6 Tips for UTE Campers to Enjoy Your Trip

ute camping tips

UTEs are the perfect types of vehicle to take you to the great outdoors where you can enjoy the activity of camping. Whether it is the sunrise you enjoy most or the campfire where people gather for storytime, camping is something that makes everyone happy.

Some people prefer camping in the mountains where cars are not going, while others are more into driving to a designated spot and setting the camp next to their vehicle. If you prefer the latter, the UTE is the ultimate best solution for it.

In this article, we share six tips to help you make a wonderful trip with your UTE. If you want to know what are the things you mustn’t forget, and what are the things to always have with you, you should keep reading, and find out everything about it.

1. Install a canopy to store everything you need

With an abundance of aluminium UTE toolboxes available on the market, you should get one for your vehicle too. There are many different toolboxes; the best one is the canopy style. Canopies are opened from each side and provide easy access inside.

This way, you can store everything you need inside these boxes. Many people even use the canopy toolbox to sleep inside. If your UTE is big enough and has a big enough rear tray, the canopy will provide enough room for you to create a mini-remote bedroom and sleep comfortably inside.

2. Always carry jerry cans in reserve

Install jerry can holders in the back or under the vehicle. Fill up jerry cans with gasoline and always have a reserve with you. This way, you can relax and enjoy yourself without worrying that you’ll ever be left without gas.

Of course, it’s best to have a precise plan and map of where all gas stations are, but things aren’t always going according to the plan made at home. That’s why the reserve of gasoline is a wise idea. You don’t have to store too much, just enough to have in case you miscalculate something. When you get to the nearest gas station, you’ll refill the cans and the tank.

3. Check your vehicle before going anywhere

Before driving off the home parking, check if the vehicle is fully ready for the challenge. When camping, you often need to go through offroad parts, making the trip dangerous for those who are not entirely ready.

Check the vehicle for any possible flaws and be sure it’s in perfect condition. If you don’t know how to do it, take it to the mechanics and let them go through it. If they find something, let them fix it and only then go to your planned trip. If they don’t find anything, you’ll be sure you’re ready to go on an adventure.

4. Know your route and get all the permits

Before going to the place you have planned, you need to find where everything is located. You first need to know the route for getting there; then, you must find out where the gas stations are, find a place where you can get fresh groceries and water, and only then start the trip.

Another thing to mind, which is crucial, is getting the permits for camping. Many countries and states across the globe will have different rules and regulations for parking and camping, so you must be sure you’re allowed to camp somewhere. Make a phone call to the local police station and ask about these things.

5. Install a power generator

A power generator will significantly change the overall experience on your camping trip. We live in modern times, and everything’s connected to a charger. Your smartphone, laptop, and even remote TV sets need electricity. You want to enjoy these in nature, so you must have a place to plug them in and recharge them.

A power generator is a perfect solution. You can store it in the toolbox or create a dedicated place in the back of the vehicle. Companies develop specialized power generator boxes that hold them and prevent damage. Don’t forget to get one on your trip.

6. Add a remote fridge in the back

The fridge is another essential item that you must have with you. Place the fridge on a special frame that holds it and allows you to tilt it when you need to pick up the top lid and get something from inside. This is the ideal solution for carrying a fridge with you.

The fridge is crucial because it holds your supplies fresh and prevents them from spoiling. Additionally, you can place your beverages, water, and everything else that needs to stay cool inside. There’s nothing more enjoyable than getting a cold beer from the fridge when you’re feeling thirsty after having a long walk in nature.

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