Safest Destinations For Solo Female Travelers (5)

10 Safest Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Exciting, empowering, and challenging- these are what solo female travelers experience in their life!

However, safety is typically a top concern for a solo female travelers when planning a trip. And, if you are not sure where to start, scroll down and keep reading.

We have rounded the safest places in the world for women who want to go on an epic journey. These places are excellent in terms of gender equality and women’s safety. Moreover, they offer fascinating natural beauty and modern-day facilities. For more info on solo travel ideas and helpful pieces of travel advice, check out the best travel blogs for women.

Want to travel solo, but don’t know where to go? Here are some of the best places for solo female travelers!


Iceland is in the top position when it comes to the safest places in the world. It is number one on the Global Peace Index. The country has very low crime rates and qualitative medical care that makes it one of the best destinations to explore.

Iceland is well-known for its active volcanoes and stunning glaciers. Plan your trip from February to March or September to October to experience the best journey at ‘The Land of Ice and Fire.’


Popular for its adventure and scenery, Thailand has everything that can make your travel awesome. Whether you are a beach person or a shopaholic, this country offers the best floating markets, unrivalled beaches, and much more!

And the best part? You can get the best street food for just $1. Don’t worry about safety, Thailand is incredibly safe and there are so many things to explore and enjoy.


Canada has always been a favorite for solo travelers because of its safety and solid women’s right record. This is an outstanding place where you can dip your toe into international solo travel.

 Enjoy the diverse range of scenery! You can visit the Arctic Baffin Island, the magical Great Bear Rainforest, and so much more. Not only that but the Gothic architecture, cheesy dishes, and friendly people allow you to make numerous unforgettable memories.


If you are a nature lover, Austria should be your favorite choice. This place has many rivers and lakes. The famous Danube river flowing through the city takes your experience to the next level.  

Visit Austria from April to May or September to October and soak in the beauty of its natural lakes and rivers.


The list would be incomplete without Japan. This nation has everything from hiking trails, cuisines, and UNESCO sites.

No doubt, the language barrier might feel a little daunting when you start your journey. But the country’s efficient transport system is quite easy to navigate and the low crime rate ensures you about safety. 

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An awesome solo travel destination, Netherlands offers a variety of things to explore. Start by going through the picturesque windmills and riding your bike down winding cycling routes.

You’ll also have a really great time at the Venice of the North in Amsterdam. Don’t forget to spend some time exploring the amazing art galleries!

Besides, the Netherlands has become one of the best countries to visit because of their gender and income equality, safety, and human rights.

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One of the best places to visit for solo female travelers is the Philippines. People love to visit the Philippines not just for safety purposes but for volunteer opportunities and friendly locals.

Its whopping 7,641 islands would take you more than one lifetime to explore. But we assure you that you’ll surely fall in love with the rich Spanish-influenced cuisine and beautiful landscapes.

From the white sandy beaches of Palawan to the lush and rice terraces in Ifugao, the Philippines has so much more to offer.

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New Zealand

If you love adventure, you’re going to love New Zealand. Engage in tons of adventurous activities and tours, go on a Lord of the Rings tour and witness the nature of beauty.

Known as a country with otherworldly landscapes, New Zealand is made of two main islands that boast various kinds of scenery.

On the North Island, you can explore colourful lakes, paradise beaches, and active volcanoes. While on the South Island, you get snowy peaks, glaciers, and open oceans. Be sure to explore both islands for the best time in New Zealand.


Switzerland is among the best places in the world for solo female travelers. The country is famous for its cultural diversity, beautiful natural attractions, and cosmopolitan landscapes.

When it comes to safety, Switzerland holds the seventh position according to the Global Peace Index.  

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Finland is considered as the ideal destination for nature lovers. It has Lemmenjoki Park, the largest wooded reserve in Europe and many other wild areas. In fact, the country even has the greatest number of lakes in Europe!

Finland is first when it comes to safety according to the World Economic Forum in their Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Reports. This makes it one of the safest countries for solo female travelers.

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Final Thoughts

And that’s it for the safest countries to visit for solo female travelers. Sure, there are many more… but these places are the best. It does not mean that these places are 100% safe but according to research and review, they are much safer and better than others. 

Now, over to you!

We’d love to hear from you! Which place do you find the most interesting? Let us know in the comments below!

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