10 of the Best Campsites in Laguna

Campsites in Laguna

Campsites in Laguna? We’ve got you covered.

Laguna is a province southeast of Manila and the birthplace of Jose Rizal. It is also home to abundant camping sites that offer an amazing experience for campers who want to experience the full package.

Campsites in Laguna offers different experiences from camping beside the lake to glamping in tents in the comfort of green grasses.

In this article, we are going to talk about campsites that you should really try when you are in Laguna. Here are the lists of campsites in Laguna. Enjoy. wink

BLOC CampSite


Close your eyes and imagine a warm green grass, a small pond where the sun reflects its majesty and a place where you can be in your fantasy. BLOC CampSite offers you an amazing view of nature. They deliver an unforgettable experience by bringing you the most immersive camping site in Laguna.

Camp Allen


If you are simply looking for the tamed outdoors, then you can set up a tent in the confines of Camp Allen. It is safe, and away from the city and its noises. Camp Allen is located in a place where there is no light pollution, so you can enjoy an amazing night under the visible stars. They also offer cabins that are very simple and warm. The inviting allure that this place provides is top notch.



When you are going camping, you should understand that it gets boring as the day goes on. You are left flat down at the comforts of your tent. That is not the case at Laresio. This breathtaking campsite not only offers an amazing place to stay, it also offers you a lot of activities, like floating basketball, cliff diving and all other experiences that would be a blast to try.

Mt. Makiling


If you’re looking for an extreme experience, then Mt. Makiling is a place that you can turn to. It offers you a noteworthy adventure and an unforgiving temperature that you can rely on. The hike is amazing and the view is very well off. It’s the place for hardcore hikers that love the outdoors.

Pandin and Yambo Lake


Pandin and Yambo Lake, the twin lakes in San Pablo, is one of the top tourist destinations in the city. Here, you can enjoy a day of swimming, eating, and bamboo rafting. With a serene environment, Pandin and Yambo Lake can offer you a relaxing weekend getaway that will surely get you pumped up for the next week.

Mohicap Lake


Being the smallest lake among the seven San Pablo Lakes, Mohicap lake only has an average depth of 21m and an area of 22.89 hectares. You can rent bamboo rafts here with varying sizes. If you want to go fishing, you can rent some equipment and try to catch the native fishes such as catfish, mudfish and tilapia.

Hulugan Falls


Do you want to see something amazing? Check out Hulugan falls, a hypnotizing place where you can swim below the falls. Before reaching this place, you will see a campsite just 10 minutes from the falls equipped with a bathroom. There is also a caretaker in this place.

Hulugan falls is said to be the highest falls in Laguna, with a record of 70 meters in height and a width of 30 meters. If you plan on going here, go chase the waterfalls in Luisiana, and check out the nearby Hidden Falls and Talay Falls.

Kings Landing Waterfront Camping Resort


If you’re looking for an amazing spot where you and your family can enjoy the outdoors, then King’s Landing Waterfront Camping Resort is the place for you. The campsite comes with two bonfire pits that are perfect for roasting marshmallows and sharing stories. You can also find here the American Black Bass, A fish that can only be seen in king’s landing.

Taytay Falls


For an unforgettable adventure that is cheap and more than it is worth, check out Taytay Falls. This wonderful place provides you a glimpse of a majestic waterfalls. Just imagine camping and sleeping with the relaxing sound of the waterfalls. There’s no better camping experience than that, right?

Kaliraya Surf Kamp


If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy pristine waters and somewhere to be taken by nature. Then this is a place you should visit. Kaliraya Surf Kamp offers a wide campsite for all activities. It is clean and safe with comfort rooms that adhere to your needs and nighttime guards that make sure everything is ok. The campsite is also a pet-friendly campsite offering a range for your pets to run around and a pond for them to swim. Even Kris Aquino and Bimby went there!

And that’s it for the campsites in Laguna. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below.

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