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Best Beach Resorts in Egypt

5 Best Beach Resorts in Egypt

Guest Post by Aleksandra Dworak

When you think of visiting Egypt, the first thing that comes to your mind might be a tour of the pyramids and ancient artifacts. That’s all fun and exciting. But Egypt is also filled with beach resorts that take your relaxation to the next level.

These beach resorts are often bordered by the wild Red Sea and the leisure of the Mediterranean. Perfect for a quick getaway!

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Among the many beach resorts Egypt has to offer, a list of the best 5 of them has been prepared below. So, if you have decided to visit Egypt, these resorts are the places to be!

Mahmya Island

Mahmya Island in the Giftun Island National Park is the place to go if you’re searching for a scuba diving Shangri-La.

Spend the day snorkeling among the coral reefs and the underwater garden in the most picturesque part of the Red Sea, 45 minutes by boat from Hurghada.

Visiting the national park and marveling at Mahmya’s beauty is like escaping to another world. Immerse yourself in a world of rainbow fish and dolphins by diving into the waters depths.

During peak season, the place may get a little crowded with tour groups, but the focus is on ecotourism and preserving the Red Sea’s fragile aquatic ecosystem. Visiting the island is a one unforgettable experience.

Soma Bay

Soma Bay is a gleaming, modern, upscale resort town located less than an hour from the Hurghada Airport. The self-contained resort is totally surrounded by the sea and is renowned for having beautiful sunshine 365 days a year. It’s no surprise that it’s becoming increasingly popular!

European tourists were looking to avoid the cold winters by soaking up the sun on the Red Sea.

Soma Bay has been rapidly developing; the region exudes luxury and wealth with its exclusive resorts and high-end restaurants

The reefs just offshore are among the best globally, making it a perfect spot for avid divers and water sports enthusiasts.

It’s no surprise that the once-desert peninsula, which was once under Egyptian military control, is witnessing such rapid growth.

Sharm El Luli, Marsa Alam

Sharm El Luli, 60 kilometers south of the Marsa Alam town on the Red Sea, is one of those smooth, pastel-colored landscapes, where the powdery sands blend seamlessly into the pale blue of the waters.

The place is perfect for keen snorkelers and divers, so carry your equipment–as well as food and drink, because there is nothing else nearby.

The beach is best reached by taking a guided tour from your Marsa Alam hotel, but plan to spend the entire day here to fully appreciate the beauty of the crystal water and the abundance of wildlife that call this place home.

Sahl Hasheesh Beach, Hurghada

This is a luxury resort town that is part of Hurghada, which extends for an incredible 40 kilometers along the coast and is one of the best-known diving spots on the Red Sea.

The region has been gradually expanding since the 1980s and is now a top holiday destination, known for its vibrant corals and untouched beaches

The vast amount of money being pumped into the region by investors seeking to cash in on the Red Sea resorts is evidenced by the numerous holiday hotels and villages surrounding the coast along from the beach.

The beach at Sahl Hasheesh is a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts, with plenty of opportunities to try windsurfing, yachting, swimming, and snorkeling. 

However, with temperatures consistently exceeding 40°C, it’s no surprise that most people want to cool off with a refreshing dive!

El Gouna

El Gouna, which means “lagoon” in Arabic, is a chic and trendy beach on Egypt’s eastern coast, located on the northern Red Sea. With its high-end shopping, vibrant dining scene, and, of course, a beautiful beach, El Gouna has been attracting wealthy Egyptian holidaymakers and jet-set Europeans.

It’s the kind of place where families and couples relax and enjoy a few days at a 5-star resort–there are also plenty of activities to enjoy in the city. El Gouna is well-known in Egypt for its watersports, with higher winds favoring kite surfing, waterskiing, and para-gliding, to name a few.

A network of canals and lagoons lace the picturesque natural seascape, with sandy islands in the center. Days spent relaxing on white-sand beaches or playing golf on the area’s famous golf course and evenings spent drinking in cocktail bars are typical of El Gouna’s stay.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! Top 5 Beach Resorts in all of Egypt. After all the pyramids they built, the brilliant Egyptians found the perfect way to kick back and relax, and they are more than happy to have tourists over.

So, when next you’re buying those tickets and prepping that luggage, then you remember all the stress you’ve been through, now you know there are places to let it all out. Visit Egypt today!

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