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In today’s fast-paced, digital-dependent world, more people are looking for genuine quality experiences that have a sincere human touch and lasting impact. People who live long-distance from their loved ones, for example, can only rely on technology so much until the yearning for physical presence takes over. Those brave enough to take steps outside of their comfort zone to start an online business, too, still yearn for tactile connections with customers over more than just a digital platform.

Travel partner Victory Liner provides this exact sincerity and impact to its clients and patrons, even without them personally getting on board their buses. The Drop & Go service, introduced to the public in 2018, offers point to point cargo and freight services across Victory Liner’s entire terminal property network, making sure that the parcels that patrons intend to send off to important people are well-taken care of.

Naturally borne of the company’s nature of business, and in an attempt to level with the rise of logistics services due to booming online commerce, Victory Liner saw this as a great move to offer more valuable services to its clients.

Transport services that care

The heritage company believes that the packages that are dropped off and placed in their charge are the extension of the quality of care that each sender wraps along with the physical item they’re sending. This is why Victory Liner has also streamlined its cargo service operations to ensure the most hassle-free and efficient experience for all its patrons.

Parents working away in the big city can send much-needed items to their children back in the province. Relatives can send their loved ones gift items during the holidays as an extension of their love. Thriving businesses and start-ups can also send materials and supplies to their provincial branches as needed; online sellers can also take advantage of bulk shipping wherever there is a Victory Liner terminal.

Because of the hourly provincial trips each of their buses take, patrons can be assured that their packages are sent to its intended destination without the extremely long wait time — parcels from Manila to Baguio can make it in 5 hours while swaddled safely in the underbelly of the bus! And apart from speedy delivery, Victory Liner also ensures that their personnel — from the shipping clerks to the drivers — take good care of each package being loaded into the buses.

Victory Liner, through its Drop & Go service aims to help small and medium enterprise owners, as well as ordinary Filipino consumers to send parcel to their loved ones safely, conveniently and hassle-free.

Speed and care are complemented by the ease of actually sending over the package. Beginning from the drop-off point, located at any Victory Liner terminal, each sender is given a freight form to fill out. After the items are weighed and inspected, and the affordable freight cost (cheaper than regular door-to-door delivery services) fully paid for, patrons can expect their packages to be well on their way at the soonest possible time.

Victory Liner reminds senders to package all goods — especially perishable goods — properly, ideally in crates or styro containers. Illegal, dangerous, poisonous, or live goods are not allowed on board. Goods needed should ideally be sent a day in advance, too, in order to ensure receipt.

Victory Liner also fully understands the importance of time and convenience not only to the senders, but also to parcel receivers. Listening to the needs of their valued customers, the company has found that people prefer to pick packages up themselves. Thus, the company does not do door-to-door deliveries.

Instead, to keep things hassle-free and streamlined, it texts the senders once the packages have arrived for pick-up. Recipients of goods and parcels can pick those up at their most convenient time, as Victory Liner keeps a safe hold on each item until release.

With all the considerations, the transport institution still guarantees that all declared goods will reach their intended destination, whatever the situation.

Cargo services in the digital age

At the onset of online shopping, where everything is supposedly done at the simple tap of a button, transactions would never be complete without the tireless efforts of point-to-point cargo services like Victory Liner Drop & Go, who carefully deliver the items that senders wholeheartedly provide to their eager buyers and loved ones.

Victory Liner knows that it stands out in the cargo and freight industry. With their faster, more affordable terminal to terminal delivery service, the company maintains that everyone using their service — even online shoppers — can easily find any iconic Victory Liner terminal to pick their items up from at their own free time.

Victory Liner, through its Drop & Go service aims to help small and medium enterprise owners, as well as ordinary Filipino consumers to send parcel to their loved ones safely, conveniently and hassle-free.

In keeping up with the changing times — something the company has already mastered after succeeding in business for over 75 years strong — Victory Liner also intends to soon add some technological innovations to make their services even more accessible to all its patrons. The company also promises to continue to take care of its employees, who give valued patrons the best customer service from the heart.

When it comes to helping its patrons progress, whether in business or in personal relationships, Victory Liner will always be at the wheel. With convenient and hassle-free point-to-point cargo services like Drop & Go, this heritage company once again proves that it can adapt well to the changing needs of its valued customers, taking on the work of bridging the gaps between sender and receiver, so that those people can live life worry-free.

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