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Travel Insurance: Quick Do’s And Don’ts For Seniors

You’ve planned your travel of a lifetime with your family, and as the head of this group of adventurous young ones and young once, it’s your duty to ensure everyone stays covered and secured, especially the seniors. 

Choosing a travel insurance policy for seniors may need more careful consideration. To help you decide on the best policy to purchase for your trip, check out these do’s and don’ts of buying travel insurance for your senior travel companions.

Do you have travel insurance? This is something you should have but wish you never want to use. Accidents can happen anytime and having travel insurance can save you a lot of money in case something goes wrong during your travels! Never travel without one. Get a free quote here.

DO purchase insurance before leaving the country if you’re traveling abroad

Medical costs in other countries are pricier than your average travel insurance plan. If you’re traveling on a budget, travel insurance will save you plenty.

DO tell your insurer the details of your trip

Keeping your insurance company in light of your travel plans will make your claim more valid in case the inevitable happens. 

Also, inform your insurer if you’re traveling to more than one local or international destination to ensure you’re all covered in the areas you’re visiting. 

And don’t forget to tell your insurance company your travel dates!

DO choose a policy that fits your itinerary.

Some travelers may find the pricier plans the most beneficial for them, while some may find the cheaper ones enough to cover them for their whole trip. At the end of the day, it depends on the length and itinerary of your trip.

DO analyze your plans for the trip before purchasing senior travel insurance. 

See which activities would be crucial to your senior companions, or if there are other factors that could put them in crucial situations during the trip. If there’s not much, the cheaper options may work for you.

DO check out the excess limit on the plan you’re planning to avail. 

This excess is the amount you’ll need to pay when you make a claim and can vary from policy to policy. Be sure to check which policy has the most affordable excess limit for you.

DO get your expensive trip covered.

If your trip costs more than you’re willing to lose, have it insured. If you’re going on a cruise, a tour, or anything that costs more than your other activities or travels, better buy an insurance plan for the seniors on your trips (and for everyone else too!)

DON’T hold back any information just to make your insurance cheaper, especially the medical conditions of your senior companions

If you keep these vital details from your insurer, they may refuse your claim. It’s best to keep them informed so they’ll have a basis for your claims. 

DON’T forget to include activities for your coverage.

Some activities can also be covered by your insurance policy, like hiking, scuba diving, and even ziplining.

DON’T go immediately for the insurance plan recommended by your agent.

Don’t hesitate to ask your agent for all the plans available and their coverage. You may find a cheaper plan or a pricier one that offers better coverage than what’s recommended.

DON’T go for the insurance policy offered by your holiday provider.

When you do, you’ll have no chance to review your policy options, and you might be given insurance with coverage that sucks at a price that sucks your budget.

DON’T Forget to get your senior companions vaccinated.

The insurance may not be valid if your senior companions didn’t get the required pre-travel vaccinations or medications and end up experiencing medical issues during the trip.

DON’T buy travel insurance during the last minute

Should the unexpected occur, like a sudden airline strike or cancellation of your trip due to the senior in your travel group suffering from a medical condition a few days before the trip, you’ll still be covered if you buy your insurance early on. 

Plus, if you buy earlier, some policy may cover coverage for your seniors’ pre-existing medical conditions. 

You’ll also be entitled to the 14-day cooling period, where you could make changes to your policy or cancel your insurance without getting charged.

Don’t ignore the benefit of travel insurance!

Some travelers see travel insurance as additional expenses, but when you consider the special needs of the seniors while traveling, you’ll realize the price of these plans is worth the price.

It pays to do a little snooping on travel insurance plans to get the best ones for your senior companions!

Purchase travel insurance for your senior travel companions today.

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