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Reasons Why You Should Visit Lanzarote

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Lanzarote

Found in the Canary Islands, Lanzarote is turning into a glamorous destination. Visitors around the world come to Lanzarote Island every year to see the beauty this place has to offer. Here, I have listed five reasons for you to do the same.

Well-preserved Amazing Architecture

Around the island, you will see Cesar Manrique’s influence. He is a well-known artist, environmentalist and a visionary who helped shape Lanzarote Island. He was even dubbed as the “man who designed utopia.”

He fought and resisted the development of high rise buildings that threatened to destroy the essence of Lanzarote. Some parts of the island may have been overdeveloped, but his countless works remained.

From the volcanic tunnel turned into a cultural center, the Mirador del Rio viewpoint built over a cliff, Jardin de Cactus which features thousands of different cactus species from around the world, to his own private home created from underground volcanic tunnels, a trip to the island means a glimpse of the wonderful architecture that Cesar Manrique has to dedicate his life to building.

Great Weather

The weather in the Lanzarote Island is what makes the place such a great destination. There is no “best time to travel to Lanzarote.” Every year, month and day, you can visit this paradise.

All year-round, the weather is good. Yes, there are storms and it gets windy, but most of the time it is sunny. Whenever you go, the weather is warm for a good swim and a bath under the sun.

Unspoiled Beaches

With beaches ranging from golden, pinkish, white and even black, the beaches at Lanzarote island are not spoiled. Some have calm waters while others have the perfect wave great for surfing.

Highly recommended beaches are Famara, Papagayo, Las Conchas, La Garita, Caleton Blanco, and Playa Quemada.

An Out of this World Volcanic Landscape

The island of Lanzarote has some stunning lunar landscapes. So much so that the Timanfaya National Park with its moon-like scenery has earned its spot on the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve list in the year 1993. The park has such an otherworldly view that it was used as a base for the training of NASA’s  Apollo 17 crew and used as a setting for the Planet of the Apes movie.

If you wish to see this place, you can book a tour around the park where buses will take you around to see the strange rock formations. Be careful though; the rocks are fragile and hot.

Volcanic Vineyards

Lanzarote island’s landscape is the product of volcanic activity. With the type of land that the island has, the locals had to think creatively about how to produce and plant their crops.

This idea is how the El Grifo winery came to be. Being one of the island’s oldest wineries that go back to as far as 1775, it caters to wines ranging from delicious sweet wines to dry whites. Visitors are welcome to tour around the place and get a taste of the internationally renowned wines. 

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