Venus Parkview (A Safe & Affordable Baguio Staycation)

Venus Parkview

With the lockdowns and travel bans in place, have you been dying to travel? Well, if you’re like me, I bet you are! Good thing, domestic travel is coming back.

One of the country’s top tourist destination, Baguio, has recently opened its doors to tourists. If you’re planning to visit, you might want to book Zen Room’s Venus Parkview Hotel.

Why Book Zen Room’s Venus Parkview Hotel

Why Venus?

Well, let me tell you why!

Safety Experience

In today’s current state, safety is probably your top concern. No worries. Zen Room’s Venus Parkview Hotel is very much equipped to provide you with a safe staycation.

Before entering the hotel, you’ll be asked to wash your hands on an outside booth they’ve set up. Don’t forget to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. If you don’t have a timer, you can sing the happy birthday song twice.

When you’re done, you need to fill out a health declaration form while the guard takes your temperature. After that, they’ll spray your hands with alcohol.

Venus Parkview Hotel

And you’re now allowed to enter the lobby and check in! *cue entrance song

Inside your room, you’ll find the house rules. Take note of these. It’s also stated here how many times your room will be cleaned depending on your length of stay.

All the food utensils inside the room is wrapped in plastic so you can be sure those are safe.

In case you want to dine in the hotel’s cafe and restaurant, social distancing is observed with the way the chairs are placed on each table. All servers and staff are wearing gloves, face shield and facemask, too.

When ordering, you’ll be given a piece of paper to write your orders on. All the forms inside the hotel are used only once.

Finally, if you’re checking in, be sure to observe social distancing, wear your masks at all times even when ordering food.

With all these in place, you can be sure you’ll have a safe staycation.


What makes Venus Parkview Hotel a must-book is it’s prime location. You can find it right in front of Burnham Park in the heart of the city. How awesome is that?

Say hello to early morning walks by the lake! It’s the perfect place to be if you want to stay in the central business district. Everything is just a few minutes walk away.

In-House Restaurant and Cafe

Venus Parkview Hotel is not only famous for its prime spot, but it’s also a favorite place for local residents to dine. Talk about breakfast buffets, lunch dates, and romantic dinners with a view of Burnham.

Yes, Venus Parkview Hotel’s in-house cafe and restaurant is a must-try. There’s no need to go to far to find food.

Food recommendations? Their cheesecakes, ensaymada, bistek, bulalo, and Oyan’s special tastes pretty ah-mah-ziiing!

Oh, and here’s a tip!

When planning your trip, book on Fridays to Sundays. This way, you can wake up just in time for Olive Cafe’s weekend brunch. It’s an eat-all-you can breakfast for only P229 per person! That’s available from 7AM to 12NN from Friday to Sunday.


Venus Parkview Hotel

When booking via Zen Rooms, you can choose from standard fan rooms good for 2, 4 and 6. Each room has a fan provided. To be honest, you don’t need any of the fans or air conditioners. Baguio’s cold weather is enough to freeze you.

Booking Discount

And of course! Since you’re here, I’ve got a discount just for you!

When booking on, use the code WANDERERA to get an additional 15% discount!

Requirements Before Checking In

Stay updated and follow Venus Parkview Hotel and Baguio tourism on Facebook for the latest requirements.

  • An updated info-guide can be found here.
  • An updated info-video can be viewed here.

Update as of July 5, 2021

Baguio City now accepts FULLY VACCINATED* TOURISTS with VALID CARD OR CERTIFICATE, as an alternate to a Negative COVID-19 Test Result!

But please still observe the following requirements and protocols:

  • pre-register at
  • no QTP, no entry!
  • triage is mandatory upon arrival
  • allowed for all ages but only those from GCQ and MGCQ areas
  • strictly observe health protocols while in the city

Note that full vaccination is only after 2 weeks from last dose.

For more info, read Update Entry Protocols as of July 5, 2021

For Baguio residents

Show these to Venus Parkview Hotel upon arriving.

  • Health Certificate
  • Hotel booking confirmation
  • Valid Government ID such as passport, driver’s license, SSS UMID, Postal ID, Philhealth ID, TIN, Voter’s ID, Senior Citizen ID, PWD ID.
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