19 Best Things to do in Palm Beach

things to do in palm beach

Palm Beach County is anchored in the southeastern part of Florida. This place is one of the fastest-growing areas with all urban amenities. It is filled with all sorts of cultural richness, and countless fine dining restaurants along a city center that is always bustling.

Palm Beach is not only a popular tourist destination but also one of the best places to live in Florida. It is a place where people can have enormous fun. It might be in the form of an enjoyable shopping day out, dining most grandly, or experiencing recreational activities as there are options of countless vents to entertain oneself. 

There are so many activities to do in Palm Beach. If you are with your kids, you can go for an animal safari which can bring your little ones close to a plethora of animal species. The Lion Country Safari is quite popular here that should be done once in a lifetime by every family to make it a memory forever.

People also visit the Palm Beach Zoo which has many tropical faunas. It delights not only children but people of all ages.

One may also scream with their family to the “go-zero” feeling while riding the Big Thunder during their visit to the Rapids Water Park. It is a great place to spend a holiday with family and friends.

What to do in Palm Beach?

After a thrilling experience with family, you may relish the historical aspects of Florida that have quite a lot to offer. The archaeological treasure of the place makes it more attractive.

The panoramic scenery view and a long drive during the morning or during the sunset are a steal, these are a few of the romantic things to do in Palm Beach.

The Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum conducts shows and it is an abode of relics from the past that is amusing to kids and teenagers. Also, if you are a history geek then please do not waste much time and put your feet here.

For the folks who wish to play under the sun and get the pleasure of natural tanning, Palm Beach has an added advantage. The seaside is less humid and not highly populous, so getting a space for going sporty is not an issue.

The sunrise is the perfect time when one can head towards the beach and pose for some nice photographs. Yoga sessions also go on near the beach and massage shacks open early as well. Participation is free or at a very minimal cost.

Best Things to do in Palm Beach

Try the feeding experience at the Palm Beach Zoo

This zoo is large over a sprawling green area that boasts thousands of different species of fauna. Animals like macaws, lemurs, and monkeys can be seen here.

The feeding experience of the Lorikeet is a major key highlight that families should not miss. At a minimum cost of $2-2.5, people can offer nectar to these beautiful birds.

Take a closer look at Manatees at the Manatee Lagoon

Manatees are sea creatures that are adorable to kids. The visitors can use this opportunity to take a closer view of them as they reside in Rivera Beach. 

During the winter months (November to March) the cows of the sea desire to gather in the waters outside the vicinity of the Florida Power & Light plant as they get some warmth.

See the turtles at Loggerhead Marinelife Center

Loggerhead Marinelife Center

Turtles are bred and conserved in Palm Beach County. It is their nesting spot. Loggerhead Center aids to gather knowledge about the reptile family and their world which is fascinating.

Guests have the option to go near the sick sea turtles or reptiles to get a close view of their behavior.

There is a rehabilitation center where people can go with their children to donate and take part in the major renovation project for sea creatures.

Visit Busch Wildlife Sanctuary

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary

If you and your kid wish to take a picturesque view of the panoramic nature center (which is famous for its wildlife medical center) that is based in Jupiter, then you need to visit Palm Beach. Creatures like wetland alligators, otters, and bald eagles folk in this region.

The place is operational from Monday to Saturday.

Have a great time at the Lion Country Safari

Lion Country Safari

The destination that is filled with the pride of lions, lionesses, and their cubs is every kid’s favorite getaway destination. It is a drive across safari and is highly adventurous.

The place is also called Loxahatchee and is the nest of more than 850 mammals including zebras, giraffes, and grey lions. There is an amusement park with water splash rides.

Visit the dog-friendly Jupiter Beach

Jupiter Beach

It is a proud thing about Palm Beach as it is the land of the Jupiter beach and this is the only beach where dogs find to be freely roaming and running without the fear of getting bullied or teased by any passer-by people.

Yes, you got it right. Jupiter Beach is one of the best dog-friendly beaches in Florida. In the year 1989, the town council of Jupiter happily adopted the policy to encourage dog walking on the beaches of Jupiter.

The Palm beach which is also known as the dog’s best friend is a long stretch of quaint beach line extending over 2.5 miles from the starting of the beach marker. The road alongside the beach marker is Marcinski Road.

There are dog conserving rules that are applicable in this place. Everyone can have an enjoyable time here along with their pet.

