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5 Secret Mykonos Beaches That Are Simply Paradisal

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For those that have not yet stepped foot on a Greek island with the beauty of Mykonos, expect to be completely bewitched by the sugary beaches and the crystalline, azure waters that drench the shoreline.

What is even more exciting about this magnificent party mecca and elite summer destination is the fact that despite its cosmopolitan atmosphere and popularity, it never ceases to amaze, one way or another. This applies to its fine sand shores.

Apart from the around 30 pristine beaches with a lively vibe, water sports facilities, luxury services, VIP sections, and the likes, the Queen of the Cyclades is home to at least five more isolated and secluded stretches of sand off the beaten path that are definitely worth a visit. 

1. Divounia Beach

Tucked between Agia Anna and Kalafatis beaches, Divounia is a quaint, pebbled beach right next to an idyllic fishing village with lovely whitewashed houses and friendly locals.

The only disturbance to the peacefulness exuded here is the sound of the waves that gently crash to the shore. And, should you feel like pampering your palate with delicious seafood, there are a couple of tavernas nearby serving mouth-watering fresh fish dishes!

2. Choulakia or Houlakia Beach

The majority of this beach is covered in rocks and pebbles, although there is a small sandy strip to enjoy if you wish. Beware, as nothing can prepare you for the breath-taking scenery that will welcome you, especially if you reach this shore near sunset.

You can find Houlakia north of the Mykonos port and is only reachable by car unless you have rented a luxury villa in the Choulakia region and head to the beach on foot whenever you feel like dipping your toes in its transparent waters.

3. Myrsini (or Mersini) Beach

A picturesque shore and an exceptional alternative to its populated sibling and close neighbour, Fokos beach.

The road to Myrsini might be a bit bumpy and a tad challenging but you will be gracefully rewarded with the privacy, the tranquillity, and the crystal-clear sea awaiting, whether a naturalist or not. Myrsini beach is also a great option for families due to its shallow waters.

4. Glyfadi Beach

If you have selected to stay at the picture-perfect Agios Ioannis area or Ornos Bay, then do consider exploring this tiny and serene beach. It is partly pebbled and partly sandy, with a few sunbeds and parasols.

Glyfadi beach is ideal for sunbathing and families and is almost exclusively frequented by locals, who come to enjoy the sun and the sea with their little ones.

5. Tigani Beach

A captivating nature-surrounded shore on the easternmost part of the Mykonos coastline that provides seclusion and some quiet beach time away from the louder and more crowded beaches nearby.

It is mainly preferred by couples, gay and straight alike, who decide to make the long dirt road to spoil themselves with the adorable scenery that reveals its majesty the moment they lay eyes on this beach.

Just make sure you bring everything you’ll need because there are no shops or other conveniences within close proximity.

Best way to access these rare gems

Whether you are after tasting more chilled and relaxed ventures by the sea or wish to be pampered with royalty-worthy beach experiences, the best way to have your wish granted is by choosing an exclusive

Mykonos villa near the places you want to hang out the most.

Luckily, Mykonos provides a wealth of mansions that epitomise Cycladic architecture, luxury, and top tier accommodation while also providing a plethora of extras, concierge services, and facilities that will make you redefine the word “dreamy”! 

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