Looking for the best beach resorts in Bataan? I’ve got you covered. Here are our top picks!

Being close to Manila, Bataan is often on the list of weekend travelers who seek the ocean and a little bit of spice in their usual daily routine. And it’s for a good reason. Bataan is filled with beaches, a number of historical attractions, and natural wonders.

If you’re planning on going on a weekend getaway to Bataan and booking a beach resort, I’ve got you covered. Here are the top Bataan beach resorts in alphabetical order.

Anvaya Cove

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Image | Anvaya Cove

Location: Brgy. Mabayo, Morong, Bataan

Anvaya Cove is all about luxury. What with its high-end accommodations, pools, spa, and beach side access.  To access the leisure facilities in the Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club, you’ll need to be a member. However, you can book directly from their website or through Airbnb. Here’s a P1600 discount on your first booking on Airbnb when you sign up with this referral link.

Auspina Eco Resort

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IMAGE | Auspina Eco Resort

Location: Caragman Beach, Bagac, Bataan

If you love eco-friendly places, Auspina Eco Resort is the perfect place for you! Enjoy nature in a resort which aims to lessen its impact on the environment. The beach front area is considered as a Fish Sanctuary and Sea Grass Reserve. You can use a kayak or raft to view the sanctuary area.

Bagac Bay Beach Resort

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IMAGE | Bagac Bay Beach Resort

Location: Brgy. Pag-asa, Bagac, Bataan

Want to go on a beach getaway but on a tight budget? No worries! Bagac Bay Beach Resort is one of the affordable Bataan beach resorts that offer basic amenities. You can have karaoke, play volleyball, do bonfire, or grill and enjoy the beach to the fullest.

Brisa Marina Beachfront Resort

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IMAGE | Brisa Marina Beachfront Resort

Location: Bayan Dati Bridge, Morong, Bataan

With elegant amenities and beachfront access, Brisa Marina Beachfront Resort is the perfect place for a couple or family getaway. Enjoy the water activities and dine on the beach for the best experience. And let’s not forget to avail their spa packages to destress. You can also opt to try their tour packages.

Camaya Coast Hotel

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IMAGE | Camaya Coast Hotel

Location: Sitio Wain, Brgy. Biaan, Mariveles

Offering promises of endless sunsets, lush mountains, and pristine beaches, Camaya Coast Hotel is every traveler’s dream. Just three hours from Manila, staying here offers you clear blue waters, priceless views and fine fine sand. It’s a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Juness Beach Resort

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IMAGE | Juness Beach Resort

Location: Nagbalayong, Morong, Bataan

Juness Beach Resort is for every traveler looking for luxurious beach vacation. From the function areas to the resort’s staff, you’ll want to keep coming back for more!

Kamana Sanctuary Resort and Spa

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IMAGE | Kamana Sanctuary Resort and Spa

Location: Ilanin Forest West, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Bataan

Be stress-free at the Kamana Sanctuary Resort and Spa. Enjoy their infinity pools, great accommodations, kids playground, basketball court and beach tennis. For the best ocean views, opt for the extravagant casita. You won’t regret it.

La Playa at the Strand

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IMAGE | La Playa at the Strand

Location: Mariposa Street, The Strand Subdivision, Brgy. Nagbalayong, Morong, Bataan

Ideal for big group outings, La Playa at the Strand offers spacious accommodations with some having its own private pools. The beachfront access offers you golden-hour snapshots, volleyball games or Frisbee matches.

Landrina Escape

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IMAGE | Landrina Escape

Location: The Strand Subdivision, Brgy. Nagbalayong, Morong

Landrina Escape is your next chic accommodation if you love rustic designs. Once you check in, you’ll never want to leave. The private pool and the nearby beach access will have you wanting more. And to top of your experience, have a bonfire arranged in advance!

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

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IMAGE | Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Location: Brgy. Ibaba, Bagac, Bataan

Travel back in time at the Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bataan. This is one of the top tourist spots in the province. You’ll find yourself walking down cobblestone streets, going on river cruises, riding kalesas, and running around the beach. Aside from all that, you also get to enjoy an outdoor pool, spa and water sports!

