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5 Best Beach Resorts in Quezon to Book

best beach resorts in Quezon
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Some resort accommodations are forgettable—good food, standard sheets, and a typical beachfront location. But some, you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Quezon Province is blessed with the most pristine white sands you could ever imagine. It’s undoubtedly home to some of the most beautiful beach resorts in the Philippines.

So what do these Quezon beach resorts have in common? Firstly, each of them has truly earned their place. Every alternative has been tried and tested. Secondly, each of these resorts offers something remarkable- be its exceptional service, beautiful location, or facilities, unique style, or romance.

But above everything else, these Quezon beach resorts will indeed affect you profoundly. We present to you the best beach resorts in Quezon Province for the perfect summer full of sunlight and relaxation.

How we picked the best beach resorts in Quezon? We choose the ones with the highest reviews on the top booking sites.

Dona Choleng Camping Resort – Cagbalete Island

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This beach resort seems to be created exclusively for those who have a deep love for the simplicity of provincial life. This spectacular resort is located right on the beautiful beach, and it has drawn a lot of attention for its unique resort rooms and huts.

The rooms feature a splendid “Kubo-inspired” design that significantly contributes to the resort’s efforts to preserve the Filipino culture. The resort truly captivates travelers who are looking for a friendly and minimalistic site to stay.

Fully air-conditioned guest glass rooms, classic contemporary decorations, well-lit interiors, seaside view, and bathrooms complete with toiletries are some of the amenities for the guests.

The recreational activities in the resort include kayaking, banana boat, speed boat, snorkeling, picnic, volleyball, and camping activities to give their guests the perfect piece of vacation.

Campers can set up tents along the beachfront for a perfect seaside view. Bonfire at night will also complete the camping experience with your family or friends. During the day, campers can visit Cagbalete Island. Then they can head to the Bonsai Island- where they will witness the century-old bonsai plants.

There’s just so much to do here- a day will not be enough to enjoy all the activities in the resort.

Location: Cagbalete Island, Mauban, 4330 Quezon

Silangang Nayon Park and Restaurant

You can get away from the crowds and rush of the city in this place. Located in Pagbilao Quezon, Silangang Nayon is just a few minutes from the center of Pagbilao Quezon. The resort highlights its waterfront dining experience- where guests can eat while enjoying the breeze coming from the Tayabas Bay.

Aside from the beautiful seaside restaurant, the Silangang Nayon Park and Restaurant also has a wildlife zoo and a playground where kids can walk through and play.

Some recreational activities you can enjoy in the resort during your stay includes island hopping, snorkeling, picnic, and you can also visit the nearby sandbar called “Balubag-baboy” during the sunset for an Instagram-worthy photo!

The resort offers full spacious accommodation for an unforgettable holiday stay. Silangangang Nayon provides rooms with a pool view, seaside view, and garden view. All rates cover all-inclusive package amenities like flat-tv screens, AC, cabinets, hot and cold shower, toiletries, complimentary breakfast, pool access, hot and cold shower, and basic shower necessities.

The Silangang Nayon Park and Restaurant is your top choice if you’re incorporating sustainability into your lifestyle because they advocate the environment. They also convey support to its local community and help push eco-friendly practices to maintain the area’s beauty.

Location: Brgy. Bantigue Pagbilao Quezon, Pagbilao, 4302

Aquazul Hotel and Resort

Image: Aquazul Agoda

Aquazul, located conveniently at the beautiful island of “Cagbalete” in Mauban Quezon, has a luxurious class of its own when it comes to accommodations. Though it’s a great home base for exploring the local sites and adventure activities, this resort has an almost Rural vibe.

From the views to the color scheme and design choices to their villa rooms overlooking the picturesque view of the sea, this is a place of rest, relaxation, and adventure.

The hotel and resort contain 56 rooms lavishly decorated per night. The room starts at 4,500 pesos. Each air-conditioned room includes a king-sized bed, basic room amenities, a balcony with an ocean/ resort view, and breakfast for two persons.

The resort presents various programs to keep the whole family busy like glass boat viewing, kayak, volleyball, snorkeling, just on and on. Plus, the resort has an in-house restaurant, indoor and outdoor pool, karaoke, and a picnic area- all family members will enjoy.

While you’re in Mauban Quezon, visit the Mangroves of Yang-in white beach, Cagbalete Island’s Rock formations, and the famous Rizal Hill for a complete experience of the beauty of Mauban Quezon. Guests in Aquazul would indeed find plenty to do year-round, whether they’re seeking relaxation or adventure.

Location: Mauban, Quezon

Blue Pavilion Beach Resort

Image: Blue Pavilion Agoda
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Blue Pavilion is a beach resort that makes an impression. Its spectacular sunsets will surely take your breath away! This Quezon beach resort endeavors to provide what it describes as

simple relaxation and adventure. From the food to the beautiful views, one of the big selling points of Blue Pavilion Beach Resort is its abundance of recreational activities: table tennis or frisbees, volleyball, basketball, billiards, badminton, sea scooter, all-terrain ATV, indoor games, and nightly bonfire.

Blue Pavilion is the resort for the masses- as it gives the most affordable entrance rate at 250 pesos/person. Their deluxe rooms are also considerably cheaper than other resorts and can sleep up to 6 persons.

If you visit together with a large group of friends, you can fit either in their dorm room, which has four single-size beds, or double-deck beds that can fit up to 8 people. Day-trippers can hire open cabanas equipped with grilling areas and long tables to seat up to 10 people—all of these at a fair price.

Some past visitors commended the resort for being pet-friendly. They also said the place is clean, the staff are very accommodating, and the sunsets are surreal!

Location: KM. 6 Brgy, Infanta

Golden Vine Beach Resort


There are all-inclusive family options in Dinahican, Infanta, and we’d like to highlight a great option- the Golden Vine Beach Resort. The resort is a 3-hour drive from Metro Manila and is a perfect spot for a weekend getaway for the whole family and beach enthusiasts.

Guests will surely enjoy water sports as the waves are perfect for Pacific Coast Surfing! Golden Vine Beach Resort beautiful hectares of landscapes and water surrounding it, which is s perfect for pictorial and blogging. The resort also has recreational activities like volleyball, billiards, and ping pong for the sporty family members.

Their standard rate covers a cabana or an 8-bed private dorm with bunk beds/ single beds that can accommodate up to 4 pax, complimentary breakfast, swimming at one outdoor pool, and access to BBQ facilities. Their cottages start at 1,000 pesos, and their beautiful hybrid Kubo at 4,200 pesos, complete with room amenities.

Location: Golden Vine Beach Resort, Purok Boundary, Dinahican, Infanta, Quezon Province

These are the best options for people who like many activities- as there are lots of fun things to do in these resorts. For the family and friends who want to cram as many beach adventures as possible into a single vacation, there’s no better spot than the beach resorts in Quezon! So, which resort did you like the most?

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