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Kenya Travel Guide for the First-Time Visitors


Kenya is a country where you can enjoy urban life, but if you take few steps further outside of the city, you can visit one of the most diverse parks in terms of animals: The Nairobi National Park. There are cities like Nairobi where the jungle meets the skyscrapers and the wild animals are at the gates. 

There are also cities like Kisumu where you can enjoy beautiful landscapes and beaches. There are really plenty of choices, and through them, you will fall in love with Kenya!

The main reason why people visit Kenya is its parks and wildlife. You can visit around 52 parks in your itinerary. The mythical Masai Mara and the Mara River, the wonderful Amboseli National Park, where you can spectate elephants in their natural habitat, Lake Nakuru Park, where alongside leopards and hippos, lives a huge colony of pink flamingos, and so much more!

The variety of landscapes and activities you can engage in is simply striking. They draw more than 2 million visitors every year. If you plan a visit to Kenya, get your visa ready and embark on what will become one of the best experience in your life. 

Luckily, visa to Kenya can be easily obtained online! All you have to do is use your phone, laptop, or any other device with an internet connection and visit https://www.evisa-kenya.com/. Fill the application form, cover the fees, and wait for the approved Kenya e-Visa to arrive at your email address.

All applications are processed within a maximum of 72 hours and the entry permit is delivered in the form of a PDF file

Make sure to submit your application at least 3 business days in advance of your trip and while in Kenya, try the following activities:

Visit the National Parks

As we have mentioned earlier, there are around 52 parks scattered around the country. Aside from the ones above, here are other honorable mentions:

Tsavo East National Park, Taita

Being one of the largest parks in Kenya, The Tsavo National Park is a sight to see. Built-in the 1940s, the park has a variety of wildlife, including buffaloes and lions.

While in Tsavo Park, you can pay a visit to the magnificent Lugard falls and rapids of the Glana River. They can be accessed when following a track from the park.

Aberdare National Park, Nyeri

Standing at 4000 meters above the sea level, Aberdare is one of the most forested parks in Kenya. The lush greens you can see are due to the heavy rain that falls on the park. 

You will be able to observe tall trees and wildlife in abundance. You can also visit the Karuru and Guara falls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Kenya.

Tsavo West National Park, Coast Province

Compared with the eastern part of the country, which is considered dry and savannah-like, the western part of Kenya and especially the area around Tsavo West national park is the country’s greenest part.

If you want to see the Kenyan landscapes’ beauty, this park has so much to offer. Wildlife is also present. You can see leopards, elephants, rhinos, and so much more. 

Best Foods to Try in Kenya

It would not be a fun trip if you do not try the Kenyan foods; here are some of the most delicious dishes to try while in Kenya:


When you visit Nairobi, make sure to try mukimo. It is indeed a must! It comes directly from the Kikuyu tribe, a Bantu ethnic group native to Central Kenya.

It’s a mashed potato-based dish with various ingredients like corn, peas, and spinach, which makes the dish both delicious and nutritious. It is best served as an accompaniment to any meat stew.

Kenyan Pilau

Pilau is another delicious dish to try in Kenya. It is a combination of cooked rice with different spices such as cumin, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves.

Rice is generally a very filling dish and fragrant with a lovely aroma. It is eaten as a side dish as well but remains to be one of the most delicious. Try it with a few slices of onions and tomatoes. The spices used in rice are what give it this unique taste.


If you happen to visit western Kenya, the Luo tribe will welcome you with one of the most remarkable Kenyan dishes: the Inogho. It is a traditional fried chicken cooked on slow fire, which gives it a unique taste

You can also try this in restaurants around Kenyan cities, but the experience is enhanced when you sit down with the tribe.

Final words

If you plan to visit Kenya, it will undoubtedly be entertaining. All you have to do is get a visa, which can be obtained online, get your suitcase ready, and head towards the airport

We assure you that it will be a memorable experience

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