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Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Georgia, Europe (According to a Local)

Places to Visit in Georgia

Guest post by Anna Merabishvili

Georgia is a beautiful country, not yet too popular with tourists. Bordering with Turkey, Russia and Azerbaijan, Georgia is surrounded with the Caucasus mountains and the Black Sea.

The presence of mountains as well as the sea makes this country a true gem, which is accentuated by the hospitality of the locals and the incredible food.

If you ever get the chance to visit Georgia, here are the best places which you really must visit.


Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and is one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the country. With its techno scene and the Old Town to explore, Tbilisi is the perfect place to start any visit to Georgia. 

There are so many things to do in Tbilisi, like in any other capital city. The Old Town is the perfect place to stroll around on foot, where you will find some hidden gems and colourful balconies.

This is also where you can buy some souvenirs to take home, including khinkali and khachapuri socks and some traditional Georgian items.

I would also suggest exploring the New City and taking the cable car to the top for some amazing views of the city. When you are up there, make sure to go hungry. The restaurant “Funicular’ offers some of the best Adjarian khachapuri (the cheeseboat) in the city. It’s a must try!

If you want to know more about Tbilisi, you can read my guide here.


Located 5 hour train ride away from Tbilisi, Batumi is the second most visited city in Georgia. It is often referred to as “Las Vegas of the Black Sea” due to the soaring skyscrapers, 5 star hotels and the abundance of casinos.

This is the best place to be during the summer. Not only tourists, but also lots of Georgians visit this seaside resort during the summer. 

Batumi is located in Adjara, the region where the Adjarian Khachapuri comes from. Therefore, trying the cheeseboat is essential here if you are a fan of cheese!

There are many restaurants where you can try it, but I would recommend Askaneli. Here they have a terrace and offer views over the sea with a side of some Georgian wine! 

What is more, Batumi has a very different vibe from the capital. The sea gives the city a much more relaxed vibe. You can stroll by the boulevard while watching the magnificent sunset and enjoy a drink at a beach bar.

I personally always enjoy visiting Batumi as it feels a lot like a getaway into a different European city.


Kazbegi is one of the best places to visit in Georgia because it is perfect for every type of traveler. Whether you like hiking and backpacking or you enjoy a luxury stay in a hotel, Kazbegi has the best of both worlds. 

Only 1 hour drive away from Tbilisi, Kazbegi offers some of the most spectacular views of the mountains in the whole country. If you enjoy backpacking, this is the perfect place to start your explorations.

Go hiking on Mount Kazbeg and discover some beautiful viewpoints and waterfalls around. 

If you seek a more relaxing getaway, then I would suggest staying in Room Hotel for a couple of nights. Nothing compares with the views this luxury hotel offers over the mountains.

Make sure to book a room with the mountain view so that you can wake up to the sunrise over the snowed on mountain tops!

Another activity which you must do in Kazbegi is to visit the Gergeti Trinity church. This church is located at 2170 meters and it was constructed in the 14th century.

The dramatic landscape and the breathtaking views are what make this church so popular with tourists. The best way to get up here other than hiking is to take a car – there are drivers which you can pay to take you all the way up.

This is the best option as the roads going up are pretty bumpy and require a specific type of car to go all the way to the top. 


A list of the best places to visit in Georgia would not be complete without Svaneti. If you want an authentic Georgian experience, then Svaneti is the best place to go. 

I am from Georgia but I was pretty impressed by Svaneti when I visited for the first time 2 years ago. 

The drive from Tbilisi takes about 5 hours, but the trip starts in the car. Driving along the twisted roads, you are greeted by some incredible scenery which opens up around you. The roads are very beautiful, and you can see how they are carved into the mountain.

However, they are also not the safest! At some point we had to drive through a waterfall and on the other side we could see a very deep fall. It was a little scary, but the adventure is what makes this experience so much more exciting!

When in Svaneti, I would recommend staying in an inn or a guesthouse in order to get the most out of your experience. Our guesthouse included homemade breakfast and we still talk about that feast to this day.

Activities in Svaneti involve mostly hiking, but also discovering the different regions within Svaneti. It is worth driving to Ushguli, which is the highest populated village in Europe at 2,100 meters.

The village is very interesting and beautiful, as it offers a clear view of the Shkhara glacier.


Kakheti is the wine region in Georgia. I guess this gives away the reason I decided to put it on the list of the best places to visit in Georgia!

Kakheti, like Kazbegi, is also very close to Tbilisi and can be the perfect place for a day trip. It has also developed a lot in the past couple of years, so you can find many impressive luxury hotels in this region.

Of course, you cannot go to Kakheti without doing some wine tasting. You can go on a winery tour where you can see how the wine is produced and fermented, and then you get to try it for yourself!

This is one of the most popular activities in Georgia, as our country is famous for its wine, being the oldest producer of wine in the world. 

If you are feeling up for it, there are also other masterclasses you can try here. These include the making of the tonis puri (the bread made in a furnace), churchxela (the dessert made of grape juice and nuts) and khinkali (Georgian dumplings).

It is one of the best ways of acquainting yourself with the Georgian culture!

All in all, Georgia may be a small country but it does not lack in beauty. No wonder that it is a favourite of many visitors, as they come back wanting to go back again and again!

Have you been to Georgia? What did you enjoy visiting the most? 

About the Author

Anna is a traveller from Georgia based in London, UK.

She has been travelling with her family all of her life, which instilled in her the passion for travel that she now enjoys sharing with her audience on her blog.

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