Victory Liner’s Private Bus Charter Service: Exclusivity on Wheels

Heritage company Victory Liner Inc. (VLI) has been in the business of providing the most suitable and most convenient travel solutions by carefully listening to its partners and patrons who have come to know the quality of the company’s several decades of operation.

From commercial buses that ply most of Luzon’s most sought-after routes, point-to-point trips that cut down travel time, to courier and freight cargo services that connect people to those that matter most, the company has proven that it is well in touch with the pulse of its riders.

Victory Liner’s experienced bus drivers are trained to follow road protocols to ensure passengers their safety

And to keep up with the voice of their loyal riders, VLI is now coming in with another service to meet the need of a closer-knit market; a more intimate charter service that is closer to the heart of the people: a private bus service called the Rent & Go charter.

VLI’s Rent & Go service is an exclusive bus charter available for groups looking for a safe, convenient, and assuredly reliable transportation service for their needs.

The decision to offer such a service came after bus regulars began inquiring and requesting chartered bus services for personal group gatherings, outings, and the like to select routes and destinations that the company often drove to.

With daily trips to Baguio, Olongapo, and other such frequently-visited provinces, Victory Liner has proven significant experience in bringing passengers from point to point safely and comfortably.

It’s no surprise, then, that passengers fully trust the company to take charge of their personal group land trips — group outings, out-of-town family gatherings, school field trips, company excursions, team building activities, and more — within Northern, Central, and Southern Luzon.

No more multiple stop overs needed! Amenities such as this built in comfort room and wash area inside the bus makes travelling convenient and comfortable

Victory Liner’s Rent & Go buses can go most anywhere within Luzon, with passengers able to rent the vehicles out without limits as to the days and hours, and number of buses that they require.

Similar to their commercial buses, the company also commits world-class services at every touch point of their private charter.

Buses exclusive for Rent & Go use  also come in regular, deluxe, and first classes, with 49, 44, and 29 seats respectively. The first class buses even have recliners for chairs! A clean comfort room, wi-fi connection, and USB charging ports are all also part of the private bus charter.

Victory Liner likewise included in-vehicle crews that play an important role in the further safety and comfortability of the passenger.

Most importantly, Rent & Go trains their drivers and conductors to drive safely and service the buses properly and as needed. They meet and exceed industry standards, what with the safety of passengers as the primary consideration. The company is, in fact, quite proud to tout their crew as one of their best assets.

Travelling with your family or as a group is now easy with Victory Liner’s Rent and Go services

Companies, organizations, schools, and large families all trust the consistently favorable experiences — comfortable and safe trips that leave on time, with a friendly and accommodating crew and an extra-careful driver — that Victory Liner delivers to them time and again, which is why this transport service is their partner of choice for local land travel.

In an effort to continue servicing its clients in the best possible way, Victory Liner has added more buses to its fleet of exclusive Rent & Go service, enabling them to service more and more people that they previously had to turn down.

The company is especially anticipating the summer season, and continually encourages the riding public to explore the beauty of the country and become a responsible #VictoryViajero. Just Rent & Go!

For the rates, you can contact Victory Liner here:

  • 24/7 Hotline: +632 8842 8679
  • Email:
  • Facebook: Victory Liner, Inc.
  • Website Contact Form:

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