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Tips on How to Plan an Affordable Luxury Vacation

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It gets tiring to scroll through Instagram stories of people enjoying luxury vacations over the holidays, wishing you had the bank balance or budget to do the same. But what if we told you that it is possible to plan a luxury vacation on a budget? It may sound too good to be true, but we are here to tell you that with the right planning and vision, you can enjoy a luxurious vacation away from the everyday bustles of life and enjoy your well-deserved trip. 

Of course, it goes without saying that a budget can differ for everyone. Plus, every person has a different vision or idea associated with luxury vacations. But we are here to give you tips that can help you align your budget and standard of luxury to ensure you plan a trip you always remember. These tips are:

1. Make and stick to a budget 

When you make a budget for your vacation, consider the significant travel expenses first, such as lodging and airfare, and smaller expenses for your activities, dining, shopping, and souvenirs. Apart from that, separate some money as your emergency fund from the budget you make to account for any unforeseen costs you have to bear. Once you lay down these expenses, consider how you can cut down on them. 

You could even take a luxury trip within your home country. If you’re looking to escape the summer heat, take a trip to Tennessee and consider staying at Pigeon Forge to enjoy your break and visit the Great Smoky Mountains. You could spend the money saved on travel expenses to book luxurious places to stay in Pigeon Forge

Every person has different priorities and hence, a different definition of a luxury vacation. For example, some want to splurge on activities while others may want a luxury stay. Therefore, decide what matters to you the most, and divide your budget accordingly. 

Apart from prioritizing what matters to you, it would be best if you also decided what is unimportant for you on vacation. For example, some people don’t like spending too much money on food and bars. In that case, setting up a minimum budget that won’t give you a fine dining experience but will still suffice should free up more budget for your priorities. 

3. Visit during the off-season

The easiest way to enjoy a luxury vacation on a budget is to visit your dream destination during the off-season. For example, the coming fall will be an off-season for many beach spots since people prefer visiting during the summer.

Even though the weather may not be as suitable as you would like, the pre-booked rate and the lowest prices accompanied with all the luxurious amenities will make the trip worth it. Therefore, visit during the off-season to enjoy flexible rates and better facilities without having to bear a crowd. It will also give you the liberty to splurge on the things you want to enjoy. 

4. Stay outside the popular neighborhoods 

Every vacation spot has at least one neighborhood that is the tourist hub. It may center all the luxury resorts or hotels, finest sights, shopping complexes, etc. But you can have an equally luxurious experience while staying within a budget if you opt for a less-known neighborhood.

For example, if you are traveling to Turkey, then opt to stay in the old city or the Asian side of Istanbul and find suitable lodging there. That way, you may get good deals without sacrificing comfort and luxury. 

5. Mix budget and luxury on the same trip 

If you’re vacationing for a week, all the days of the week don’t necessarily have to include a luxurious experience, especially on days when you are more concerned with sightseeing or different activities. For this reason, it is always wise to mix it up while on your trip to save money and have a good experience at the same time.

Opt for checking into a luxurious hotel on the day you arrive at the destination so you can enjoy the amenities and benefits as you rest and eliminate your travel exhaustion. A 24-hour stay at such a hotel would suffice. Then move on to a more affordable lodging as you participate in all the activities or go sightseeing.

To finish the tour, you can stay at a resort or spa to freshen up before traveling back home. The limited experience mixed with something more budget-friendly will make your overall trip a great experience. 

6. Jump on the deals and sales 

If you’re planning an affordable luxury vacation, always remember that deals and sales are your best friend. Subscribe to different platforms that alert its members of any deals and discounts available. You may find fantastic airfares, vacation packages, lodging discounts, and even food coupons you can use when traveling.

Moreover, sign up for award sales for different airlines and resorts and keep your notifications open to promotions and value deals to find the best deals to help you have a luxury vacation on a budget. 

7. Start saving now 

If you are concerned about your budget, start putting some money in your monthly holiday savings. Dedicate a specific percentage or part to it to ensure that it doesn’t disrupt your regular expenses, but you are still saving up money every month.

For example, if you have investment dividends or are selling something online, dedicate the sale of one specific product or investment returns for your holiday funds. Even if it seems insignificant at first, you will be able to add in more money from your regular budget when the time comes. With the added saving, you can have a pretty good vacation. 


What is life without a little enjoyment every now and again? So don’t feel you have to reach a certain status or earn a specific amount every year to deserve a vacation.

A short vacation or a tour can refresh your mind and soul and allow you to explore the wonders of other cultures. For this reason, follow these tips to plan a luxury vacation at your dream spot without breaking your bank. 

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