Best Places to Stay in London for Couples

Best Places to Stay in London for Couples

It is not uncommon for couples and honeymooners to go away on holiday to spend quality time together. The idea is to strengthen their bonds of togetherness and enjoy the experience. They long for a romantic escape and holiday where they can unwind and truly be themselves.

Traveling together is one of the ultimate indulgences for those in a romantic relationship or even if you just met on one of the best dating site and want to test travel compatibility.

London is a popular getaway for newlyweds and couples as it is inspiring, romantic, and historical. No other city can beat the charm of London with its classic architecture, fascinating museums, and endless options for entertainment and fun. Needless to say, couples, honeymooners, and newlyweds make a beeline to the city and look forward to spending some amazing time together.

However, even the best location or spot can dampen your experiences and enthusiasm if you do not pick the right place for your stay. As a couple, it is essential to focus on the hotel and its location to enjoy a romantic atmosphere and truly personalized service for the best experiences.

Get back to basics if looking for the best places to stay in London as a couple. All you need to do is know what to look for and demand some attention to detail with a bit of thoughtfulness from the hotel you are staying at.

The basics 

Read reviews of the hotels and learn what other couples and guests are saying about it and what their experience is. Given below are some pointers to focus on.

  • Look for a little extra, such as a spa date or an intimate candlelit dinner, like, a welcoming atmosphere with a glass of bubbly drink, fresh flowers, and breakfast in bed. Such gestures can undoubtedly keep you impressed and floored.
  • Special arrangements and a welcoming atmosphere with a glass of bubbly drink, fresh flowers, and chocolates beside the bed and breakfast bed can make any couple feel special. A collection of romantic movies and music in the room and luxury vanity packs in the bathroom means going the extra mile to woo the couple.
  • The hotel should know your idea of a romantic outing, which could be going for an outdoor activity or a hike or some privacy in the room or organizing cooking or painting lessons to keep you entertained. It should work with the relevant nearby attractions to provide you with a well-planned outing.
  • Create special memories with customized experiences such as the choice of bed linen, room fragrance, or a certain brand of drinks to make those moments unforgettable. For example, a special date night or romantic strolls to watch the sunset can certainly enhance your day.
  • Provide a chauffeur-driven car to drive to and from the venue and show some simple gestures such as booking an exclusive restaurant or arranging tickets to a favorite show or ordering flowers or gifts.

Some of the best areas and neighborhoods in London  

London boasts pretty neighborhoods, convenient central locations, and affordable areas to stay in. A lot relies on individual preferences, budgets, and circumstances.

Any couple holidaying in London would, of course, look for safety, convenience, and romantic things to do. However, there are some areas and neighborhoods that are considered the best for couples.

Some of the hot favorites in London among the couple include the following, which are known for their fun element, great hotels, and offer a great experience for the holidaying couple.

1. Notting Hill 

Portobello Road by Jorge Franganillo

Notting Hill is one of the most iconic neighborhoods of the city, and it is a lively area with lots of fun things to do as a couple, such as the Notting Hill Carnival. It has fine restaurants, shops, and the Portobello Road Market. If you are looking for an authentic experience of London city and culture, find a hotel in Notting Hill.

  • Budget hotel – King Solomon Hotel
    Situated in the North part of London, King Solomon Hotel places you a lot closer to attractions and interesting dining options in London at a very affordable price.
  • Midrange hotel – London Bankside Hotel
    Staying in the London Bankside hotel means having Tate Modern on one side and Borough Market on the other and fabulous services and amenities at your pick.
  • Luxury hotel – The Guardsman
    You will love the boutique hotel with the feel of a member’s club that gives careful attention to each guest and remembers their needs and preferences.

2. Covent Garden 

Covent Garden by Geoff Henson

Covent Garden, which is located East of Soho, is highly recommended as it caters to all kinds of travelers with varied interests. Couples can find loads of restaurants, shops, pubs, and cobblestone streets in the area. They can easily find a hotel here as per their budget and walk around the streets holding hands and soaking in the atmosphere.

  • Budget hotel – Gangnam Artnouveau City
    Gangnam Artnouveau City offers you the best value for money, and the hotel will put close to major attractions and provides high-quality services.
  • Midrange hotel – Hotel Strand Continental
    Enjoy great food and drinks at this hotel with a colonial ambiance and great value-for-money services.
  • Luxury hotel – San Domenico House
    San Domenico House is a very private boutique hotel that boasts extraordinary antique furniture and sumptuous interiors.

3. South Bank & Southwark

The London Eye by Tomas

Many couples prefer to stay in South Bank as it is teeming with popular sights and attractions of London. You are within minutes of the London Eye to the Tate Modern Museum, and plus, there are endless cafes and that amazing London vibe in the atmosphere. All you need to do is book a nice hotel and enjoy the best of the city.

  • Budget hotel – Hilton London Towe, Bridge Hotel
    When you book a stay here, you enjoy not only an added peace of mind but also the comfort of knowing that you are getting the best at the most affordable prices.
  • Midrange hotel – CitizenM
    At CitizenM, you will find exceptionally good rooms, just like in a luxury hotel, but at a fraction of the cost.
  • Luxury hotel – The Other House
    The Other House will introduce the next level of modern luxury along with some sweeping views of the city.

4. Bloomsbury 

Bloomsbury by John K Thorne

Bloomsbury is indeed the best neighborhood to stay in London for those looking forward to experiencing the country’s culture. Visit some of the most famous museums and experience the laid-back vibes of the neighborhood with the old-school ambiance. Couples are enticed by the charm of Bloomsbury, which is also known for some of the leading hotels in the city.

  • Budget hotel – Crescent Hotel
    Crescent Hotel is a bed & breakfast hotel that lies close to Kings Cross Station and Russell Square underground.
  • Midrange hotel – The County Hotel
    Stay in The County Hotel and enjoy the most comfortable and memorable experience ever with a treasure trove of amenities.
  • Luxury hotel – No.1 Grosvenor Square
    It is indeed one of the most desirable addresses in the world, with exceptional amenities and bespoke services.

5. Soho

Soho by Pedro Szekely

Soho is popular among couples and honeymooners who love nightlife. So, if you love music, theatres, clubs, and unique bars, you must look up a hotel in the Soho neighborhood in London. Browse the famous “West End,” a district that is famous for its shows and musicals. Soho is very safe, and it will give you such a thrill walking around the streets and having a great time drinking, dancing, and laughing.

  • Budget hotel – The Resident Soho
    Located within the most vibrant neighborhood of Soho, you are minutes away from shopping, bars and restaurants, and Tottenham Court Road station.
  • Midrange hotel – The Z Hotel Soho
    The hotel is known for great service, location, and price, and the staff is gracious and ready to help you out with anything.
  • Luxury hotel – The O2 Premium
    If you are looking for unique VIP experiences, stay at The O2 Premium, which will make you feel like a star couple.

Apart from the above-listed neighborhoods and areas, one can also look up Holborn, Camden, and Waterloo, which are very popular among visitors. Just look up the most recommended hotels for couples in the above-listed areas and make well-informed choices. Look forward to some awesome hospitality packages in the city’s most exclusive areas and an unforgettable experience.

Keep in mind that lovely moments do not cost a fortune, and it doesn’t take a lot to create personal and pleasurable moments. Not every hotel is meant for couples or knows how to provide what they are looking for.

Only a few hotels focus on the special needs of couples looking for a great time in London. They take care of the dining experiences and room décor and offer thoughtfully created packages that are just meant for couples looking for intimacy and a romantic holiday.

All you need to do is do some research and make efforts to make the right choices. Just follow the above tips and guidelines to steer in the right direction.

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