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4 Captivating and Comforting Picnic Spots on the Central Coast, NSW

Guest Post by Nicole Pore

On the Central Coast of New South Wales, it’s never a bad day for a lovely picnic! 

So many things to do, so many people to meet, so many places visit – that’s what the Central Coast is and more! This region in Australia just has the right to brag about its spectacular beauty and remarkable history. Definitely, visiting it will be one of the best travel choices you will ever make! The Central Coast is just one of those places on Earth where lasting memories that don’t rust and don’t fade are created.

Both the locals that live in and the tourists that travel to Australia are amazed by the glorious creation that is the Central Coast. It is definitely a perfect place to spend vacations, staycations, special occasions and weekend getaways in NSW. Families, friends, couples and colleagues are surely going to enjoy much of their bonding time in this beautiful belt! 

Planning your weekend getaways in NSW is not a hassle because of the many choices of things to do and places to go to. Among the most popular activities are picnics! Yes, they might be considered a “classic” in the age of technology, but they are timeless; NSW can prove that! 

When you visit the Central Coast, do not waste your time thinking twice whether or not to schedule your picnics. Of course, it is a MUST DO in this region famous for its scenic views and rejuvenating atmosphere, surely ideal for fun and healthy picnics! 

Below is a list of captivating and comforting picnic spots on the Central Coast of New South Wales. Check it out! 

Picnic Point, The Entrance

It will be seriously crowded during the Holidays and the weekends because it’s well-known for a good reason. The Entrance’s Picnic Point cannot be missed when talking about an awesome picnic spot on the Central Coast. Ask around, and you will know!

Situated in Tuggerah Parade at The Entrance, the Picnic Point is a stunning reserve that doesn’t make your picnic experiences any less than incredible. One of the well-loved activities by visitors here is fishing. You can get excellent-quality fish like nowhere else on the Central Coast. Convenience is obviously valued as tables for cleaning fish caught are also available for guests to utilize. There are pelicans and seagulls you may feed too! 

If fishing is not your game though, no problem for your hungry tummies because the Picnic Point is surrounded by a nice selection of restaurants and dessert stores; you can have food packed for to-go, so you can enjoy your outdoor picnic!

Complete functional facilities can be borrowed or rented such as electric grillers perfect for your barbecue party, and tables and chairs. The grass-filled picnic site is a safe playground for youngsters. There are ramps for skating and boating as well. Public toilets are properly maintained and are easily accessible by guests.  

Braithwaite Park, Wyong 

A park that’s filled with vibrant delights, Braithwaite Park in Wyong knows what makes a gleeful weekend getaway in NSW. Picnics in it are unmatched, certainly one for the books!

The city’s up-to-the-minute Nature Play Area was made with the thought of reshaping the grounds for children’s more productive and more artistic play. It encourages kids and kids-at-heart to love nature even more! You will see logs, obstacle courses, stepping stones, a zip line and more that form a little world of nature adventure for those who visit. What a smart way to use a certain land for the young ones to not only have fun but also to learn.  Bringing your family to a picnic in Braithwaite Park is going to be rewarding! 

Benches are available, so if you don’t want to sit down on a picnic mat, you can use them along with your own tables or rented ones whenever acquirable. Areas and equipment for your barbecue bash are accessible; you don’t really need to worry about having to own a griller. In case you run out of bottled waters, there are drinking fountains around the picnic park, too, so you won’t have to go far away to buy.  

Both young and old visit the Braithwaite park for loveable group picnics, and you may imagine the public toilets getting abused because of the number of people that enter. However, you can rest assured that the picnic spot’s public toilets are kept clean by the management. As much as they care for the nature their business borrows and tends to, they put effort into the little things they built on their own.

Heazlett Park, Avoca Beach

A cozy picnic with toddlers? Heazlett Park got your back! 

Set within the sweetheart beach destination, Avoca Beach, the Heazlett Park houses a wide deal of diverse opportunities for having fun and making stupendous memories. It is primarily for the tiny tots up to age 4, but older kids and even adults are welcomed and will certainly find it impossible to go home with a frown! There’s so much to do in the Heazlett Park that makes picnics with the squad extraordinary!

There is an oval, a tennis court and a small basketball court where guests can blissfully play; it would be better to bring your own ball to be sure you can play! Have your eye on the hammock before anyone gets to it. It’s a comfy spot to rest while children (and adults) are playing and running around. A newly constructed playground, guarded with shade cloth, made the park more sought-after for families with tireless kiddiewinks. It’s a safe space for both the kids and the older ones because they get to use different territories. Not to mention, the basketball is fenced, so little ones won’t get hurt by getting in the middle of the ball games. 

Benches and BBQs are available for your soothing picnic time! Step in nearby coffee shops for a warm to-go sip. Public toilets and changing rooms got no problem; they’re open for all picnic-goers, including sporty picnic-goers, to use. Parking lots are usable, and it won’t take a lot of time to get to Heazlett Park from there. 

The management and the NSW government are continuously working to upgrade the amenities of the Heazlett Park for more families and friends to build a strong and healthy community even through seemingly simple picnics and weekend getaways in NSW! 

Lions Park, Woy Woy

The area might seem a bit small compared to others mentioned but the impact is quite big! Nonetheless, when you visit it, it’s still honestly big. Lions Park is so much loved for the solace one can actually experience in it. What’s surprising is that you can literally just sit on your picnic mat and be at great ease. 

The playground has enjoyable facilities that keep kids busy and active. While kids are taking pleasure in the wide area perfect for games, adults can relaxingly eat under the trees’ shade. For some action, you may ride boats or witness ferries pass by over the Brisbane Water. Cycle tracks and stroller paths exist there too! 

Picnic tables and seating are undercover which keep you from too much sun but lets you feel the invigorating blow of the wind. Barbecue parties are so much calming with the waters just beside the cooking area. 

Slow down and relish Lions Park’s glamorous provisions of natural resources and views. They are simply irresistible! The Lions Park in Woy Woy makes people appreciate quietness in a whole new level while the heart screams happiness.

About the author

Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. She finds quality and well-researched writing as a worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. For her, it’s restoring and fulfilling to the heart and a great way to clear the mind while loading it up with fresh learning. Film critiquing and filmmaking are among her interests too. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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