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Is Stone Mountain Park Worth A Visit?

Guest Post by Adeel Akhter

Have you ever thought about having a day out with your family because everyone feels apart from their busy schedules? Well, look no further. If you live in Atlanta, Stone Mountain Park is a place to visit for a refreshing day out with the family. It is one of the most popular attractions in Georgia. This place also has historical importance, and this feature makes it the best theme park in the U.S.

Moreover, Stone Mountain Park is the home to various picturesque views. The 3200-acre park includes lush green gardens, the Stone Mountain Lake, several attractions which comprise historical and natural sights.

It does not consist of only a theme park but has two Marriott hotels, the two championship golf course, and the largest campground in Georgia which makes it a desired place to be visited. Likewise, the natural woodlands with hiking trails make it an even better adventure for hiking and trekking enthusiasts. 

Why Should You Visit Stone Mountain Park?

When you come to Stone Mountain Park, you are guaranteed a time filled with fun. With so many activities to do, you can never be bored here. May this be because of the different attractions it has? Here, your experience becomes so much more surreal, and you get the picture-perfect family vacation. Teenagers fumbling with their smartphones, posting photos on social media, then occasionally putting away their phones before joining their families.

Every other person can walk their dog on the lush green hiking trails. The open space and the fresh air are just another reason to go to Stone Mountain Park. If you still are not convinced, there are so many more reasons why you need to visit Stone Mountain Park. 

The Mowgli 4D Jungle Adventure

This particular exhibition highlights the unique beauty of all the animals featured in The Jungle Book. The story revolves around a care-free sloth bear, an intimidating black panther, a ferocious tiger, and a loving elephant. It tells you how Mowgli, a boy raised by wolves embarking on a daring adventure. He tries his best to save his tiger cub friends from evil poachers.

Mowgli takes on this challenge and rescues them with the help of some unlikely allies. As this adventure is appropriate for all age groups, it’s one of the most popular attractions. They love how interactive the story gets and how it makes you feel you are in it. 

Summit Skyride And The Scenic Railroad

The Summit Skyride stands by its name. You aboard this Swiss Cable car and within minutes find yourself more than 825 feet above ground to the top of Stone Mountain. You get the most amazing views of the Appalachian Mountains and the breathtaking Atlanta Skyline. It indeed is a Skyride.

The Scenic Railroad is another of the attractions in Stone Mountain Park that will leave you appalled. It has an original vintage locomotive from the 1940s. Once you climb aboard this full-size train, you are bound to admire the most picturesque landscapes of Stone Mountain. 

Historic Square

Stone Mountain alone has so much significance when it comes to history. The Historic Square in Stone Mountain Park amplifies your experience when it comes to these ancient buildings.

You ought to take a walk in this attraction and savor the sights and smells of the working cookhouse and garden. The houses reflect the distinct lifestyles of Georgia’s residents from the 18th and 19th centuries. In these houses, you can experience the furniture and decorations of the old times. 

Dinosaur Explore and SkyHike

In Dinosaur Explore, you and your kids can take a self-guided tour of the Jurassic giants. The collection features 20 life-size dinosaurs! However, the most prominent part of this attraction is the special effects allowing them to move and roar, making them feel realistic. The experience gets even better for you through the interactive paleontology tents, photo ops, and a dinosaur feeding wall. SkyHike is another attraction for all the adventure-hungry kids out there.

There are three types of heights you can choose. The first being a 12-foot high trail for beginners. The second one is the 24-foot high trail for the more intermediate hikers, and the third height being for the more courageous hikers as it goes up to 40-feet. After you tie yourself up with a safety cord, you can jump from one wooden bridge to another. So high up, you can try balancing yourself on a single rope, feet above the ground. Or, to make the experience more daring, climb to the top on vertical net bridges. 

What More To Offer?

The Dining Experience

As you need to recharge your batteries and take time off all the Stone Mountain Attractions, you must know that the park has multiple dining options. They happen to include:

  • Base Camp BBQ: This camp specializes in making the best southern BBQ. As it features the classic Williamson Brothers BBQ, you get to taste their original southern-style BBQ sauce. Not only that, but the meat has a unique blend of sixteen spices, which is a combination loved by people all over the nation. The best part is that you can treat yourself to cinnamon bread and cinnamon rolls when you devour the main course.
  • Big Rock Café: This location of the cafe is on the Skyride Plaza. Before you can make the journey to the summit, you can take a break at the café. This place aims to provide you comfort food that satisfies all of your cravings. You can opt for one of the delicious flatbread pizzas or a hearty hamburger. The variety of beverages available is surely going to quench your thirst on hot and sunny days.
  • Hydrate: Situated between the Crossroads, Hydrate is one of the best places for cooling off. If the heat of your adventure is making you thirsty, you can drop by this chilly location. Thanks to a wide range of drinks, you can get anything from a cold soda to a delicious Arctic Blast.

Apart from these, you also have options such as The Marketplace, Summit Snacks, The Commons Restaurant, and The Waterside Restaurant. Regardless of where you choose to dine, make sure to maintain proper distancing.

Festivals and Events

Stone Mountain Park gives extra attention to the arrangements of different festivals. These events are according to appropriate times and have the approval of the locals. You are bound for entertainment with events like Spring Fun Break, Memorial Day Weekend, Fantastic Fourth Celebration, Yellow Day Festival, Pumpkin Festival, and the Stone Mountain Highland Games. As they satisfy your outdoor-adventure cravings, people from all age groups love these festivals.

Camping and Lodging

The camping sites at the camping ground have recently undergone renumbering. You can make a reservation to camp at any site out of 3200 acres of naturally beautified land. To make camping more convenient, you can take advantage of recreational vehicles, pop-ups, and tent sites. Your next camp adventure gets even better when coupled with outdoor activities and seasonal events.

Final Thoughts

Stone Mountain Park has been serving as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Georgia. The historical importance it holds makes it the best theme park in the United States. The numerous attractions and the other experiences this park offers make a definite place to visit with your family. So, get your bags packed, get on the road, and have the time of your life at Stone Mountain Park. 

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