Oman is officially called the Sultanate of Oman; it is a country located on the Arabian Peninsula southeastern coast of Western Asia and is the oldest independent state in the Arab world.

It is located in an important position at the mouth of the Persian Gulf. This causes it to share land borders to the northwest with the United Arab Emirates, making it an excellent site for tourists to visit.

Oman is among the most visited countries in the Middle East. Tourism grew in Oman during the 2000s. It is expected to become the nation’s largest industry by 2023. In 2019 alone, the country was visited by over 3.5 million people from various parts of the world. The difference, when compared to the 3.1 million recorded in 2017, is quite big.

The nation is well endowed by nature, and these magnificent works of nature continue to thrill visitors during each visit. The country is covered with miles of golden sandy beaches, nicely high mountains, and turquoise waters. There are more than 1,700 kilometers of coastline along the country. It is therefore impossible not to behold the aesthetics of its beaches during your trip. 

TIP! Every foreign traveler must have an entry permit to cross the Oman border. The easiest way to obtain one is by applying online for an e-Visa. Since the processing time can take up to 72 hours, it’s best to apply at least 3 days ahead of the trip. Apply for an e-Visa online at

Best beaches to visit in Oman

In this article, we have selected the five best beaches, places where you are bound to get maximum relaxation in Oman!

Khalaf Beach

This beach is located in the Southern part of Muscat, Oman’s capital city. This beach is exceptionally excellent but was often neglected in the past. It was ignored most times because; tourists and even locals prefer to visit beaches in the North.

The catchy thing about Khalouf beach that made us include it in our list is its enormous dunes that you can have fun in. If you are a wild nature-lover, then it is the best for you because there are many animals to spot on the beach.

The beach also has a local vibe added to it because local fishers are lining the shore, though only some go into the water. The local vibe gotten from this beach can be compared to none other!

Tiwi Beach

This beach features a majority of the bright blue waters in Oman. The beach has white sands and rock pools, all created by nature. Some of the rock pools are huge for you to swim in.

If there is somewhere you must visit in Oman, ensure it is Tiwi Beach, and you will be glad you did.


This is located in a port in Khasab, Northern Oman. There is a fort present in the dock with a museum that showcases most of the area’s beautiful archaeological findings

The water is emerald green, and you are free to swim on the BASSA beach. The Bassa beach is just a short walk from the ferry terminal in Khasab.

Masirah Island

The Islands located on Masirah lie facing Oman’s East direction, and they have white sandy with crystal clear waters. The numbers of beaches that tourists on Masirah can visit are numerous to count

They include surf beach for surfers and people that enjoy watching others surf. The beaches on this Island are mind-blowing.

Did you know that Masirah Island houses all the four nesting species of turtles in Oman, including the rarest of them all, the olive ridley turtles?

Mughsayl Beach

This beach is a rare gem that is located in Southern Oman. Despite being located far away, the beach still has a friendly vibe with banana trees and coconut groves aesthetically arranged by nature. 

If you go round the coast, you will check out the rocky cliffs and see the beauty hidden. The dramatic cliffs add more aesthetics to the beach, making it a unique place to visit tourists.

Final Words

The number of tourist attractions in Oman is uncountable, especially when it comes to cultural tourism. They are the best choice in the Middle East. 

According to the American travel guide published by the lonely planet in 2012, Muscat was named the best city to visit globally and thus named the Capital of Arab Tourism.

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