8 Best Things To Do In Eastern Canada

things to do in eastern canada

Guest Post by Emma of Emma’s Roadmap

Canada is a massive country and even Eastern Canada is so big (and the distances are so large) that you’ll definitely want to visit the area multiple times!

However, if you’re thinking about visiting the area, you’ll obviously want to know where you should be. In this post, I’ll give you information about the most beautiful hotspots you should see on your visit to Eastern Canada!

Visit Quebec City in winter

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This lovely city is located on the Saint-Lawrence river and definitely the cutest city you’ll find in Canada! Although you can’t compare Quebec City with Montréal or Toronto, it’s the most European-like city you can find in Canada! 

I definitely recommend visiting Quebec City in winter because during this season the city is just a picture-perfect! You’ll see ice floating over the Saint-Lawrence river and you can warm up at the German Christmas Market! However, if you visit in winter, be aware of the low temperatures! I recommend visiting in December (beginning of winter) or March (end of winter).

When you’re in Quebec City you should definitely take a walk through the Basse-Ville, take the Funiculaire up to the Haute Ville and enjoy the view, and visit the museum of civilization (and more specifically their exposition about the First Nations of Canada). Of course, there’s even a lot more to visit in Quebec City!

Go see the Niagara Falls

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You definitely cannot miss this wonder of nature on your trip to Canada! 

The Niagara falls really are majestic and seeing the water coming down is just incredible! Although it’s a very touristic spot, it’s certainly worth a stop, perfect if you want to make this a day trip! 

Top activities include booking a ticket for the boats that go near the waterfall, watching the water come down at the edge or visiting the caves under the falls!

You can definitely do nothing wrong with these top activities! If you’re travelling on a budget, bring lunch with you, because – as usual in highly touristic regions – you’ll pay a lot for everything!

Explore Canadian nature at Algonquin Provincial Park

If you don’t want to go too far from civilization, Algonquin Provincial Park is within perfect reach! The best thing to do is to rent a car, drive there, and get a Daily Vehicle Permit for only 18 CAD. The activities you can do in the park are almost endless and go from camping to dog sledding in winter!

If you love nature, you cannot miss this beautiful place!

Visit the CN Tower in Toronto

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The one top thing you absolutely cannot miss in Canada is climbing the CN Tower in Toronto. As Canada’s largest city, it’s definitely a top destination with the highlight as going up the CN Tower! Although tickets might be pricey, it’s worth it to buy a ticket to the Skypod, which is slightly more expensive than the regular ticket but gives you an even more amazing view over the city away from the crowd!

In the tower, there is a budget restaurant available as well as a very high-priced restaurant. The latter is actually rotating while you eat, so guests would see all different sides of Toronto!

Other top activities in Toronto include: visiting Toronto Islands, the Royal Ontario Museum (definitely recommended!), Casa Loma, the Hockey Hall of Fame, and many more!

Climb the Mont-Royal in Montréal!

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The city of Montréal is a modern mix between French and English Canada. Although the city is technically French-speaking, you don’t have to worry that they won’t understand you because most people are bilingual. 

What you should absolutely do when you visit Montréal is climbing its Mont-Royal! A little walk up the hill will give you an insane view over the city of Montréal. While you enjoy the view, don’t be surprised if you see someone staring back at you!

Other top activities in Montréal include visiting the oldest part of the city and the Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal. The latter is one of the most amazing basilicas you’ll ever see in your life and through a guided tour you’ll get to know more about Montréal’s history.

Cruise the Thousand Islands

Located at the border of the United States, Canada’s Thousand Islands are a wonder of nature. At the point where the Saint-Lawrence river flows into Lake Ontario, there are approximately 1700 little islands located!

You can visit some of the islands while others are private property. The best way to make your way through it is by booking a cruise! There are a lot of companies offering such cruises and I would recommend (if you book one) to make sure you can watch the sun go down into the water! Nothing is more beautiful than that!

Visit Kingston’s Old Penitentiary

Kingston is one of the smaller cities in the region, but nonetheless worth a visit, even if you’re only coming to visit the Thousand Islands!

Kingston is a real university city where the prestigious Queen’s University is located! This town literally lives on students but has a lot of history as well! The most interesting place definitely is Kingston’s Old Penitentiary.

Although the prison does not house any prisoners anymore, the old guards are still there to tell you about all the horror stories from the prisoners who used to live there. You can take a standard (1.5h) or an extended tour (2.5h) to visit this interesting place.

Other interesting places in Kingston include the city hall, Wolfe Island and many more!

Visit Parliament Hill in Ottawa

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If you’re interested in Canada as a country, I certainly recommend visiting the Canadian House of Commons and Senate in its capital Ottawa! Tours of the two buildings are currently offered for free and both buildings are quite majestic to visit!

During the tours, you’ll learn about the government structure and how it’s still related to the English monarchy. Moreover, an overenthusiastic guide will certainly answer all your questions!

Other interesting things to visit in Ottawa include Byward Market, the Rideau Canal, and many more!

So are you ready to discover Eastern Canada?

By now, you should have gained enough inspiration for your next trip to Eastern Canada. Whether you’ll be visiting the Niagara Falls, Toronto or Quebec, you’ll have a great time!

I hope you’ll enjoy your trip to this beautiful country and be able to enjoy it to the fullest!

For more inspiration about Canada, you can always visit my blog, Emma’s Roadmap!

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As a Belgian student, Emma is on a mission to travel full-time. After living in Canada for some time she shares all her adventures, city trips, and travel tips on her blog, Emma’s Roadmap, and on Instagram!

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