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4 Crazy Fun-Filled Festivals Everyone Must See in The Canary Islands

Apart from the picturesque sceneries, the Canary Islands being a part of the festival-filled country of Spain also have and have been the center of fun-filled and extravaganza fiestas tourists look forward to. Throughout the year, people of Canary celebrate various events that signify religion, tradition, or merely a thanksgiving. And all of these festivals are packed with dancing, music, and famous delicacies.

Even if the first plan is just to have an out-of-the-country vacation or to enjoy the heat while swimming, adding ‘fiestas to see’ in your bucket list will certainly make your visit to the Canary Islands much more exciting. And to guide you which one to go to, here are some of the well-known must-see festivals happening on each island.

Sing “Tiriri Tiriri Ti Ti” to Dance with the Devil In Tirajafe

While in some islands of Canary celebrates religious and traditional festivities, in the island of Tirajafe something odd happens: the people summon for the devil.

As an honor to the Virgin of Candelaria, the locals of Tirajafe celebrate the “Danza del Diablo” or the Dance of the Devil. Every dawn of September 8th, thousands of town people and tourists wait for the appearance of the so-called ‘Devil.’

While waiting, they chant “Tiriri Tiriri Ti Ti…. que El Diablo va a salir” and at precisely three in the morning, a man dressed in steel suit with fiery firework around him cracks as he walks straight to the middle of the crowd. Then the so-called Devil heads straight to the town’s plaza to dance along with people. And just like any other festival, Danza del Diablo is filled with music, dance, and songs to enjoy the bliss of the moment.

The Festival of “Los Indianos” Talcum Powder

Wearing stylish clothing while carrying suitcases filled with (fake) cash, people of La Palma celebrate an odd fiesta every Carnival Monday wherein people fight using a bottle of talcum powder.

This festivity originated from the history of Canarian Immigration to Cuba during the early years of the 20th century. The event takes place in an open area in which locals and foreign participants fight using a talcum powder that creates a cloud-like, thick atmosphere all for fun and games.

Ask Blessings Using a Tree Branch in Agaeta

In the island of Agaeta, an odd ritual takes place every 4th August wherein thousands of locals and visitors from neighboring islands come to celebrate “La Rama or Branch Festival.”

Folks join the event carrying their branches of a tree to dance until they reach the “virgin of the Snow” or Sanctuary of the Virgen de las Nieves to ask blessings.

Dance with Magic in Santa Cruz’s Tenerife

With its name originally from a group of farmers in the West province of Canary which means “magicians,” the Baile de Magos takes place in the city’s timeworn town of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

In this festival, the locals are obligated to wear their traditional clothing and dance throughout the night full of music, singing, and laughter. From “Papas Arrugadas” or potato with the mojo to pastry dough “Pella de Gofio,” folks also prepare different foods to enjoy the entire night of rhythmic movements and bliss. The festival happens every second of May every year.

The Canary Islands are full of glamorous, odd, and religious festivities which make the archipelago more enticing not just for locals but especially for visitors who want to experience a day of songs, dances, and sweet treats. 

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