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Popular Campervan Spots in Europe

7 Popular Campervan Spots in Europe

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One of the best things about the experience of travelling across Europe is being able to tick off a large number of countries on the continent in a single trip.

If you plan well enough, you can take in the sights and sounds of dozens of European hot spots over the course of a summer, and when you have the added freedom of a campervan to take you from place to place, the world is quite literally your oyster!

Of course, some countries and regions are more suited to campervan holidays than others, so to help you plan your own trip across the continent, here are seven of the more popular campervan spots in Europe!

Three Cliffs Bay, Wales

Three Cliffs is on the Gower Peninsula, a stunning area of Wales that boasts some of the United Kingdom’s most beautiful beaches. There are camps to stay from where you can set off on the Gower Coastal Path or just enjoy the sun, sea and sand.

Southern Brittany, France

Southern Brittany has some beautifully lush forest and rivers that make a wonderful setting for a campervan trip. There are also some fabulous beaches in Brittany and tis region is known for its great food and drink.

Playa Montroig, Tarragona, Spain

This is a scenic seaside town along the sun-drenched Costa Dorada that might make the perfect spot for campervan drivers who also love ancient history. The town of Tarragona dates back to the Roman times and has lots of stories to tell.

Natterer See, Austria

Few countries can boast mountain landscapes with lakes as beautiful as Austria. At this location you can drive up, camp up, and sleep under the stars that are so unobstructed you will think you are in space yourself!

Calgary Beach, Isle of Mull, Scotland

This is a free camping spot that really showcases the best of wild Scotland. If your campervan is equipped for remote locations, then Calgary Beach is a once in a lifetime kind of holiday experience.

Bovec, Slovenia

Bovec is an 800-year old town near where the Soca River meets the Koritnica River. The landscape is dramatic and looks like it has jumped straight out of a fairytale. The Bovec Valley is very popular with campers who love water sports.

Cote d’Azur, France

Any trip to the South of France is a magical one, and when you have the freedom and independence of a campervan, so many places along the coast are perfect for having a quintessential Cote d’Azur experience on a pleasing budget. Sun, wine, beautiful beaches … what more could you want!?

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