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Road Trip Packing List: A Checklist of Gadgets & Accessories

Summer is not only sunny, warm and joyful, finally! After all, it is in summer that the long-awaited moment comes for everyone who has worked courageously for a whole year – it’s time for vacations! And now, when the economic and political situation, frankly, is favorable, one of the most priority areas is car travel across the expanses of the country. That’s why we decided to talk about it separately.

We will help you quickly and efficiently prepare for the trip, think through all the details and not forget anything. Let’s start with a question that worries every motorist without exception – what to take on a trip by car so as not to need anything and at the same time not to overload the car?

Based on our own experience, we have developed a checklist for you and divided it into categories: “gadgets”, “tools and security”, “luggage organization”, “useful accessories”, “kids”.

In addition to the “basic” items, without which it is at least unreasonable to go on a trip, we have added a list of additional “devices” that make life much easier for the driver and passengers. In a word, be guided by your needs and preferences, as well as by the dimensions of the luggage space.

Have a nice trip – and good roads!

What To Take on a Trip by Car – Gadgets

The “gadgets” section contains auto electronic devices that will “help out” in a difficult situation, help you feel confident on the road and plan your route competently.

A basic level of:

  • navigator – your personal guide through an unfamiliar area;
  • video recorder – a reliable witness of the traffic situation and insurance against force majeure;
  • radar detector – an impartial prompter that scrupulously monitors your safety (and the integrity of your wallet);
  • car electronics for batteries – chargers and start-up chargers, lighting cables, additional external batteries – from the variety of gadgets, choose the most versatile one, which, along with a first aid kit, should always be at hand (not only during a long trip).
  • cigarette lighter splitter and extension cord – for simultaneous connection of several devices, most importantly head flashlights;
  • travel adapter and inverter – for universal charging of a mobile phone, laptop, tablet, video camera, lighting devices, power tools, etc.;
  • other auto gadgets – air ionizer, road hair dryer, car heater, FM transmitter, etc.

What To Take on a Road Trip – Tools and Safety

The minimum set of tools should always be in your trunk. When going on a road trip, check its availability and, if necessary, add the following useful items:

  • a mandatory set of a motorist – a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, an emergency stop sign;
  • a set of tools – a set of keys, heads, ratchets, screwdrivers and other devices that are indispensable in the event of any breakdown;
  • compressor / pump and jack are integral “components” of a motorist’s emergency kit, without which even a flat tire risks becoming a serious problem;
  • a winch is a universal assistant on any road.

What To Take on a Road Trip – Luggage Organization

In no case do not neglect the organizers that help to optimize and organize your luggage – in addition to the obvious convenience, these devices will help you quickly find the thing you need and save precious minutes in an emergency.

A basic level of:

  • car organizer – for the trunk, interior, universal and highly specialized – with them in the car there will always be order, no matter how long and unpredictable your path is;
  • mesh for trunks – securely fix things and keep even the most fragile items intact;
  • other devices for securing cargo – elastic bands, belts, bags, folders, allowing you to arrange things as conveniently and compactly as possible and, if necessary, quickly get them.
  • roof rack and roof racks – from additional luggage space to carrying equipment, bicycles, etc;
  • towbar – for those who have to travel with a trailer;
  • protective capes on the seats – to keep the cabin clean even in difficult road conditions;
  • bags for pets – if you are planning a trip with a pet, but do not want to change the interior upholstery upon your return.

What To Take on a Road Trip – Useful Accessories

A basic level of:

  • universal holders – will help you comfortably and safely fix the navigator, tablet and other devices;
  • cooler bags are a great alternative to finding a suitable (and safe!) roadside cafe;
  • flavors – neutralize odors and create a comfortable atmosphere on the road;
  • sun blinds – help protect the interior from overheating on the sunniest days;

What To Take on a Trip by Car – For Children

If you are traveling with children, you need to be prepared for any unforeseen situation and pay special attention to the safety and comfort of small passengers.

  • car seats – mandatory for transporting children under 12 years old at any distance: whether it’s a long road trip or a trip to a nearby store “around the corner”;
  • capes and covers – will help to “save” the upholstery from dirty shoes, playful hands and the consequences of snacking;
  • a baby food warmer – an indispensable device if you have gone on a trip with still very tiny passengers.
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