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15 Best Things to Do in Montenegro

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Montenegro is the hidden jewel of Europe with its undiscovered charm, rich history, and stunning natural beauty. Although it is small, there are still a ton of amazing things to do in Montenegro that will make this country one of your favourites.

One of the things that makes Montenegro such a special place to visit is that it isn’t nearly as touristy as nearby countries like Croatia and Greece – but still has all the same beauty! Visiting Montenegro feels like an adventure to somewhere new and exciting, and you can enjoy it without crowds and crowds of people. This paired with the low prices and welcoming people make it one of Europe’s most lust-worthy destinations.

Discover the top things to do in Montenegro below and prepare to fall in love with Europe’s hidden gem.

15 Best Things to Do in Montenegro  

Spend a Day in Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi

One of the top things to do in Montenegro is spend some time in its beautiful cities, like Herceg Novi. This city is known for its shoreline full of beaches, old town, and vibrant atmosphere. It has the exact same look as Croatia – it’s literally only 30 minutes from the border – but is much less touristy. There are a ton of amazing things to do in Herceg Novi, making it the ideal place to visit and even stay during your Montenegro getaway.

Spending a day (or many more) in Herceg Novi is the perfect way to relax in one of the country’s best holiday towns. With its many beaches, restaurants and low prices, you can enjoy a luxurious and action-packed getaway.

Go White Water Rafting

Tara River
Photographer: Florent MECHAIN/TravelMag.com

Going white water rafting on Montenegro’s beautiful Tara River is easily one of the best and most adrenaline-pumping things to do in Montenegro. You can enjoy one-day, two-day, or even three-day white water rafting tours that will show you some of Montenegro’s best natural beauty. The bright blue river surrounded by the huge mountains is something from a postcard.

The best thing about this is that the price is very attractive. White water rafting can get very expensive but depending on the season you can do it in Montenegro for 50 to 100 euros.

Visit the Blue Cave

Blue Cave

There are blue caves located all around Europe that are great to visit if you want to enjoy one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful occurances. Montenegro is luckily home to one of these beautiful caves and is just begging to be visited. The blue cave in Montenegro – also called the Blue Grotto – is so famous due to its incredibly blue water that is open to the public to swim and kayak in.

Heading on a tour to visit the blue cave is one of the best things to do in Montenegro. It is one of the least busy of the Blue Caves in Europe so you won’t have to wait hours just to get a peek inside. Plus, you can even swim in this blue cave!

Explore Kotor’s Old Town

Kotor’s Old Town

The old town in the beautiful city of Kotor is one of Montenegro’s best attractions. Kotor is the most famous and popular city in Montenegro and is a must-visit. There are a ton of amazing things to do and see in Kotor, and exploring the old town is one of the top options!

In the old town, you can walk around the ancient cobblestone streets completely enclosed by huge stone walls and feel transported back in time. It is incredibly beautiful and feels like a different world. Plus, it looks quite similar to Dubrovnik’s old town but is much less touristy!

See Europe’s Oldest Tree

Located in the beautiful city of Bar, Montenegro you will find Europe’s oldest tree! This 2,000-year-old olive tree is a protected natural monument and is a place of a ton of history. It is said feuding families used to go to this tree to resolve arguments!

Admire Ostrog Monastery

Ostrog Monastery

Ostrog Monastery is a Serbian Orthodox Church built dramatically into the steep cliffs in the middle of Montenegro. It is the most visited Monastery in the Balkans that attracts people both for religious purposes and those who want to see the stunning attraction up close. Visting Ostrog is a peaceful place to spend a few hours where you can pray, or just walk around respectfully.

Admiring this magical monastery in the mountains is one of the top things to do in Montenegro.

Hike the Kotor Fortress

Kotor is full of exciting things, which is why it is such a popular place to visit in Montenegro. One of the best things to do is hike the Kotor Fortress. The fortress hike brings you up the side of the mountains surrounding Kotor to the old fortress sitting atop the city. You are welcomed by some of the most stunning views of the Bay of Kotor and beyond. It truly is a magical hike!

Explore Lovćen National Park

Lovćen National Park
Wonderful view on the mountain of the Lovcen National Park and deep down, a little piece of the bay of Kotor by Matt Perron

Lovćen is a mountain and a National Park in Montenegro that offers the perfect mix of nature, culture and calm. Visiting this mountain is one of the best things to do in Montenegro if you want to escape the crowds and cities and enjoy a day in nature admiring the country’s natural beauty. Here you can hike, visit historical monuments and more.

Go to Perast

Perast by Herbert Frank

Perast is a small town located a short distance from Kotor. It has all the same beauty as Kotor but often welcomes fewer tourists. It is the ideal place to visit in the afternoon when the cruise ships arrive in Kotor and the streets are full for a few hours. Here you can walk around, go for lunch along the water and admire this charming city.

Party in Budva

Budva is a famous town located along the coast of Montenegro. It is just as beautiful and historic as others but is popular due to its nightlife! If you like to go out and party, then going to Budva is one of the best things to do in Montenegro. From nightclubs to events and beyond there is a vibrant nightlife scene here ideal for late nights and meeting new people.

Take a Boat Tour

Boat tours are one of the best ways to see and experience Montenegro. There are plenty of boat tour companies that will bring you along the coast or within the Bay of Kotor to see and enjoy the magic of the country from the water. Taking a boat tour into the Bay of Kotor is the best way to see some of the highlights of Montenegro and admire the natural beauty of the huge mountains all around.

Visit Our Lady of the Rocks

Our Lady of the Rocks is an island in the Bay of Kotor just off the coast of Perast. The island was artificially created by sinking ships and throwing rocks into the water. You can get here by one of many boat tours that will bring you to the small island and give you some time to walk around and explore the Church and admire the surrounding mountain views.

Venture to Lake Skadar

Lake Skadar by imke.sta

Lake Skadar is a beautiful lake that sits on the border of Montenegro and Albania. It is the largest lake in the Balkans and a must-visit while in Montenegro. Lake Skadar is not a touristy place, making it ideal for those who want to escape the crowds and enjoy an undiscovered paradise.

Enjoy a day of Luxury in Tivat

Tivat is a luxury town in Montenegro, making it very different from all the other more cultural and historic cities in the country. It is the perfect place to visit if you want to enjoy high-end restaurants, admire super yachts, and go to luxe beach clubs. The entire city is super modern and very new. It feels more like Monaco than Montenegro! Head here to see a different side of Montenegro.

View Durdevica Tara Bridge

Durdevica Tara bridge is a beautiful arc bridge in Montenegro. Viewing this Harry Potter-like bridge is one of the best things to do in Montenegro if you want to admire a more unique side of the country. It is 80 years old and still the tallest arch bridge in Europe! If you want to do a little more while you are here you can also enjoy zip lining which is super fun and will surely get your heart pumping. 


With so many amazing things to do in Montenegro, this country will be as busy and touristy as Croatia in just a short time. Heading here before it explodes with tourists is a must to get the best of the country before its overtaken.

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