Best Places to Visit This Christmas Season

Best Places to Visit This Christmas

As the Christmas season is nearing within a few months, it’s pretty clear that you want to have the best time with your family during the holidays. You can do so many things this Christmas season, like host a party, set a game night, or build a gingerbread house. But, if you want to make things extra memorable this year, bringing your loved ones for a family trip will be the best move this Christmas. 

If you’re having trouble finding where to bring your family this December, below are some suggestions for the best places to visit this Christmas.

New York City

Topping off the list is none other than the city that never sleeps, New York. When it comes to the Christmas holidays, this place is the most anticipated tourist spot to spend the Yuletide season. With multiple storefronts open and filled with colorful Christmas lights and decorations and excellent Christmas performances all over the streets will make you feel the Christmas spirits in your hearts. 

Furthermore, to make your holiday trip even better, New York City during the Christmas season is also complete with unique seasonal events that you and your family can enjoy. The best and known examples of this are ice skating in Rockefeller Center, ice sledding in Pilgrim Hills, or bringing your kids to Santa to tell them their wishes this Christmas.

You have so many options in New York City where the only problem you will be thinking about is appropriately planning your trip to make your stay or visit worthwhile. However, getting a ticket for the Big Apple will be expensive, so getting Next Vacay airline tickets is your best option to get cheap flight deals this Christmas. Thus, if you think New York City is your dream destination this Christmas, pack your bags and go! 

Rovaniemi, Finland

If you want to spend the Christmas season significantly, why not take your family to Santa Clause’s hometown in Rovaniemi? Yes, you heard that right it’s Santa’s hometown village. You might be wondering why but Finland, specifically in Rovaniemi, has shared a traditional legend of Santa figures for over a hundred years. That figure was the Yule Goat (also known as Santa) delivering gifts to people during the night alongside its elves. 

Rovaniemi is rich in history, especially regarding the Yuletide season. People give importance to its culture, which you can see through the efforts of the people to bring the Christmas spirit to their village through beautiful lights and decorations. In addition, the main highlight during Christmas in Finland is seeing the Northern Lights phenomenon in the night sky. Thus, making it the best place to bring your family for Christmas.


Next on the list is the Home of Big Ben. London is one of the most magical places to visit when it comes to Christmas. The unique illuminations and Christmas Lights along the streets, like in Westminster Abbey, bring a whole new environment as if you’re in a fantasy land like in the Harry Potter series, bringing wonders and joy as you walk around. However, make sure to have your scarves and jackets to keep you warm during your trip.

In addition, London is also full of stores and markets where you can buy unique presents for your loved ones, especially for your kids, as there are many toy stores such as Benjamin Pollock’s Toyshop and Hamleys. Finally, to top it off, it also has lovely skating areas near a botanical garden filled with beautiful lights.

Orlando, Magic Kingdom

Another magical place to visit this Yuletide season is the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. When you say magical, it’s full of beautiful sights and destinations to visit for the whole family to enjoy. In addition, your kids will have a blast as they can see their favorite Disney characters like Belle, Buzz Lightyear, and Astro Boy. Also, to make it better for your kids, they can have the chance to interact with them inside the kingdom! What a dream come true!

Furthermore, the kingdom is split into different parts; each place has attractions and entertainment that both adults and kids will surely enjoy. As the kingdom is so huge, you will have a great time with your family inside for the whole day. Wear some comfy shoes and bring essentials with you, as it will be an adventurous trip for everyone. 

Stowe, Vermont

If you want to spend a traditional Christmas with your family, then going to Stowe, Vermont, is the best option for your trip. Stowe is full of unique events during Christmas, such as lantern parades, tree lighting, Christmas carols, live music, and many more! 

Furthermore, your kids will surely enjoy this place as you can cut and build your traditional Christmas tree, making it a significant memory for your family during the holiday.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. Those are the best places to visit for this upcoming Christmas season in December. Each place has unique gimmicks and events, and it will be up to you if those options are suitable for the whole family. Thus, what are you waiting for? Get your tickets in advance and tell your kids to prepare for a wonderful Christmas trip!

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