7 Freshwater Resorts Perfect for Your Next Vacation

freshwater resorts

Beach resorts are prime vacation destinations in the Philippines. They are the perfect spots for unwinding, cooling yourself from the heat, and appreciating the natural beauty that starkly contrasts most cityscapes. 

But beaches aren’t the only beautiful water forms that are worth visiting. Listed below are rivers and lakes you should go to on your next vacation. You’ll enjoy cold freshwater, refreshing greenery, and beautiful rock formations!

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BLOC Camp Site (Cavinti, Laguna)

Laguna is the top spot for lakeside respites because it encloses a vast portion of the Laguna de Bay. And if you’re after a place that will take you back to our camping memories, plan your weekend getaway at BLOC Camp Site in Cavinti, Laguna.

BLOC Camp Site has expansive green spaces overlooking the lake that meets the horizon. Set up your tent or book a “kubo-tel” close to the banks of the lake to watch the sunrise and sunset. Residents of houses for rent in Biñan, Laguna, and in neighboring areas may come here to relax and unwind from all the hustle and bustle of the city.


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Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa (Los Baños, Laguna)

Another well-loved vacation spot outlining the Laguna de Bay is the Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa in Los Baños. It features an array of fun activities, such as cliff diving, Slip and Slides, Slip and Fly, vine swings, rafts, and inflatable boats.

Laresio Resort and Spa also presents transient houses perfect for larger groups of visitors. These accommodations include swimming pools, kitchens, gaming rooms, and karaoke hubs. Guests will enjoy private time in their rental homes close to the lake.


The Greenery (Baliuag, Bulacan)

Baliuag, Bulacan isn’t just known for chicharon, lechon manok, and other local delicacies. Close to the Angat River is The Greenery Resort. It is popular for pre-nuptial shoots and wedding receptions, although it is an alternative vacation spot for metro dwellers looking for a relaxing respite near the capital region. The resort is also close to Rizal province, making it an ideal unwinding spot for residents of an apartment for rent in Cainta or in neighboring cities.

The Greenery has modern rustic vibes, perfect for any photoshoot session. The resort also has wooden accommodations akin to cottages and forest cabins. Take a dip in the pool while enjoying the beauty of the overlooking Angat River.


IMAGE: Discover Mindoro | Facebook

Calawagan Mountain River Resort (Paluan, Occidental Mindoro)

The quiet town of Paluan in Occidental Mindor nestles one of the province’s prized natural destinations–the Calawagan Mountain River Resort. It is one of the few resorts that maintain its natural environment. Here, you’ll find several waterfalls, natural pools, forests, and hiking trails.

Calawagan’s waters are quite cold, which are perfect for hot summer days. If you’re after calm waters, try the resort’s natural pools! These are surrounded by lush greenery, giving you a refreshing sight to unwind and reconnect with nature. 


Ogtong Cave Resort (Bantayan Island, Cebu)

Cebu is home to several beach resorts locals and tourists alike love. One popular respite is Ogtong Cave Resort in Bantayan Island, which features white-sand shores and coral rocks. But what makes Ogtong Cave Resort magical is the subterranean Ogtong Cave underground river.

Ogtong’s in-cave river is available for swimming and dipping–it is best to come here during warmer seasons to fully enjoy the cool, crystal-clear waters. And because the cave can be dark and has uneven, jagged formations, make sure to practice extra caution when swimming.


Sunrise Garden Lake Resort (Lake Sebu, South Cotabato)

South Cotabato’s Lake Sebu is one of the most remarkable and breathtaking lakes in the Philippines. The lake is also one of the most sacred places for the T’Boli ethnic group. And how else can you enjoy the lake’s divine beauty other than staying at Sunrise Garden Lake Resort?

At Sunrise Garden Lake Resort, you’ll get to wake in the morning and view the beauty of Lake Sebu. You’ll see green lily pads floating on the lake’s surface gently, adding to the resorts calming atmosphere. In addition, the view of the sunlight kissing the mountain tops and parts of the lake provides a perfect backdrop for your pictures.


Loboc River Resort (Loboc, Bohol)

Loboc River in Bohol isn’t limited to river cruises and floating restaurants. After your trip to the Chocolate Hills and tarsier rehabilitation centers, book a staycation at the Loboc River Resort.

On the banks of the resort are nipa hut accommodations with two stories, docks, hammocks, and patio areas with ample seating. Guests may directly dive into the river and swim in its cool green waters. Other than swimming, visitors may also enjoy activities such as fishing, firefly catching and viewing, and paddleboarding.


Lakes and rivers provide a serene environment ideal for relaxing and relishing in what nature has blessed the Philippines. These seven resorts are also perfect for tourists looking for an alternative to crowded beach resorts. That said, plan your next getaway in these seven respites and enjoy freshwater surrounded by plants, trees, and Mother Nature’s wonders.

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