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The Best Travel Apps To Help You Travel Better

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Today, life has become easier with the help of mobile applications. Gone are the days where you have to bring a map with you. Now, with the simple touch of your screen, you can see where you are and quickly check where your destination is.

Useful travel apps help make traveling hassle-free. They provide you access to information that makes your trip smoother and better. If you’re looking for some useful travel apps to install to your phone, here’s some.

Useful Travel Apps


Whenever I’m looking for a place to stay, my first go-to travel app is booking.com. What I love about this is that you can book now and pay later. I don’t need to worry about sending the payment at the moment. All I have to do is make sure I have the right amount of cash before checking in.


Airbnb is another one of my favorites when it comes to finding unique places to stay in. I’ve found here islands for rent, unusual accommodations, and many more! I’ve found here a French homestay in Baguio, a Harry Potter room, and a glamping tent in Benguet. Get a P2,200 (or $44) discount on your first Airbnb booking when you sign up here.


I didn’t grow up in Manila nor did I study there so it’s a challenge for me to go to point A from point B. One of my friends recommended I download the Sakay.ph app and it has saved me from a great deal of headache and money from using Grab pretty often. Here, you can choose the type of transportation you want, and it even shows the fare for each which I find pretty awesome. Anyways, if you’re like me and you tend to get lost easily in Manila, this is a must-have travel application.


I only ever use Google Maps or MAPS.ME when checking the map. Between the two, I find MAPS.ME more convenient especially when:

  1. I don’t have mobile data.
  2. The signal is barely there.

So you guessed it right! You can use MAPS.ME offline. How? Just download the map of the place you’re planning to go to before your trip and you can check it anytime you want without the need for an Internet connection.


Truth be told, I don’t like riding taxis in Manila. I’ve had a lot of bad experiences regarding taxis (in Manila). Thanks to Grab, I can easily select my destination on the map and see how much I need to pay without worrying about going to the wrong place or getting scammed.

travel apps


Aside from Booking.com, there’s also Traveloka. What makes me love it? Its frequent discounts, sales and promos. Comparing it to other booking apps, I found Traveloka to have one of the cheapest prices out there.


I love to DIY my trip whenever I go traveling but there can be times when it’s a bit tough. In comes Klook to help with the tours. And just like Traveloka, there are plenty of promos every one in a while so keep your eyes open.


If you want to search for flights and find the cheapest there is, Skyscanner is your best friend. One travel hack you can do if you have no specific place in mind is to just leave the destination blank and the app will help you find the cheapest deals. Pretty awesome, right?


Before visiting a place, it’s best to learn a few local words to help you get by especially when you are planning on going to a place where English is not one of their official languages. With Duolingo, you can learn tons of new languages fast, fun and free!


I hate it when I’m always too excited to go somewhere that I forget to pack something. This often happens to me before a trip until I discovered PackPoint which helped tremendously in me packing for a certain trip. So say goodbye to all the hassle and easily pack up.

And that’s it for our list of top useful travel apps you should be downloading. Who knows when you need them?

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