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7 Best Colorado Campsites To Go Van Camping

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Waking up just to slide open the window and seeing snow-dusted valleys, roads covered with golden aspen leaves and pretty sunsets, van camping has its own set of perks. But what’s more fun than going beyond the tents and living in a van is the stunning sense of adventure you feel within.  

Ever dreamt of camping in a van? Renting a campers van can be a great way to experience nature and get the best of camping. And, if you are thinking of exploring Colorado, we have compiled just the list of the best campsites, perfect for van camping. 

Why Rent A Camper Van?

Need that extra urge of freedom to explore almost anywhere you want? Campers van has to be your choice. Perfect for sudden plans, the campers van allows you to move freely, camp almost anywhere and carry your bags in much more convenient ways. 

Plus, unlike a tent, where you would have to carry all the equipment on your back and spend endless hours just finding a shed, vans can be a great way to experience the wild while carrying less. In fact, it can be a great choice, especially during the monsoons where your tent might not be that successful. 

You can find small camper vans for rent almost everywhere. Moreover, if you shop online, you can even choose the type of vehicle and get great discounts. 

Best Camping Sites In Colorado

Looking for those perfect campsites near the riverside to experience van life? Read on to explore the most famous sites in Colorado.

North Fruita Desert Campground

Popularly known as the 18 road trail system, North Fruita Desert is the best place to explore raven sand lands and ride your mountain bike. This 30+ mile site is perfect for experiencing nature, mountain biking in the mornings and having a perfect bonfire to keep you warm during the chilly nights. The campsite is usually open from mid-March to late December and is an absolute haven for all those biking freaks. 

Moreover, it’s van friendly, so you won’t have to stay in tents and endure the abnormal weather. And, while you can visit from June-August, the best time to hit this place is during the winters. During December, you could enjoy the warm sunlight on your face and switch to heaters in your van during the nights. 

Difficult Campground

Looking for a peaceful getaway? Stack up your vans with chairs, barbeque stations and cameras. Difficult Campground, located in Aspen, can be your haven if you love the fall. Your ground would be filled with dazzling bursts of golden, orange and deep reds while you could sip your coffee listening to the Roaring Fork River right by your side. 

So, you could either do barbeque parties or go fishing near the river. The campground is open from Mid-May to early October, which lets you experience the best of fall. 

Rocky Mountain National Park

What’s more perfect than a van-cation in the famous Rocky Mountain National Park? Get your ride from Denver, drive for about two-hours northwest, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by nature. To get started, you can park your rental van near the Moraine Campground, where you could breathe in the fresh air of wildflowers surrounded by dense evergreens. 

You can also spend the day hiking through the lakes and glaciers while sighting wildlife like moose, yellow-bellied marmots or furry-eared Albert’s squirrels. Lastly, you can spend the night in your cozy chairs while roasting some delicious s’mores and admiring the breathtaking Milkyway. 

Steamboat Lake State Park

Are misty mornings and frozen lakes your thing? Open all year round, Steamboat Lake State Park is perhaps the best way to experience hazy mornings and lakes reflecting the snow-glazed peaks. In addition to admiring nature, you can also have a fun day near the lakeside by riding through the valleys on a parasail, floating a SUP and carving the frozen surfaces of lakes while skiing. 

And, to end the day with the perfect touch, make sure to keep your rental van all stacked up with food. After all, a delicious grilled cheese can be the perfect ending for the perfect day. 

Colorado National Monument

Colorado National Monument

Did you know that Colorado’s high desert is worth seeing in spring? From exploding rid and pink cactus to sightseeing swallows gliding through the down cliffs, Colorado National Monument is breathtakingly amazing. You can cruise the long drive on your home-on-wheels and hit the desert with your trek gear. 

And, after the day-long of ruddy sandstone Pires and high trails, you can end the day sitting in your camp chair with a sunshade on and sightseeing yellow-headed collared lizards. 

Last Dollar Road

The San Juan Mountain of the Last Dollar Road is a photogenic gem, perfect for the fall. The site allows you to capture crimson reds, yellows and greens throughout the way and striking views of Wilson Peak.

The Last Dollar Road is the perfect blend of icy peaks and fall-inspired leaves, where one moment you will be soaking in the icy peaks while another moment you’ll find yourself exploring the misty hues of the fall. 

Buffalo Creek Recreation Area

Located in the majestic foothills of the Front Range, Buffalo Creek Recreational Area is perfect for van campers looking for the right hiking trails or biking spots. And, if you want to test your trekking skills, you can even go on a 500-mile long Colorado Trail, perfect for building memories. 

The area is located in Pine, where you can also get a fair share of charming mountain charms. So, after a tough day on the hike, you can visit the famous Zoka’s Restaurant and Bar to relish buffalo cauliflower and grilled ribs. 

Wrapping Up

Camping through the majestic lands of Colorado can be a great way to experience nature and find serenity. And, if you love spontaneity and comfort, we say rent a campers van and cruise freely through the deserts, mountains and flower valleys.

Moreover, while a campers van might be a little more expensive than a tent, it surely can be a great investment to build perfect vacation memories and travel in comfort. 

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