Lumiere Resort

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IMAGE | Lumiere Resort

Location: Old, Bagac, Bataan

If you just want to enjoy the beach while being surrounded by nature, Lumiere Resort will surely deliver. With their accommodating staff, clear waters, fine sand, and nipa huts, you’re living the country life at its best! You can book a room through Airbnb. Here’s a P1600 discount on your first booking on Airbnb when you sign up with this referral link.

Montemar Beach Club

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IMAGE | Montemar Beach Club

Location: Sitio Pasinay, Brgy. Pag-asa, Bagac, Bataan

At Montemar Beach Club, you’ll never get tired of playing. This resort offers tons of activities for your beach vacation ranging from billiards, karaoke, mahjong, and a whole lot of water activities. Enjoy the white sandy beach, outdoor pools, and golf course. But before you go sleep, try their relaxing massage.

Morongstar Hotel and Resort

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IMAGE | Morongstar Hotel and Resort

Location: Morong, Bataan

Famous for being one of the best resorts and hotels in Bataan, Morong Star Beach Resort and Hotel offers budget-friendly accommodation and trustworthy service. Book the place and swim in the beach or at the pools. You can also play beach volleyball and basketball, check out the mini zoo and man-made lagoon or try island hopping.

Pamarta Bali Beach Resort

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IMAGE | Pamarta Bali Beach Resort

Location:  Lot 3, Nagpajo Crossing, Barangay Nagbalayong, Morong, Bataan

Don’t have the budget to fly to Bali yet? Don’t worry. Bataan has its own piece of Bali-inspired resort, the Pamarta Bali Beach Resort. It boasts of a jacuzzi and infinity pool with the best ocean views, and a bath house right in the middle. If you’re looking for a peaceful vacation, definitely choose Pamarta Bali Beach Resort.

Phi-Phi Hotel Beach Resort

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IMAGE | Phi-Phi Hotel Beach Resort

Location: Panibatuhan, Poblacion, Morong, Bataan

Relax and unwind at the Phi-Phi Hotel Beach Resort. And while you’re at it, why not check out the must visit destinations of the city? The Phi-Phi Hotel Beach Resort has easy access to all of these. If you can’t go without WiFi, the resort has a free access in all rooms.

Playa La Caleta

playa la caleta
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Location: Matikis, Morong, 2108 Bataan

Playa La Caleta might just be your next tropical paradise destination. This eco-tourism resort offers a one kilometer of fine sand, lush forest, and a whopping three waterfalls at the back! You can even go snorkeling near the Miguelito Island. You can choose to book a beach cottage, gazebo, air-conditioned beach cottage or a camping tent.

Read our review and vacation experience of Playa La Caleta.

Puesta Del Sol Villas

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IMAGE | Puesta Del Sol Villas

Location: The Strand Subdivision, Morong, Bataan

Featuring a stunning infinity pool, Puesta Del Sol Villas is one of the newly-opened beach resorts in Bataan. Each of their villas can accommodate up to 4 guests. Inside, you’ll find furnished terraces including microwaves and fridges.

The Waterfront Beach Resort

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IMAGE | The Waterfront Beach Resort

Location: Morong, Btaan

Get in touch with nature at the Waterfront Beach Resort. This gem offers fine beach sand and pools to make you feel summer all year long.

Verde Azul

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IMAGE | Verde Azul

Location: Nagpajo Crossing, Brgy. Nagbalayong, Morong, Bataan

Have a laid-back getaway at Verde Azul. During high tide, the beach disappears to give you an experience of rolling waves crashing onto the lush green lawns. Dip into the large outdoor pool and enjoy to your heart’s content. If you want to spice up your vacation, rent a banana boat or jet ski.

Westwind Beach Resort

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IMAGE | Westwind Beach Resort

Location: Morong, Bataan

Near Juness Beach Resort and the Pawikan Conservation Center, you will find the Westwind Beach Resort. Exuding Greek-inspired designs, the resort offers an infinity pool and a kiddie pool for you to make the most of your vacation. You can book a suite or cottage, as well as bunk beds for large groups.

And that’s about it for our list of beach resorts in Bataan. Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below.

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