Swim and dive

One can swim across the pristine waters and relish the beach as it is mostly clean and garbage free. It is always kept in high maintenance. Manatees and starfishes dot the beach sand which are play toys for kids and adults.

Shed that extra pound 

Running in fresh clean air enhances blood circulation and also detoxifies the skin and mind from within the body. It is a healthy process to burn calories. One should follow local tide charts before heading towards the beach because it might get riskier with the rising water during a high tide.

Enjoy the Clematis during the night

Clematis provides a family comforting concert during the evening hours for free of cost. It is open to all irrespective of their age and gender. The bag of entertainment starts at 6 PM every day on the compound of Great Lawn near Centennial Square.

Go hike

In Palm Beach hiking across the place has lately been in vogue and a part of every hiker’s to-do list. Hiking trails across palm beach is a mode of refreshment and is a fun cum adventurous activity. Barefoot hiking boots are also recommended if you are planning to hike these Palm Beach trails. 

It uplifts the mood also as per the reviews of several travelers as the inner childlike swiftness is found all over again. 

OkeeHeelee Nature Trail

OkeeHeelee Nature Trail

OkeeHeelee Nature Trail is one of the most beautiful hikes in Palm Beach area. The distance of this trail is 2.5 miles and it is not tough for hikers. Okeeheelee Park is a large space filled with greenery which is based on the western side of Palm Beach.

The park provides activities by which you can recreate yourself. There are options to do kayaking, fishing, and many more.

Lake Trail

South Florida is famous for the bike trails with its most amazing scenery. The trail along the lake area aids to provide more than four and a half miles of traffic-free, pollution-free space that is amusing for cyclists, dog walkers, joggers, and striders/ strollers.

If you look from above, then you may find the lake area hugs the shoreline of Lake Worth. The bird’s eye view of floating yachts and sailboats might look straight out of some calendar page.

This place is known for its scenic beauty. Toddlers and adults come to experience the pristine waters. It is almost breezy throughout the day. The water is clean enough for swimming, fishing, and boating.

Check out Henry Morrison Flagler Museum

Henry Morrison Flagler Museum

It is proclaimed to be the estate of Whitehall, Henry Flagler. It was built in the year 1900. This museum has a beautiful structure like a European palace. It is enlisted in the Landmark list of National History.

Eat at Worth Avenue

It is one of the finest locations to shop and dine as it has a food enclave that is styled in an international manner. It is revered for its classical beauty. The legacy of cuisines that are being served is unparalleled.

The customer service which is offered here is world-class. The architectural building of the shops and towers here is quite Mediterranean. It is Florida’s one of the best shopping destinations.

Visi the society of the Four Arts

It is frequently visited by many tourists for its collection of art and craft ware. It is a non-gaining organization that was established in the year 1936.

It is a nest of beautiful sculptures, artifacts, a children’s library along with a sprawling botanical garden. It is open to everyone for the whole year and during the winter season, shows, concerts, plays, and exhibitions are held for the purpose of recreation.

Go on a trip to McCarthy Park

In the area of Palm Beach, there is a wildlife conservative park named McCarthy. It is a perfect holiday destination for couples as they can have a gala time together watching the amazing creatures.

Visit Norton Museum of Art

A day out can be planned by art-loving couples. Norton Museum of Art is an excellent gift to the place. The museum is a house of ancient art pieces.

Go shopping and exploring new items

There is an option to buy Manatee trinkets from the Manatee Lagoon. If you want to bring something from Palm Beach, it can be a unique souvenir. It is an educational center and is perfect for a day’s visit. It is also accompanied by a multi-cuisine restaurant.


Families can try snorkeling while staying in Palm Beach. The coastline serves amazing eating joints and kids often get to hog on candies and sweetmeats. This is one fun activity for families.

Reef Watch

There are vibrant reefs and some families also choose scuba diving as an adventure activity. There are also options like paddling, boating. One may hop into the beach and make a sandcastle to feel like a king.

Try Adventure Sports

Fun is unlimited in Palm Beach. One may take a skinny dip or stroll around the green parks. Bicycling in groups adds to the fun. There are water-based fun options as well like reef watching, diving, paragliding. 

Carlin Park and Singer Islands are often visited by people utilizing hiking or boating trails.


Palm Beach is a place that has many things in store. It is a perfect holiday destination for families. You can definitely add this place to your bucket list and visit it to refresh yourself.

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