Mount Batur, Bali: The Ultimate Trekking Guide

Mount Batur Bali

Guest Post By Putu Sanjaya

Mount Batur is one of the active volcanoes on the island of Bali, Indonesia. Every day, hundreds of tourists climb Mount Batur to see the sunrise from the top of Mount Batur. The view of the sunrise from the top of Mount Batur is very beautiful. It’s a must-see. Add this to your Bali itinerary!

To be able to enjoy this view; you have to start traveling from midnight. It will be an adventurous journey as it has to be done in pitch black conditions. If you have never done night hiking activities, then you must prepare several things in advance.

In this article, we will share everything you need to know before climbing Mount Batur. We’ll also explain what you need to bring with you, and how the trip will be done.

Mount Batur Trekking Difficulty Level

If you have never done climbing activities before, you may be wondering how difficult the climb is? This question is often asked by those who are trying to climb Mount Batur for the first time.

If you are used to doing cardio training, maybe this trip will not be too difficult for you. But if you rarely actively move, or have a weight above normal, then climbing to the top of Mount Batur can provide an extra challenge for you.

You will hike for about 2 hours to get to the top of Mount Batur which is at an altitude of 1717 meters above sea level. Of course, you can arrive faster if you need fewer breaks.

No need to feel embarrassed to rest if you feel tired on the way because this is a very common thing for tourists to do. Of course, you cannot equate your stamina with the stamina of the residents of Mount Batur. Surely they are very used to climbing this mountain every day.

It is highly recommended that you use a tour guide service, which is available at the foot of Mount Batur. The tour guides are locals who are very familiar with the climbing route on Mount Batur.

You don’t need to worry about getting lost in trekking activities on Mount Batur when you have a guide. These tour guides are highly trained for emergencies that may occur.

So there’s nothing to worry about. Everyone can get to the top of Mount Batur. You can rest as often as you need; and you will still reach the top to enjoy a very beautiful view of the sunrise.

What to wear to hike Mount Batur

Everyone has a different resistance to certain temperatures and climates. So you need to know that the temperature during the night climb on Mount Batur is around 15 degrees Celsius; with the air that is still quite humid.

If you come from a sub-tropical region and accustomed to cold weather, then you can wear leggings or shorts that you usually wear when exercising.

The most important things for you to wear are sneakers or hiking shoes. Several spots are quite steep on the trekking route to the top of Mount Batur. If you don’t wear the right footwear, then you will easily slip at these steep trekking spots.

You should also prepare a sweater just in case the temperature suddenly feels too cold for you. Usually, hikers will wear a sweater at the beginning and end of the trip.

If you are hiking in the rainy season, then bring a waterproof jacket. You never know when it will rain. Climbing to the top of Mount Batur will be very difficult if your clothes get wet.

What should you bring when hiking Mount Batur

Your guide will provide a flashlight before the climb. But it is highly recommended that you bring a small headlight. This will make the hike a lot easier.

There are several spots where you have to use your hands to climb the rocky path. Small headlights will make it very easy for you to climb at these points.

You are also advised to bring a small backpack to store your extra clothes, drinking water, and snacks.

You will probably need all of this during the climb to the top of Mount Batur. Your guide will also provide snacks and boiled eggs that you can enjoy when you reach the top.

Don’t forget your camera!

It is very important to bring a camera with you on your trip. You can bring a DSLR camera to capture the sunrise.

Sunrise at the top of Mount Batur is truly stunning, so make sure you bring a camera with you. At least bring a smartphone camera that has a pretty good image and video quality.

Where to book a tour guide in Bali

To facilitate your trip to climb Mount Batur, we highly recommend that you use a travel agent service in Bali. There are many travel agents in Bali that provide mount Batur sunrise trekking packages.

This Mount Batur sunrise trekking package includes everything you need:

  • service for picking you up and dropping you off to and from your accommodation;
  • a local guide to take you to the top of the mountain;
  • flashlights and standard trekking equipment;
  • food and drink including lunch after the hike

You can choose to take a private tour or a group tour. If you choose to take a private tour, then you usually have to pay 55 USD per person.

But if you have a limited budget, you can take a group tour for 28 USD per person.

Mount Batur Trekking Itinerary

A driver will pick you up at your hotel. Pick up time will depend on the distance from your hotel to Mount Batur.

The further away your hotel is, the earlier you will be picked up. For example, if you’re staying in Seminyak, you will be picked up at 1:30 AM. But if you’re in the Ubud area, you will be picked up at 2:15 AM.

You will start climbing Mount Batur at 3:30 AM, and reach the top of Mount Batur at 5.30 AM. This is the perfect time to watch the sunrise at the top of Mount Batur.

You can explore the entire crater of Mount Batur until 9 AM. Or you can choose to go down to Lake Batur to enjoy a hot spring.

Many hikers choose to go down to Lake Batur and enjoy the hot springs. Soaking in this hot spring will relieve any fatigue after hiking for 2 hours.

Prepare 10 USD if you want to use the hot spring facilities on this Mount Batur lake.

On the way home you will stop at a restaurant to enjoy lunch and a cup of coffee or tea. After you finish your lunch, the driver will take you back to your hotel.

This is a must-do activity in Bali. There are a lot of tourists who have climbed Mount Batur and think that this is the highlight of their trip to Bali.

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