dry Lake.

If you’re able to camp in a self-contained vehicle, you can easily camp for free just outside the park and drive or hike in each day to view the remarkable topography, plants and wildlife of the area.

Bring your camera and set your phone alarm so you can be sure to catch the sunrise and sunset of this remarkable area. If you can, come in the spring to enjoy the wildflower bloom!

Be sure you also check out the Red Hills Tucson Mountain District Visitor Center to check out the history of the region and find directions to the many petroglyphs in the region.

Book a Guided Tour of Antelope Canyon

Don’t plan a solo trip of roughing it and hiking into Antelope Canyon. This canyon is known as a slot canyon and the region includes a risk of flash flooding. The stones of Antelope Canyon have been worn by time, water and blowing sand. It’s easy to lose your way in these remarkable stone paths.

Your adventures from Phoenix to Antelope Canyon can be as direct or as casual as you like. Consider booking a spot to stay in Page so you have a sleeping spot at your destination before you book your guided tour.

Stop in Flagstaff and check out the Wupatki National Monument to study the homes of desert dwellers from generations ago.

Take a Dip in Lake Havasu

If it isn’t a vacation without a swim and a boat ride, you will need to head east to Lake Havasu. Spend some time on the beach, rent a canoe or a kayak for a paddle in the warm sun, and stroll across London Bridge!

Bring your credit card and an empty suitcase to your trip to Lake Havasu. Treat yourself to some Arizona Turquoise, some new silver, and some custom copper jewelry on your stay in the region. Do be sure to book your spot to tour London Bridge; this is a popular spot with locals and guests and will fill up fast.

Go Climb a Mountain

You can look for gold in the Superstition Mountains or take a hearty hike in the Dragoon Mountains. Many of the mountain climbing and rock climbing options in Arizona don’t look like much in terms of elevation gain. For example, the Dragoons only clear 6,000 feet.

However, there are climbs in these mountains that can be quite challenging. If you’ve been stuck at home due to recent world events, take your time on the trails and enjoy some serious hikes before you start any serious climbs.

Of course, if you’re concerned about your reaction to any elevation gain, you should never hike or climb alone. You will also want to hire a guide if your gear isn’t as up to date as you would like.

Water, mountains, cactus and canyons offer travelers in Arizona plenty of beauty and a great deal of fun. As you plan your visit, consider also visiting some of the planned outdoors. For example, flower lovers will want to visit the Pine Creek Canyon Lavender Farm!

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