Travel Gifts for Men: 8 Gift Ideas for Outdoor Lovers

So, what exactly should you gift the travel-loving man in your life when you have no idea?

Travel is one of the few things that can make you truly happy. The thrill of seeing all the new places, meeting new people, and, let’s not forget, the best part– tasting new food is enough to make you swoon. No wonder some people drop everything to travel the world.

Picking a gift for a man is already hard, but if the man in your life is a travel-spirited one, choosing a gift for him can be harder. What would they even like? Something practical? Personalized? Or should you go for the safest option and hand him a ticket for a trip to Montreal?

You can do that, but that’d be just playing it safe. If you want a gift that will leave a good permanent impression, here is a list of gift ideas for men who love traveling. You can also check out Gear for Life for more ideas.

What Should You Get Them?

Before you start going through the list, try to narrow the fields down. Camping tools or fishing rods won’t interest your person if they’re more into sightseeing and experiencing cultures around the world. In that case, tickets to Boracay will be a better gift for him than the other options.

So what should you do? Try to get some idea about what your person is into. See if he prefers more practical things or needs to upgrade his travel essentials. Once you have an idea of what he prefers and needs, choosing a gift would be much easier.

Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers: 8 Gift Ideas for the Travel loving Man in Your Life

Travel Essentials

These are for you if your person has something missing in their travel essentials closet. Even if they have everything, you can still go for these, especially if they need an upgrade.

1. Level 8 Luggage & Backpack Gift Set

Any travel-savvy person knows how important good luggage is. A piece of good luggage or backpack can make packing so much easier and cut down pretty much half of the packing hassle. Of course, you’ll have to choose the right luggage (or maybe the right backpack, if that’s more of your style) to get the best benefit, but this gift set is a sure hit.

This Level 8 Luggage and backpack gift set comes with a 24″ suitcase and a Condor laptop backpack. The suitcase is very lightweight but surprisingly durable. The suitcase has a polycarbonate hard shell outer case, so you won’t have to worry about damaging it. It can stand pretty much everything you throw in its way. It also has 360-degree spinner wheels, and the inner lining is more than amazing.

The laptop bag is another nice touch. It is light, durable, and has enough space to comfortably carry your whole laptop kit. You can carry the charger, an adapter, or maybe even an extra multi-socket in this bag, and it won’t even show.

If you want something good, this combo is as delicious as it gets for packing essentials.

2. Forsake Hiking Boots

What’s a gift ideas list without a nice hiking boots cameo? Nothing, we believe. This is why we recommend the Forsake hiking boots. These boots are sturdy, lightweight, and fashionable. Your person can get comfort and style with these boots, a rare combination.

With how comfortable and functional these boots are, your person will be hiking mountains and still be on time to get ready for dinner. There are many options for Forsake hiking boots, but our favorite is the Halden boots. Strong, rugged, and breathable– you can get all three in one with the Halden boots.

Forsake Halden boots are comfortable enough for daily wear. The waterproof leather material protects his feet from everything and lets him go wherever he wants.

3. Canway Duffle Bag

Was the luggage you wanted too big? Was the backpack too small? Or did you just want something different? Whatever your reason, if you’re looking for a lighter carrying option, this duffle bag could be your best friend. This 65L duffle bag is durable and made from strong materials that can withstand travel hassles.

This Canway duffle bag has enough space to pack a small closet worthy of clothes. It has a large storage capacity, and it comes with an adjustable strap. There is a side pocket you can also utilize. 

If you’re looking for something he can use when he’s going on a short trip, this is something you can go with.

4. SkySiesta Travel Pillow

This may not be what you were expecting but hear us out. Neck pillows make a pretty good gift, especially if your person usually travels to places with a long flight time. Neck pillows help you sleep better and save you from uncomfortable sleeping positions. Bonus point if the pillows have added support.

Neck pillows come in all price ranges, so there’s a rule of thumb here. Usually, the higher the price is, the more luxurious your pillow will be. Plus, some pillows come with added features like Bluetooth speakers.

The SkySiesta pillows are one of the best neck pillows for traveling. They’re comfortable and have extra support for your neck. The pillow also has ties in the front, so you won’t have to worry about it moving away while sleeping.

If you’re looking for something your person can carry around for his shorter trips, the SkySiesta neck pillow is a good option.

Electronics and Other Gadgets

If essentials aren’t your thing, go for an electronic gadget your person can use while he’s on the road. Electronic gifts have more options, and they’re easier to choose from. If you know your person loves a good electronic gadget or you’re someone who gets confused easily, go for one of these gadgets.

5. Nalgene self-filtering bottle

Hydration comes before everything. Proper hydration can save you from a bunch of other problems when you’re traveling. Unfortunately, getting fresh and clean water isn’t always guaranteed when traveling worldwide. This is why this self-filtering bottle makes a very good gift.

Nalgene’s self-filtering water bottle uses depth and adsorption to filter the water. It has an activated coconut carbon-fiber mesh surface that helps it remove harmful particles from water with adsorption. This filter directly absorbs particles like cysts, heavy metals, or dust particles. The 6mm, thick depth filtration helps it remove any particle that may have escaped the coconut mesh.

This self-filtering water bottle uses natural elements for filtering, which is an added bonus. If you want something practical and necessary, this is a good option.

6. Power Bank with Passport holder

Everyone knows how annoying it is to have your phone battery die on you. This is extra annoying when you’re traveling, and you need your phone with you for pretty much everything. You may not always have a charging outlet near you, or even if you do, it may need a different adapter to connect.

What do you do to cut the hassle? You get a power bank. But not just any power bank, no. Get something like this unique power bank that can also work as a passport holder.

This Adventure Port is an ultra-slim phone charger. It has a 5000 mAh battery snugly fits inside a passport holding cover. Unlike other regular power banks, this isn’t heavy or takes up a lot of space. You can easily carry it around with your passport and get going whenever your phone’s battery runs out of charge.

7. Epicka universal power adapter

Outlet issues are common for people who travel to different countries (and continents) a lot. Sometimes different countries have different outlet systems and layouts, making using them harder. This is because cables aren’t made with a universal approach in mind. Imagine going somewhere and realizing you won’t be able to charge your phone because they have a different style of a power outlet.

This is why a good universal power adapter is necessary, like this Epicka power adapter. This may not be the nicest and biggest gift ever, but it is very practical. The adapter comes with 4 USB ports, two US-style outlets, one UK-style outlet, and an AUS-style outlet. You won’t have to worry about electric outlets with the epic adapter wherever you go.

Personalized and Lighthearted Gifts

Not everything has to be practical or something your person will use constantly. Sometimes a little personal touch or a little goofiness is nice. If you want something more of a lighthearted gift, these can be good options for you.

8. Personalized decks of Cards

Is your person big on card games? If their adventurous selves are, this can be an interesting gift option. You can personalize a deck of cards with their travel photos and give it to them. Not the biggest of the bunch, but it has a little personal touch and goofiness. This makes it the perfect gift for the man in your life.

There are loads of Etsy shops that can get this done for you. All you’ll need is your favorite photos, and the job is half done.


Choosing a gift for the adventurous and travel-loving man in your life can be a little hard, but it becomes easier if you know what they like. Even if you don’t, this list is a “never-miss-the-spot” list of travel gifts for men. You can pick any option and just go with it without worrying whether your person will like it.

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