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5 Tenets Of Marketing In The Travel Industry

Have you come across travel marketing campaigns online and thought, how did they come up with a campaign that’s smart and entertaining, people are lining up to book with them?

If yes, you’d want to take these five tenets of travel marketing to heart for your next marketing campaign, all proven by travel businesses that found success in their past marketing efforts!

1. Personalization is king

In this digital age, catering personalized packages for your travel business isn’t that big of a problem anymore. 

Plus, people are already aware that businesses are collecting information from them online. 57% of foreign travelers actually expect businesses to use their information to provide them a personalized travel experience.

Add to that that customers, particularly millennials, values superb personalized experience when choosing which resort, hotel, and/or package tour to book. They usually consult reviews from your previous customers to evaluate if your service, products, and overall experience suit their preference.

2. Segment your market to deliver better marketing strategies

Your promotional materials should be catered to people who are likely to be interested in what you offer, not to the general audience. Not all people who view your ads are interested to travel right now.

This is where market segmentation comes in. Travel businesses and marketers in the travel industry like Edge Online use market segmentation to create more personalized campaigns that hit both their pain points and travel pleasures.

It also helps you identify the best channels for your marketing. For example, Instagram works better for millennials, and Facebook for families and young professionals. It saves you time and resources, compared to marketing in various channels you’re not sure will work 100%.

3. Local is the name of the game

How do people choose which place to visit next? 

Simple. If they find a good round of activities and sights to try out at your destination, they won’t hesitate to book with you at the soonest time possible.

Take Baguio for example. Aside from promoting what to see and do at this tourist favorite, travel agencies and other travel-related businesses have been promoting the local community and culture of the city as well.

You’ve probably seen tour packages offering tourists a chance to try out Igorot costumes of the local tribe living there, experience their ceremonials and ritual dances, and even get a tattoo from the famous Apo Whang-od.

These activities add more value to the trip by letting people experience what they don’t enjoy every day, and this is why Baguio tour packages always sell like hotcakes.

4. Loyalty begets success

It’s more convenient and cost-efficient to encourage return customers than attract new ones. Plus, in the tourism industry, a business that gets loyal customers are the ones that find more success in terms of brand image and sales. 

One of your objectives for your marketing campaigns should be to build a community of loyal followers that will patronize you over the competition, or what we commonly call as diehard fans. Here are the reasons why this is important:

  • The number of returning guests your business acquires speak for the quality of service and satisfaction you provide
  • Loyal guests won’t hesitate to provide you positive reviews and feedback or suggestions about your service and offerings. As long as they can help their favorite tourism business, they will willingly oblige with whatever you ask of them!

5. Harness the power of your customers

Don’t underestimate the freedom of speech online. What your customers say about your business, particularly on social media, can make or break your future endeavors. 

This is why online reviews are a crucial part of a travel business’ marketing. Nowadays, people check the reviews section of your social media page before deciding to book with you or to try out your offerings. 

To build your rapport as a reliable and travel-friendly resort, for example, encourage guests to leave you a review before checking out, and offer them a reward in exchange.

Respond to negative reviews too. Address concerns, assure customers that their negative experience won’t happen again, and offer complimentary gifts as an apology, like a free one-night stay at your resort or a discount when they book their next tour with you.

Don’t forget to deliver five-star service and value-for-money so that customers won’t hesitate to recommend you to their friends and family!

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