There’s so much to discover in Cebu– from the hospitable locals to the white sand beaches and sociable nightlife. How do you plan your stay in Cebu?

Are you out for an adventure? Cebu has hundreds of mountains to climb, tourist attractions to visit, and historical places to go. Take yourself to one of the 90 discovered waterfalls in Cebu or go to the Mactan Shrine where Philippine history happened. After all, Cebu boasts their beautiful beaches and island hopping activities.

Some tourists or locals from the Philippines want to experience the most celebrated festival in the country that only happens in Cebu– the Sinulog Festival. People from Luzon and Mindanao flock to Cebu on every third Sunday of January to celebrate the feast in the streets of Cebu.

But, whatever the reason, when you visit a place, you need to know– the beautiful destinations, activities that pique your interests, and the best hotel to stay. Thus, to make it easy for you, we have listed the 10 best cheap hotels in Cebu to book.

Best Hotels in Cebu at Affordable Rates

ABC Hotel Cebu


Travelers who love to visit historical sites will enjoy staying at ABC Hotel Cebu. It is conveniently located near historical sites. ABC Hotel Cebu is a newly-opened modern hotel in the heart of Cebu. It is near major business and tourist attraction sites. If you want to visit all the beautiful destinations near the heart of Cebu, ABC Hotel is one of the best choices.

Golden Prince Hotel & Suites

A 3-star hotel and is the only home-grown hotel in Cebu. With its Cebuano roots, you will experience their family-friendly warmth. Other than the hospitality their staff provides, there are nearby tourist spots you can visit. But, if you are in for a staycation, you can grab the opportunities and amenities they offer.  

Quest Hotel and Conference Center

Quest Hotel and Conference Center is the perfect choice for those who want to stay near malls. You can walk the hotel to Ayala Mall for 5 minutes, while it takes a 17-minute drive to SM City. If you want to relax and at the same time do a shopping spree in Cebu, then book in this hotel. 

Zerenity Hotel & Suites

Zerenity Hotel offers exceptional family-friendly warmth. Staying in Zerenity Hotel allows you to visit beautiful landmarks in Cebu, such as the Temple of Leah and the Taoist Temple. Aside from the popular tourist destination near the hotel that you can enjoy, the hotel offers amenities to improve your stay with them.

Hotel Pier Cuatro

Comfort, convenience, and affordability are the things why several travelers love to stay atHotel Pier Cuatro. They offer a wide array of amenities that makes their price worth it. Aside from the comfort they provide, the hotel is conveniently located near the famous landmarks in Cebu. You may also enjoy trying out Cebu delicacies at the nearby restaurants.

Escario Central Hotel


Experience comfort in Escario Central Hotel, a fusion of modern and zen style. The advantage of staying at Escario is its convenient location. If you love to visit historical places, it is near the Heritage Cebu Monument, Magellan’s Cross, and Taoist Temple. 

Hamersons Hotel

A 3-star hotel that offers exceptional hospitality is located at the heart of Cebu. It is convenient for tourists who came to Cebu by plane as the hotel is near Mactan-Cebu International Airport. You can try their continental breakfast at the hotel, but there are nearby fast-food chains and restaurants if you want to try Cebu delicacies.

Red Planet

Red Planet is the top choice for most tourists. It has a 24-hour convenience store right at its doorstep. You can do various social gimmicks if you stay in Red Planet as it is located in Cebu’s commercial and district business. Also, the hotel is a 20-minute drive away from the tourist spots in Cebu.

Elegant Circle Inn


Elegant Circle Inn is the best choice for travelers who are on a tight budget. As they offer budget-friendly accommodation, they give out helpful amenities to improve their guest’s stay. While staying at Elegant Circle Inn, you can check some walking distance restaurants or historical locations.

Dynasty Tourist Inn


Travelers love to stay in Dynasty Tourist Inn as their staff makes their guests feel at home. They offer several amenities that enhance the stay of the visitors. Moreover, it is located in Cebu’s uptown; you can easily visit business districts or historical places in Cebu.

What are your hotel expectations?

Travelers have expectations of the amenities and comfort they experience with the hotels they stay in. Most travelers are concerned with the affordability of the hotel rooms. Fortunately, the hotels we mentioned are the best cheap hotels in Cebu. You do not have to break the bank to enjoy your stay in one of Cebu’s finest hotels. But aside from the hotel rate, there are other aspects travelers expect of the hotel’s offer:


Do you agree that cleanliness is the number one expectation of guests? Hotels should observe cleanliness at all times. Whether the hotel you are planning to stay in is a one-star hotel or five-star, you deserve a clean hotel room. It is the hotel’s initiative to provide a clean room, bathroom, and offer public spaces. 

Comfortable Beds

Most hotels are stepping up their game. They are changing soft and breathable pillows and ultra-comfortable sheets. A clean and comfortable bed in the hotel takes all the exhaustion you feel after your long day of adventure. Nothing beats the comfort and relaxation of having clean sheets. 

Now, you are probably hoping that the hotel you’ve chosen to stay in Cebu offers a real-deal comforter. But you can talk to previous guests that you see online to verify how comfortable the beds are in that specific hotel. But, if you cannot ask someone, the hotel might still be worth the try!

Safety and Security

You are far from home and you need a safety net while you are away. Choose the hotel that offers the most diligent security measures and safety. Before booking for a hotel, check their security measures. 

Free Internet

It is non-negotiable, hotels should have free Wi-Fi in every hotel room. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure time, you still want to connect with the Internet, right? You have to update your family and friends of how you are doing well with your travel. That’s why each hotel room needs Wi-Fi.

You might be one of the 50% of travelers who consider Wi-Fi in their room when booking a hotel room. 

Full-Sized Toiletries

You must be expecting small travel-size toiletries in your hotel room. Although you are accustomed to these small toiletries, they are not sufficient for multiple washes. Thus, it is nicer to have full-sized toiletries. You want to have a luxurious bathroom experience, right? Call the hotel and ask whether their bathroom toiletries have joined the new age era.

If the hotel you are staying in Cebu still offers small-sized toiletries, they might be out of the trend. But, what matters most is their toiletries help you come clean before and after your adventure around Cebu.

Laundry Service

Several cheap hotels offer laundry services and dry cleaning to their guests. If you are planning to stay longer, you can tap on the housekeeping or front desk staff to ask for their laundry services.

However, you might be discouraged with the laundry service rates of the hotel. You have to remember that laundry service is not a free amenity. Thus, if it is not within your budget, it is best to hand wash your clothes in the hotel room sink or go for laundromats.

Tasty Breakfast

Before you book for a hotel, check whether they serve free breakfast. It is a basic offer for hotels to include breakfast in their amenities– even budget hotels can cater breakfast to their guests. If the hotel does not offer one, ensure that it is conveniently located next to a diner so you can easily grab a meal whenever you want to. 

Hospitable Staff

No matter how grandiose the interiors of the hotel or how luxurious the free amenities it offers, the trademark of a hotel is the service and hospitality their staff provides. As a guest, it is undeniable that you will remember the hotel in which you experienced excellent overall customer service. 

You can ask your friends or family about a hotel or search on social media or Google, whether the hotel is the right place. The hotel’s previous guests will leave reviews and feedback on Google, Expedia, and TripAdvisor.  

If most hotel reviews and ratings are excellent, the hotel probably has a warm and well-trained staff. Nothing beats a hotel that fosters a culture of service.

No matter how expensive or cheap the hotel you will stay in. They should offer some of their essential requirements to their guests. Make your Cebu experience memorable by choosing the best hotel. Always pay close attention to the amenities the hotel offers. 

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