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10 Best Places to Visit in Sydney You Shouldn’t Miss

If you have finally decided to visit Australia, but you don’t have enough time to explore it thoroughly, you should at least visit the two biggest and most popular cities in Australia, Sydney, and Melbourne.

I wholeheartedly recommend visiting Melbourne for at least two days before jumping to Sydney for the best Australian holiday. You can find some great Melbourne hotel packages in the CBD area and explore the nearby amenities.  

With Sydney awaiting for you about an hour flight-time away from Melbourne, you are about to begin a wonderful journey. Sydney is a vibrant, buzzing, and urban city that is awe-inspiring. What is most notable about Sydney is all the diversities that fuse in such a unique city. 

Australia is a country that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Though being wast, and each part being equally attractive for tourists, one should make a good travel plan to experience Austalia properly even in a short period.

However, Sydney is a destination that should come first on the list, if one is not able to make a long enough stay in Australia.

Therefore, here are some of the most notable places you shouldn’t miss when visiting and exploring Sydney! 

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Sydney Harbour Bridge

The famous Harbour Bridge is one of the first places to visit. This steel through arch bridge connects the central business district of Sydney with the North Shore and is passed by pedestrians, bikes, cars, and rail every day.

It’s known for its marvelous overlook to the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour, mostly found on images online and postcards. But, you don’t only have to admire its beauty you can climb it.

There are guided tours available that can take you way up to experience the legendary view.

Darling Harbour

Another site to visit is Darling Harbour. Here you can find amazing museums, great entertainment, fascinating wildlife, and a lot of cafés, restaurants, fashion stores, and nightclubs. Indeed, there’s something for everyone.

There are some excellent small wedding venues if, of course, you are one of the many visiting Australia to have the perfect romantic getaway and an unusual, intimate wedding to remember! Fun and unforgettable moments are guaranteed!

Sydney Opera House

If you don’t visit the Sydney Opera House it’s like you’ve never visited Australia at all. You can take one of the guided tours that take you throughout the entire building or see a show.

And, don’t forget to document your visit there by taking photos of the building and, of course, selfies for your profile!

Circular Quay

The “gateway to Sydney” as it is commonly referred to, Circular Quay is the heart of Sydney city. Hosting the international port, the main bus and train station, this buzzing place is connecting Sydney’s most popular districts and it’s always busy with tourists admiring the views of the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and is a common location for viewing Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks.

This former working port, today is a public piazza and tourism precinct, heritage area, and transport node consisted of many walkways, pedestrian malls, restaurants and parks. Almost every tourist will intentionally or unintentionally pass through Circular Quay and feel the true Sydney spirits.

However, as with most popular destinations in the world, at this very busy part of the city beware and protect yourself from the pickpockets that tend to victimize distracted tourists on their walkarounds.

Royal Botanic Gardens

When you feel like getting away from the city, you can go to the Royal Botanic Gardens. And, you know what? You don’t even have to leave the city to enjoy the enchanting nature and peace in these gardens because it’s located nearby the busy central business district.

Here, you can learn more about the Australian plant life, take a train tour around the gardens, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, and have the most romantic picnic with your loved one. 

Taronga Zoo

Another city escape destination you should visit is the well-known Taronga Zoo. It’s the largest zoo in Australia and close to Sydney Harbour. This zoo is home to over 4000 animals of 350 different species.

Apart from seeing and enjoying the company of thousands of animals, you can also buy a souvenir in the zoo shop and have a cup of coffee in the caféteria inside the zoo.

The Rocks

While exploring the city, don’t forget to go to The Rocks. It’s a neighborhood and historic area located on the southern shore of the Sydney Harbour. Considered the birthplace of modern Sydney, this iconic place is full of historic buildings, home to one of the oldest pubs in Australia, markets, galleries, museums, and cobbled laneways.

The best way to explore The Rocks is on foot but you can also take a guided walking tour.

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Queen Victoria Building

The famous Queen Victoria Building, a.k.a. QVB is a market that features over 180 fashion boutiques, jewelry shops, homeware shops, restaurants, and cafés.

With its incredible architecture and stained glass windows, as well as a rich history, it’s one of the must-visit places in Sydney. If by any chance, you visit Sydney during Christmas, you will find a gigantic Christmas tree in the central dome of the building that looks amazing!

Bondi Beach

And, of course, you wouldn’t be on a vacation if you don’t spend your days carelessly lying on one of the most spectacular beaches in Sydney. There are a lot of great beaches close to the city where you can enjoy your days, however, Bondi Beach is the one you cannot miss.

Known for its white sands, the Icebergs ocean pool, cafes, and pubs, it’s a place you have to see and experience the real Australian vibe. 

Cockatoo Island

The last place you shouldn’t miss when visiting Sydney is Cockatoo Island. Located in the center of Sydney Harbour, this island is only a short ferry ride from the central business district.

There you can find a camping site, picnic spots, heritage accommodation, and a few cafes. And, let’s not forget, it offers a panoramic view of the Sydney Harbour. Enjoy the view and the feels!

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