Travel Jobs List: 11 Jobs That Let You Travel The World

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For people who have wanderlust, the best jobs would be the ones that would let you explore the world. And who doesn’t want that? You’d get to enjoy the beauty of each country’s secret gems, meet new people and get to know more of their food and culture, maybe even get to know more about yourself.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of jobs offering this type of setup. The jobs can compete with the usual 9-to-5 jobs’ salaries too – maybe even more! What’s important is that you work hard and be diligent in reaching it.

Now, I’m here to provide you a glimpse of what these jobs are, and maybe you’d find something you’d be interested in to try.

Jobs that Require You to Travel

You can actually categorize these jobs into 2 main groups, one of which is jobs that would require you to travel the world.

Some of these are airline pilots, flight attendants, marine crew and the like.

These jobs offer you the opportunity to go to different countries without spending money on transportation. However, since you are actually working and only have a few hours/days downtime, it doesn’t offer much freedom as that of a backpacker and a digital nomad.

Jobs that Give You the Freedom to Travel

Another main group is jobs that give you the freedom to travel, whenever, wherever. It’s also divided into 2 different categories which are:

Digital Nomad Jobs

Digital nomads are people who basically need two things for their business: an internet connection and a handy laptop. Usually called freelancers, the jobs usually involve writing, proofreading, creative design, and programming.

Being a digital nomad offers you to work anywhere, whenever you want, and be your own boss too. This career may take a while to set off, but once everything is stable, you’d find passive income coming in ready to be used for your next travels!

Backpacker Travel Jobs

Jobs for traveling backpackers are often seasonal. You’d probably find these jobs when there’s an incoming event in a certain area and are often temporary manual labor gigs.

Some of these jobs are being a musician, a farmer, or a construction worker, or assistants in hostels and beaches. You’ll find a lot of these jobs around while backpacking.

Earn Money while Travelling Around the World

If you’re always thinking about your next vacation and using all your leaves but still don’t find it enough, maybe it’s time to find a career that fits your lifestyle. Now, to help you out, I have here listed jobs that allow you to travel the world.


Blogging is a sure fire way of earning money while traveling. Feel free to write whatever’s trending that you are passionate and knowledgeable about.

While it takes a while for it to become a stable source of passive income, it opens you more opportunities when it comes to learning new skills. These skills such as content writing, SEO, web design, and social media management are some of the skills you can learn just through blogging.

These skills are very much in demand when it comes to freelancing as a career. This means more opportunities for more jobs that would provide extra income!

It’s easy to get started because you don’t really need to be a good writer to maintain a blog. What you need is to publish quality content that is valuable to people. There are free resources out there that can help you get started. Just don’t forget to backup your written work and photos – they’re your most prized possessions when it comes to blogging.

ESL Teacher

ESL (English as a Second Language) Teachers are in demand both as a home-based job or abroad. Here, you’ll get the opportunity to travel and be able to teach students the English language while learning more about them and their way of living.

You may be required to finish a bachelor’s degree, attend some ESL training, and getting a license to be an ESL teacher. Most often than not, after you’ve accomplished all requirements, everything will go smoothly with this career.

Software Engineer

If you have software engineering or computer programming skills, you can opt to work remotely and travel across the world. If you check through freelancing job sites, you can see how much in demand website designers and developers are, and with high pay too! Many different businesses such as marketing agencies, construction estimating companies, and e-commerce stores need the help of software engineers to help them grow.

Some jobs may require finishing a degree in computer science, computer engineering, and other related courses. Otherwise, just learn a skill in your preferred computer language and you’re good to go.

Flight Attendant

Being a flight attendant offers you to earn a nice income + benefits while getting a chance to travel to different countries. Initially, you may only be flying around the country, and then slowly go outwards to longer distances across the world.

There are some height requirements as flight attendants need to be able to reach overhead bins. You might have first aid training as well as an opportunity to learn a foreign language. Being a flight attendant may have cons like irate customers or constant jetlags, but it also offers perks such as discounted flights for you and your close family members.

Cruise Ship Worker

Want to travel and have free accommodation along with it? Why not try working on a cruise ship? As ships usually offer a lot of features and amenities, you’d be able to choose from a lot of job opportunities depending on your skills.

You can either work as a bartender, waiter or chef in onboard restaurants, work as a cashier or technician, or even use your musical and acting skills as a performer.

Being a cruise ship worker requires working long hours and constant communication with customers, but you’d get the opportunity to walk around popular destinations such as New York and Hawaii while the ship is at bay. You’d get to know more about different cultures too!


Different theatre productions and musicians travel around to promote their skills and talents all the time. Continuous setting and packing up means a need for a lot of stagehands to finish things quickly.

Being a roadie doesn’t just give you an opportunity to travel, it could also offer you opportunities to enjoy and be a part of good music and acting too!


If you’re passionate when it comes to helping others, becoming an international aid worker is a good choice. Some organizations like the Red Cross lets you travel on countries that are in need of help after the occurrence of natural calamities and war.

It can be taxing both emotionally and physically, and you’d often find yourself in remote areas that are away from civilization. But the benefits could include a full salary and even housing/free accommodation. You’d also be required to take vaccinations to keep you immune from any diseases. But in the end, you’d be able to make a huge difference in the lives of locals and get a sense of accomplishment from it.

Importing Stuff to Sell

While traveling to a foreign country, you’d find yourself getting interested in authentic nicks and nacks that can only be found in that area. If you have an eye for good quality and cheap items, you can buy some cheap yet authentic pieces and sell it at your next destination.

Considering the items a rare find in your next location, you can sell it there or even online at a higher price! If you find success in this business, you may be required to come back to the countries you originally bought these from to keep your inventory running. Either way, it’s one of the best options to increase your investments up to 1000% of your capital!

Seasonal Jobs

If you’re a jack-of-all-trades and have a skill you can use for each season in a year, maybe this gig is right for you. Each season has jobs that are high in demand and pays well.

Some of which are working on beaches during summer, farms on the harvest season, fishing areas, ski lodges during winter and more. By earning enough money from these jobs, you’d have enough budget to land on your next travel spot, look for another job and travel again towards the next!

Crafting and Selling Jewelry

To the entrepreneurs who are creative at heart, crafting jewelry could be a fun and exciting source of income. By being resourceful with your materials, making crafts with your creative talent, and use of your entrepreneurship skills, you’d get to sell lots!

It may not be a job that would make you earn a lot, but it would still be enough to keep you floating for a day or two. You can also sell it online on sites like Etsy to have more audience and potential buyers of your products.

House Sitting

Housesitting is starting to be a trend right now. To put it simply, this gig involves taking care of your client’s house and/or pets and get free accommodation while doing so!

This usually doesn’t pay much if none at all, but the free-living spaces could be a good cut in your expenses. Just slowly build your resume and you’d quickly find jobs waiting for you anywhere you go!

Life’s too Short, Start Exploring!

There are a lot of options to choose from and these are just some of them. You can start listing your skills and check if it can be transformed into a career you can do while traveling.

You may pick a job where you can work remotely. You can also opt to work on jobs that require extensive travel if you enjoy communicating with people. But whatever you choose, it is best to try it first before finally leaving your current occupation.

Be practical and know that as these kinds of jobs allow you to chase your passion, we must always make sure we build our career along with it. Nevertheless, if you find yourself getting stressed at work, you are free to grab your luggage and just go explore, anywhere, anytime.

If you want to move to another city, you can easily say goodbye to your old home, hire a mover such as the Virginia movers the next day, and move to the city of your dreams!

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