The Most Popular Summer Attractions in Orlando

Summer Attractions in Orlando

Orlando is a beautiful city in the heart of Florida. It not only has great architecture and beautiful parks. Also, this city is full of different kinds of tourist attractions. The best season to enjoy them is summer. As Florida is a southern state, it starts early in Orlando. The temperature is also pretty high. On average, it’s 90°F. But we know that for true travelers, it’s not a problem. This article will tell you about the most popular attractions in Orlando this summer.

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Become a part of Orlando arts at Dr. Phillips Center!

The Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Expressions is the spot in Orlando for: 

  1. unrecorded music; 
  2. broadway shows; 
  3. family-accommodating amusement. 
  4. exhibitions;
  5. films.

Children will adore film evenings with family-accommodating movies. Film and music buffs will need to search for motion pictures related to the Orlando Philharmonic Ensemble. It will play the score live while you watch the film. The Dr. Phillips Center is likewise the home of the splendidly performing Orlando Ballet.

Relax in Lake Eola Park!

Go for a loosening-up walk around Lake Eola and Lake Eola Park, situated in the core of downtown Orlando. The stroll around the lake is under a mile, and en route, you’ll take in beautiful perspectives on the midtown horizon. 

Need to be on the water? Lease swan paddle boats and go near the live swans. Inside the recreation area, you’ll find the Walt Disney Amphitheater. A ravishing field regularly has live shows, films, and exhibitions.

Dive into deep space in Orlando Planetarium!

The planetarium at Seminole State School offers engaging, dramatic, and instructive private and public shows about the World’s area. Its mysterious and intuitive auditorium brings the nearby planet group into sharp concentration.

The planetarium at Seminole State School has had a basic impact on Floridian life for more than 20 years, with ordinary shows and introductions about space and science accessible for sightseers in Orlando.

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Feel like a pioneer at Everglades!

The Everglades is a district of subtropical wetlands in the southern piece of Florida, starting at Lake Okeechobee close to Walt Disney World. The region turns out to be more unmistakable around 5 hours south of Downtown Orlando. The Everglades haven’t changed since the beginning of time, so it’s quite interesting to jump into untouched nature. Bogs and mangroves are occupied by different kinds of snakes and crocodiles, and birds of various species make this sub-tropical wild their home. If you`re interested, you can always rent a car Orlando and get yourself there, even though it’s in the middle of nowhere.

Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve!

The Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve is a grand nature place on the west side of Orlando, offering miles of climbing trails. Guests can visit various shows prior to going out on a journey. The very much kept up with trails circle through large numbers of Florida’s significant environments, including a pine timberland, a marsh, and a lakeshore lined by Cypress trees. Slippery fauna and natural life make this jam their homes. For example, the banished owl and stream sell.

Winter Park!

History and engineering consolidate into one loosening-up experience on the Winter Park Grand Boat Tour. The tour takes you through the lakes and byways of Winter Park to see a portion of the memorable homes of the area, as well as the untamed life that calls Florida home. The boat trip is about 2 hours long, and you can welcome your food and drink ready. So you`ll have enough time to enjoy the beauty around you.

Full of attractions, Discovery Cove!

On the off chance that you just visit one water park in Orlando, we entreat you to come to this one. Discovery Cove is a comprehensive water park where you can get very close to dolphins, sharks, beams, and exotic fish while luxuriating in the warm Florida sun. In any case, know that a set number of visitors are allowed every day. Yet, the morning meal and lunch buffets are loaded with flavorful things that will keep you energized the entire day.

Have fun discovering the Orlando Museum of Art!

The Orlando Museum of Art is a visual expression display close to Downtown Orlando. Established in 1924, this historical center is one of the most established and most eminent in the central Florida region, highlighting a great many broadly perceived displays. Every month, you can find new nearby craftsmen, appreciate unrecorded music and look at the gallery’s highlighted show from early morning until late evening.


As you can see, Orlando is a City Beautiful. It offers its visitors almost every possible attraction, especially in summer. Yet, with such an excess of activities, it’s hard to participate in them. In this case, you can always rely on our USA car rental. Plan your trip and leave transportation of yourself to Rental24H.

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