11 Fun Things To Do When Traveling Around Thailand

things to do in thailand

Did you know that before the pandemic, Thailand receives almost 40 million tourists on a yearly basis?

That is how massive the tourism industry in Thailand is, and that is the rough average of the number of people that know that Thailand is the place to visit if you want to enjoy a holiday getaway fully. The pandemic may still be upon us, but everything is slowly returning to normal.

So much so that last year, Thailand already started to receive tourists. This year, it expects to welcome 9.3M foreign arrivals. It’s still far from the pre-pandemic inflow, but it’s still undeniable that people still crave Thailand.

People still crave Thailand because it has everything one could ever need during a holiday getaway – sunny weather, beautiful beaches, colourful culture, and delicious food. 

This post is for you if you’re one of the many foreign visitors set to visit Thailand. You will never run out of fun things to do around Thailand! And just so you could plan your visit properly, we’d share the 11 most fun things that you could do if you are holidaying in the sunny country! 

11 Fun Things To Do When Traveling Around Thailand

1. Island hopping

There are 1,430 islands in Thailand, and they are all yours to explore and enjoy if you’d visit the country. You can easily book boat tours in Krabi or other areas for this fun activity! Just make sure that you apply your sunscreen every single time!

2. Ride a tuk tuk

A visit to Thailand is not complete if you won’t get to ride the iconic tuk-tuk! If New York has yellow cabs, Thailand has tuk-tuks. Taxis are also available in the country, but tuk-tuks are the more affordable and fun option. You need to take note though that to avoid overpricing, you should always set a price before riding. 

3. Street food crawl

Thailand is also famous for its delicious offerings of tropical street food! It’s a fun experience as it is the easiest way to immerse yourself in the country’s culture. It’s also extremely affordable, so you’d get to eat a lot. Bangkok is the best place to do a street food crawl!

4. Temple visits

Thailand has over 40,000 temples all over the country, so it’s impossible to run out of temples to visit during your holiday. Thailand is a Buddhist country, so it’s the best spot to explore if you want to learn more about the religion. Should you have limited time, we highly recommend that you at least visit the White Temple at Chiang Rai.

5. Floating markets

You shouldn’t miss a chance to visit the country’s floating market during your holiday. You’d love how you’d get to buy and eat fresh fruits and cooked foods while on a boat.

PRO TIP: Skip lunch before going. Expect to be full.

6. Pad Thai

There is nothing like enjoying fresh authentic Pad Thai in Thailand. You’d simply be blown away at how the locals can elevate the delicious dish to a whole new level. The most delicious Pad Thai to taste are the ones in the streets of Bangkok. You’d find them so delicious you won’t mind eating Pad Thai every day during your stay!

7. Sunset-watching

You shouldn’t miss watching beautiful sunsets when traveling around Thailand. To make this more enjoyable, you can book dinner at a place that can give you access to Bangkok’s beautiful skyline while watching the sunset. You can also visit Wat Arun or the Temple of Dawn if you want to enjoy the sunrise and the sunset. 

8. Thai massage

Holidayers never skip the chance to enjoy authentic Thai massage when in the country. Thai massages are highly dynamic and deeply invigorating. You’d love how you’d get to uniquely stretch through the gentle ways of the masseuse. Having a Thai massage would feel like doing yoga as it is based on India’s yoga system. 

9. Ladyboy shows

Thailand is known as a queer-friendly country. It is very welcoming and open to individuals of different gender and sexual preferences. So much so that the country is very famous for having ladyboys.

You’d find yourself encountering one ladyboy after another during your visit to Thailand as the country has a large ladyboy population. To explore more of this colorful cultural feature, you could buy a ticket to enjoy Chiang Mai’s ladyboy show!

10. Khaosan Road party

Alex Garland, the author of the popular book “The Beach”, dubbed Khaosan Road as “the center of the backpacking universe.” That description couldn’t be any more accurate as you’d see upon arrival how it seems to have almost all the backpackers in Southeast Asia.

Go here if you want to meet other travelers, enjoy a cheap massage, have affordable delicious food, and buy budget-friendly elephant pants and t-shirts. You could get a one-hour foot massage here for only $7. 

Check out this blog post from wehatethecold for more budget travel tips in Thailand.

11. Elephants

It is forbidden to ride elephants in Thailand, but you can very much enjoy their company if you’d visit elephant sanctuaries. If you want an up-close and personal experience with elephants, you could look for an elephant sanctuary that will allow you to give elephants a bath. You could check out Elephant Nature Park. The park will allow you to spend a night and wake up in the presence of gentle giants. 

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