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7 Essential Tips to Make Your Trip to Peru Memorable

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Even if you are a seasoned traveler, you know that no amount of preparation can be too much to make a trip successful. 

Traveling around the world is one of the greatest adventures anyone could embark upon. You may be one of those travelers who makes it your life’s mission to visit as many parts of the world as possible.

Having said that, you do realize that it is vital to have some knowledge about the destination you’re visiting before arriving there.

If Peru is your next destination, we have put together a list of helpful information about the country that will help you achieve the trip of your dreams.

Be a True Explorer

Peru is famous for Machu Picchu, which is one of the seven wonders of the world. But don’t be just another typical tourist. Explore some of the other places in Peru that are sure to blow your mind. You can visit Colca Canyon, which is famed to be the second deepest canyon on earth. You’ll definitely be mesmerized after discovering it.

If you are out to discover the indigenous part of Peru then don’t forget to visit Lake Titicaca. It is situated more than 4,000 m above sea level and is the home to the floating islands that are world-famous.

The Sumbay Caves site lets you see some amazing paintings etched on the walls of the caves from 6,000 to 8,000 years ago. You can also check out the Secret Slave Tunnels in Chincha, and the Huacachina, where you can find the biggest sand dunes of South America.

This makes it a desert oasis you must visit. The desert meets the sea at Paracas National Reserve making it a place of breathtaking natural beauty. All these are amazing spots that you should definitely keep in your itinerary to discover what a hidden gem Peru truly is.

Use Buses to Get Around 

Budget airlines are surely an easy and cheap way to get about in Peru, but you may be faced with canceled flights and frequent delays. This can make them a real pain.

Choosing buses can be a great alternative for traveling to different parts of Peru as they are cheaper than budget airlines and allow you to take in the breathtaking beauty of the scenery. These long-distance rides can be used to research your next destination, practice some Spanish, or do some relaxed reading. 

Most buses will have very comfortable luxury seats so you can make the most of the long ride.

If you choose an experienced tour operating agency, they will handle all the details of getting the transfer reservations done so you can relax and let all your stress melt away in the tour.

Take Your Time

When you visit Peru, you are definitely going to find something that will amaze and excite you. From the many natural wonders to the various historical sights, Peru is easily a traveler’s delight.

Since there are so many sights to visit and so many activities to do, many tourists find themselves overwhelmed with so many options. It is not uncommon to want to rush from one place to the other and try to take in all the places.

You must realize that with so many diverse locations, it is practically impossible to see every wonder this amazing country has to offer in a single short trip.

Hence, you should make a list of places you want to visit on your tour and spend ample time there, trying to get to know the place well before you move on to the next location.

Get Everything You Need

Before you start your trip, it’s important that you gather everything that you will need to make your trip a success. You must take the appropriate clothes that will be suitable for the weather of the different locations in Peru.

Toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and medicines are also important considering the current conditions in most countries. And, of course, don’t forget to take your camera.

You need to select a camera that will be easy for you to carry around. There are so many wonderful locations in Per that, you simply wouldn’t want to miss capturing anything.

Get the Weather Forecast Information

Peru has an amazing variety when it comes to climates even though it is just one-sixth of the size of the United States. The incredible, diverse climates consist of coastal beaches, tropical rainforests, dry deserts, and chilly highlands, among others.

Although locations may seem very close to each other when you look at a map, the reality is that they might have very drastically different climates. That is why you must be regularly checking up on the forecast of the weather before you move to a new place in Peru.

This way, you will be able to avoid various potential hazards such as snow, mudslides, or torrential rain.

Try Out the Local Food

The streets of towns and cities in Peru are lined with small restaurants that will offer you a menu for lunch. Luch is the main meal in Peru so these menus are an integral part of the Peruvian culture. Most of these restaurants are run by families and offer a variety of meal options that are mostly homemade. So don’t miss this chance to try out some delicious home-cooked traditional food at a great bargain price.

Check Out the Local Markets

If you really want to discover the local flavor and culture of the city you are visiting, then you must visit the local markets.

This is not just a way to save money, but when you visit the small markets of the smaller towns you are likely to find some very unique items that are truly artisanal. You can spend some time chatting and getting to know the lives of the stall owners.

This way, you will truly be able to discover the pulse of Peru. 

Final Thoughts

Peru has an abundance of beaches, great food, indigenous cultures, hiking trails, archeological sites, and much more. So, try to make the most of your time in Peru. But rest assured, if you are looking for adventure, you will not be disappointed in Peru.

Make sure to plan your trip accordingly and get ready for the trip of a lifetime.

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