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Best Golf Courses to Visit Around the World

The aesthetic beauty, as well as the difficulty of each course, are subjective categories. Some people prefer to enjoy the view of surrounding lakes, others prefer tall buildings instead; some are awe-struck by 7,000-mile courses, others may be intimidated instead in such a scenario.

However, certain courses are a cut above the rest in terms of history, thorough daily maintenance, natural beauty, and accessibility. These are just some of the criteria that define the best from ‘good’ and ‘average’ ones, so without any further ado, let’s see the world’s finest golf courses:

St. Andrews Old Course

St. Andrews is one of the most gorgeous spots in all of Scotland, and the Old Course has been among the longest-standing golfing locations for multiple centuries. St. Andrews golfing club was a host to nearly 30 Open Championship events.

One of its most distinguished features is that it is also regarded as one of the most natural golfing courses in history, as it’s almost completely untouched by human hands. The lush vegetation that surrounds it moves and lives as the volatile Scotland weather paints it, giving even the most frequent members of St. Andrews’s club a different experience every time.

The venue also offers a variety of other courses, including the Castle Course, the New Course, the Jubilee Course, Eden Course, Strathtyrum Course, and Balgove Course, although they pale in comparison to the iconic Old Course.

St. Andrews golfing club is also regarded as one of the best-equipped golfing venues on the continent, offering top-grade caddies, rentable equipment, and golfing aids.

Royal County Down Championship Links

Royal County Down resides in Newcastle, near the Murlough Nature Reserve in the northern part of Ireland. It was designed by Tom Morris in 1889 and boasts a massive terrain of 7,183 yards.

Numerous prominent golfing tournaments took place at the famed Championship Links, including the Walker Cup, the Palmer Cup, as well as the Curtis Cup, and British Amateur Cups.

Its fabled 9th hole is arguably among the most popular and most photographed in the entire world of golf.

The gorgeous Mourne Mountains surround it, offering specks of shade on certain holes during morning time. The Championship Links have been regularly maintained for centuries and remain a sight to behold.

Scotland Turnberry Resort

Not to be confused with Miami’s Turnberry Resort, the one in Scotland is a venue that has hosted a plethora of golf championships and tourneys since 1902 when it was designed by Willie Fernie.

The Scotland Turnberry Resort golf course spans 7,204 yards and is currently the broadest one on the list.  It was at this particular course that the fabled duel between Nicklaus and Watson in 1977 took place.

It was ruined during the second world war and was rebuilt shortly after from the remains of the Allied airfield. Consequently, its aesthetic is incomparable and unique, giving it a special cosmetic flavor.

Scotland’s Turnberry Resort Course is facing Turnberry Bay and offers direct access to the beautiful Bay Beach. Even though the area is fairly secluded from other cities and villages, Turnberry hosts a variety of inns, hot tub lodges, and hotels in addition to the Golf Club Resort’s lodging.

Pebble Beach Golf Course

Arguably the most famous course in the entire USA, Pebble Beach Course is the jewel of Monterey Peninsula that offers unique landscapes, different settings and conditions with each hole, and roughly 6,828 yards to challenge your stamina.

Five US Open championships took place on the grounds of Pebble Beach Course, and a myriad of amateur, semi-pro, and professional annual tourneys.

The Pebble Beach Course was created in 1919 by Jack Neville and Douglas Grant; it was among the first courses that combined the ocean with the land portion for added challenge. Unlike Turnberry and St. Andrews Golf Club, Pebble Beach is open to the public at fairly reasonable prices.

Royal Portrush Club – Dunluce Links

Royal Portrush Club can be labeled as a youngster among Pebble Beach, Turnberry, and St. Andrews as it was built in 1929 by Harry Colt. It’s named after its hometown of Portrush in Northern Ireland and spans 7,143 yards.

Among the notable championships that took place in Royal Portrush, it hosted the Open Championship in 1951 and more recently the Irish Open in 2012. Its fabled 14th hole is called ‘Calamity’ due to a huge fall off on its right; even so, its current record is three shots, which should give some hope to semi-professionals who aim to tackle it.

The sea of dunes and slopes alongside the integrated seaside implies that you should bring plenty of spare tees and balls; even though it’s not nearly as complex as Pebble Beach Links in terms of architecture, it’s certainly not an easy course to the route.

Mallard Creek Golf Course

Mallard Creek sits atop the Bellinger Scale Road in Oregon and isn’t as renowned as some of the names on the list. This 18-hole wonder is surrounded by remarkably tall trees and the Hamilton creek, secluded miles away from the nearby Waterloo.

The abundance of vegetation on and around the course provides sufficient shade for extremely hot summertime golfing sessions while the creek somewhat reflects the sunlight and keeps the temperature bearable.

The famed ninth hole is named The Challenger as it imposes several hazards; alongside the Bellinger Scale (fourth hole), it’s the only hole that is almost completely encircled by water.

Blackwolf Run Kohler Straits Golf Course

The Blackwolf Run is the fabled golf course within the Destination Kohler resort. Even though it may not be the most famous golf course in America, it offers an almost unprecedented level of versatility with each hole.

The first two holes (Outward Bound and Cross Country) aren’t that much of a challenge, but starting with the third O’Man the greens become bigger, the ocean gets in the view, and the architecture shifts completely. The fifth hole ‘Snake’ is a winding par 5 that is meant to challenge the accuracy of even the most precise of professionals.

Shipwreck is barely traversable, leading to the bunker-riddled 8th (On the Rocks), the funneled 8th (Down and Dirty) while the rest of the course is downright intimidating due to the dozens of slopes, windy roads, and weather-dependable terrain.

We hope that this rundown was useful and interesting to you and that you have learned something new today about the finest golf courses you can visit around the globe. Make sure you are staying safe in these times we are all going through and have a good one, guys!

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